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Hiccups are those annoying, involuntary fits that make it nearly impossible to carry on a conversation. Noise levels louder than a shouting match can damage parts of our inner ears called hair cells. A­When you hear exceptionally loud noises, your stereocilia become damaged and mistakenly keep sending sound information to the auditory nerve cells. Read on to find out exactly how something invisible like sound can harm our ears, how you can protect those precious hair cells and what happens when the ringing never stops. Researchers at the Trondheim-based company Nacre AS some time ago developed a new system for protecting the ears against loud noises.
Fro example, Norway’s largest company, Statoil ASA, is currently peddling the product to its employees, who need to work in extremely loud conditions aboard drilling rigs.
The Nacre AS innovation, which draws its roots from work conducted at SINTEF, Scandinavia’s largest independent research organization, is also being distributed to the US military, in addition to other unspecified customers. Experts say that the QUIETPRO earplug system is the world’s most advanced hearing protection device, capable of filtering out incredibly loud noises, AlphaGalileo reports. Their development was extremely important for the oil industry, seeing how more than 600 cases of hearing impairment are reported by the Norwegian petroleum industry annually. It features an external microphone, capable of picking up ambient sounds, and relaying them to a small loudspeaker inside the ear.
Additionally, the plugs also contain a microphone inside the ear, which captures the words of its wearer from inside the skull. But capturing words with a microphone placed in front of the lips also captures a lot of the ambient noise, which is not something you want to do on an offshore drilling rig.

The expert is the initiator and manager of the Offshore Safety for Hearing and Verbal Communication (SoHot) research & development project. You get them when the vagus nerve or one of its branches, which runs from the brain to the abdomen, is irritated.
In the case of rock concerts and fireworks displays, the ringing happens because the tips of some of your stereocilia actually have broken off.
Their innovation is currently being used in applications varying from the military to the oil industry.
In the mean time, the sound is processed on board, and the noises are eliminated digitally.
These Internationally recognized symbols are the definitive way to post a safety message without words as defined by ISO 3864. The vagus nerve signals the brain that more important matters have arisen, so it's time to knock off the hiccups. The noises around you were muffled briefly, replaced with a buzzing inside your head, almost as if your ears were screaming.
When sound waves hit them, they convert those vibrations into electrical currents that our auditory nerves carry to the brain. When sound waves travel through the ears and reach the hair cells, the vibrations deflect off the stereocilia, causing them to move according to the force and pitch of the vibration. Other methods interfere with breathing, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. Without hair cells, there is nothing for the sound to bounce off, like trying to make your voice echo in the desert.

For instance, a melodic piano tune would produce gentle movement in the stereocilia, while heavy metal would generate faster, sharper motion. However, since you can grow these small tips back in about 24 hours, the ringing is often temporary [source: Preuss].
Even infants hiccup, and the reflex continues, about three to five times a year, throughout life. This probably causes the body to become more concerned with getting rid of the carbon dioxide than making hiccups.
This motion triggers an electrochemical current that sends the information from the sound waves through the auditory nerves to the brain. But unfortunately many feel the answer is to just amp it up and scream louder in search of the elusive Share of Voice.
You're at a cocktail party or crowded room -- you hear the din but then when someone says something you really want to hear, what do you do? Let them sign up for Twitter specials or use your Facebook page to learn how to cook their favorite dish. Set up a text code for complaints or a mobile friendly blog where they can register their unhappiness anonymously. Call them to remind them of an upcoming payment or send them a simple thank you note for their patronage.

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