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For decades men and women of all ages have indulged in the sheer satisfaction of owning and showing off jewelry. Another popular type of biker skull ring is the silver or platinum skull with ruby eyes that shimmer, enhancing its devilish appearance. 925 Sterling Silver Elegant Dragonfly Bracelet DB098 , Manufacturers from Shenzhen Silver Charm Trading Co., Ltd. 925 sterling silver braceletHere we offer various beautiful & elegant 925 sterling silver jewelry . 2011 Elegant 925 sterling silver agate coral earrings stud with white zircon,wedding earrings,Top jewelry manufacturer!2011 Elegant 925 sterling silver agate coral earrings stud with white zircon,wedding earrings,Top jewelry manufacturer! Paying heed to those hunters and gatherers from another time, the Ancient Hunter Sterling Silver Skull Ring represents the hard work and rough lives of those who lived in the past.
This handcrafted sterling silver skull ring is a depiction of a rough warrior-type sculpted human skull. Bought this for my old man for Christmas and he couldn't wait to wear it and show it to all his brothers.
Dating back centuries, wearing jewelry has been a great way for individuals to show off their fashionable side, while boosting their self esteem as well. For some, it is an expression of themselves, for others it is just an accessory to one’s wardrobe.

Biker skull rings have been worn by bikers for decades and continues to be popular amongst those motorcycling individuals.
Any biker would love to own such a ring that is sure to insinuate the “bad to the bone” look, which is often preferred by bikers. This ring is typically made of silver, metal, platinum, or gold and is simply the shape of a skull.
Whether you choose a basic silver skull ring or one that is covered with sparkling diamonds, you are sure to attract attention. With his thick cheekbones, missing teeth, and barbaric appearance, this hunter clearly had his roughshod work cut out for him just to survive his brutal life.
This 0.925 pure sterling silver is hand crafted with the finest detail giving it a masculine and dark look. Nevertheless, jewelry continues to be an increasingly popular thing amongst a variety of people. Of course, bikers may wear various types of jewelry from chains to watches, but what biker in his or her right mind would be caught without a biker skull ring?
Many of them come incrusted with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and various types of stones to enhance the look of each ring. Just imagine two strong hands filled with skull rings on each hand as those hands thrust and pull full throttle on their Harley Davidson or Yamaha motorcycle.

However, others may prefer the dazzling appearance of biker skull rings incrusted completely with diamonds.
Deep cracks and gashes etched into his aged skull, combined with his recessed eye sockets and furrowed brow, provide a hardened look that clearly means this is a hunter with a savage history.
The hunter weighs a solid 19 grams of .925 quality sterling silver in a standard size 10, but can be made in sizes ranging from 5 to 13 (or other customized sizes). A perfect item for a gift or you can add this manly piece to your collection and see just what kind of attention you will get!
By importing directly from the source we are able to offer this magnificent ring at a tremendous discount. Although such rings generally cost more, they are sure to provoke stares and jealousy by passing onlookers. I have a lot of jewelry, especially rings and this ring has become the all time favorite in my possession !!
BadAss jewelry has earned themselves a new fan and customer and I will be buying more great stuff from them to feed my great taste in great jewelry !

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