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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Robert is a blogger and musician with an eye on innovative gadgets and design geekiness.
Fantastic device, very amazing, also i found a new Japanese device , it is the GPS projector..
We would like to get in touch with the creator of this picture, anybody has any idea who is is? People Who Speak a Second Language: What Have You Overheard People Saying about You When They Thought You Couldn't Understand? Go With Oh, an extraordinary site for European apartment rentals, is sending me to Berlin, Leipzig (Wave Gotik Treffen) and Prague.
You can look forward to videos, and pro photos by Seventh Sin (who took the Leipzig images above. How I longed to attend this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen (largest Goth music gathering in the world)! Thankfully, talented photographers Seventh Sin (Jen Hoffert and Holger Karas) were front and center at WGT, and wrote this report on the bands and fashion. Wave Gotik Treffen 2011 was a special one, as it was the 20th anniversary of a gathering of dark people from all over the world. In addition over 250 bands playing over five days, there were many other things to see and do — including free entrance for WGT visitors to museums, the opera and the symphony.
Fashion-wise there was no obvious new trends this year, but definitely shifts in the most prevalent outfits. The historical-recreation fraction of the Treffen still is mostly a DIY trend, although there are a few specialty brands available that serve this community. In addition to the labels vending at the market, there were some new, smaller labels handing out advertisements: Dark Fusion Boutique, USA, Royal Black, Austria, and Steampunk II, Elfenrausch, Germany.
Music was widespread through all genres and there were some extraordinary acts on stage this time.
Andro San gave an amazing performance in his pretty red kimono, while Yoshi was more sexy than ever.
Another inspiring show was Monica Richards project Infrawarrior, with new musicians and an amazing audio-visual concept with ritualistic influences. WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN MUSIC FESTIVAL: GOTHIC BANDS IN LEIPZIG GERMANY, STEAMPUNK INDUSTRIAL RIVETHEAD FASHION.
Zoe (who you may remember from these videos) didn’t see too many Gothic Lolitas in the mix.

You can keep up with Yukiro’s photoshoots, events and more on his WordPress blog and Yurara modeling site (focusing on the fem side, with a graceful high fashion feeling). These photos of Yukiro are by Japanese photographer Naoko Tachibana, who runs the site Cross Dress Japan. She was a cosplay model for many years, and became close to people in the Tokyo LGBT scene. And please let your SF friends know about our Pussycat Night at Wicked Grounds (May 23, 7-9pm, full details above).
The prop is fully adjustable and flexible and I lined the inside part with suede leather for comfort. Yukiro Dravarious (seen here as Die Schwarze Frau) is accompanying me to Berlin and Leipzig. In early June, DJ SiSEN, G-suS and other spooky friends flew to Leipzig, Germany for the festivities.
The percentage of foreigners increases every year; this time, we met people from Japan, China, US, Australia and many European countries. While the whole Lolita theme seems to be decreasing, there is a certain increase in both historical and Victorian dresses as well as Steampunk.
There were many people using brands like Lip Service to create their basic Steampunk outfit and then “spicing it up” with custom accessories.
Due to our responsibilities as photographers we couldn’t see them all, but at least we were able to sneak in visits to some of our favorites.
The presence of Monica and her main dancer Lucretia was amazing and mind shaking, and fortunately, we were able to capture a visual impression. We literally bumped into many people, including SiSen and G-suS from Tokyo on the opera house steps moments before the doors opened to Diamanda Galas. I recommend that you check out the book Black Celebration – 20 years WGT, edited by Jennifer Hoffert and Alexander Nym, which was presented at several readings. Including the sakura-queen Yukiro (above), First Mate Naomi, travel film team extraordinaire Melissa and Eric… And we want you to join our adventure. The bloody lady just performed to a crowd of 20,000 at Tokyo Pride, and this will be her international debut.
Can’t wait to re-discover the alternative scene, including Goth-fetish club nights, Trannyshack, Japantown, vintage fashion, and more.
Naoko specializes in cross-dressing images like these; her works have been published in two books, and she had a solo exhibition in Taipei, along with features in galleries internationally.

If you want to work with Naoko in Tokyo, or simply see more of her images, contact her photo studio.
This holiday apartment rental company, with rooms throughout Europe, is doing intriguing work with social media and bloggers. Can’t wait to experience Dracula Clothing, absinthe ice cream, a steampunk-ish bar, and ghost tours.
Design must include my name (La Carmina), and the ‘Go with Oh’ or ‘Goth with Oh’ logo (see below). The performing artists also come from all over the globe including a metal band from China. The Cyber Goth style seemed to decline at the Agra venue, but this might be due to the fragmentation of the festival into three or more hot spots.
Others relied mostly on self made items, sometimes overdoing with props and add ons, although the level of ingenuity in the Steampunk community continues to amaze. We saw J-Goth Amiyu a few times, including while crawling home at the end of a wonderful but exhausting five days of dark music, culture and friends. I also featured Seventh Sin photography in this post about Japan Goth fashion and nightlife. The winner receives a copy of the tee — and gets to see us wear your design in our videos and photos! With approximately 50 venues spread throughout Leipzig, people gathered at various far-off places, and so the famous WGT catwalk at the Agra Messepark was sometimes rather deserted. Contributing authors include musicians such as Bruno Kramm of Das Ich; the images vary from black and white analog in the nineties to full-color digital photography. Fortunately, several of Tokyo comrades were at the world’s largest dark music gathering and gave me the full scoop. During She’s In Parties, he blows into a keyboard recorder instrument that was downright spooky at 3am. Hand numbered copies (limited to 300) are still available, but only directly from the publisher, Ploettner Verlag.

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