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I've recently noticed that when I start my car, I hear 4 soft chirps eminating from the rear of the car. I can't tell you where this bad boy is located, but you might trigger the alarm system on purpose and see where the noise comes from.
I still think that if you trigger the alarm system on purpose, you can find the horn, take it out, and see if you can take it apart. By the way, I found out that Audi calls this an "electronic siren" and it carries part number 8L0 951 605 A.
The four beeps from the alarm mean that the internal battery inside the alarm horn is getting weak and can't acheive a full charge due to aging. I plowed a neighbors garden with the 151 rear mount disk plow this morning, and as I was getting close to finished I started hearing a loud screeching noise intermittently coming from the plow. A great Saturday morning laugh - I'm guessing this is a type of bird that we don't have here in upstate, NY. White Demo Super A Restoration UpdatesLet us pray for farmers and all who prepare the soil for planting, that the seeds they sow may lead to a bountiful harvest. Super A wrote:Love ginueas for all the reasons listed, plus they are nearly a maintenance-free animal.

I can assure that tomorrow when I'm with my 93 year-old father at the farm - I'm gonna ask him about this. Well after getting the performance up to scratch I now have this very strange drivetrain noise that my BMW dealer cannot pin down.
The noise comes from under the center armrest area.It sounds like metal on metal scuffing in a circular motion and also squeaks in low and high pitch. It sounds to me like the small final drive bearing in the box is worn or could it be the propshaft? It is a hard rubber "doughnut", the purpose of which is to absorb some of the "shock" of the drive train. Better still, I was able to find out a little bit on that alarm system back-up battery that you asked me about. The attached picture from the new product SSP says that it is actually in the alarm system horn itself. If you cut open the alarm horn housing, then you can try and fit a replacement battery having the same voltage rating as the original battery, but the size will probably be different. Please use our free classifieds or one of our site sponsors for your tractor and parts needs.

The car runs stronger and faster now than it ever has since it's Inspection 2 and new MAFS. Are you referring to the universal joint halfway down the drive shaft, in the center mount? The component is identified as H8, but my contact at Audi (who called me back shortly after you left) says that he thinks the code was changed to H12. You have to get the car on a lift, and slowly rotate the driveshaft and look for a small tears around one or more of the bolts.
The alarm horn is located in the right rear corner of the trunk, under the speaker housing.

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