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Lindsay and her team are redefining the art of hair by providing clients with the latest techniques including edgy cuts to soft natural curls in a comfortable, luxurious environment.
Lindsay is one of Boston’s Best, awarded by The Improper Bostonian, as well as Boston Magazine. Voor wat voor stijl je ook kiest, grote opvallende oorbellen met stenen, neon kleuren, glitters, gouden en zilveren details zijn hot!
I’m a huge fan of blue so more or less anything including that colour can quite easily win me over and these completely fall into that category. From the tear drops to the orange stones, try explaining this pair to me with words I wouldn’t think I would like them at all but show me a picture and I would realise I was wrong.

These last two are my join favourites, I love the shimmering of the colour and the plan tear drop shape mixed together make the perfect combination for me. I lie all of them, especially the Blue Austrian Crystal and Blue Glass Drop Earrings in Silvertone. My mother-in-law almost always wears statement earrings and I love how they complete her look. I would never have the guts to go out in earrings like this, although i wouldn’t have a clue what to wear with them either!
Her work has been featured in numerous publications including Allure Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Boston Weddings and Boston Magazine.

Then check out these 6 beauties from the Jewellery Channel with prices starting from just ?4.99! I wasn’t sure of your name and I didn’t want your email showing so sorry about the random name)! De oorbellen worden in de outfits echt als blikvanger gebruikt en geven de outfit een heel vrouwelijk look!

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