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EERIE unexplainable noises that have triggered nightmares and fears of the "end of the world" have been caught on video. Since I've been following this worldwide strange sounds phenomenon for some time, the whole 'End of the world' thing popped instantly into my head.
No doppler effect, pitch didnt change in relation to my position and noise didnt appear to be in transit.
Unfortunately I've nothing to add to the discussion, but I just wanted to say what an excellent first post, S&F! Chemtrailing is a hoax, if you are referring to aircraft contrails, then yes, we have them often. No, however my town (like many towns in the North of England) is built on top of miles of old mine shafts.
The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. Armageddon comes: Britain was shocked by a loud rumbling on Saturday night - is the end, perhaps, nigh?

As soon as the noises had ended, social media websites, such as Twitter and Facebook, were buzzing with chatter about what the bangs could have been.No one, it appeared, had a clue.
Therea€™s no doubt that as soon as an event like this occurs, it becomes hard to separate fact from fiction. Fireworks were in Croydon (pictured) - but they were hardly loud enough to be heard nationwideThe most persuasive of these reports was the sound recording made by Claudia Angiletta, from Croydon, South London, who said she could not see any fireworks and was therefore baffled by the noises.However, it emerged there was a large and very loud fireworks display for a wedding party on Saturday night at the Walcountians Sports Club, which is just four miles from the centre of Croydon. Theories: There was no shortage of ideas when it came to the possible source of the noisesThen there is The Hum theory.
A PDE engine works by using force from a series of explosions, caused by mixing a fuel mist and air intake, to thrust itself forward.A Its contrails appear to look like 'rings on a rope' (pictured), or a spinea€?I heard noises in the air like the report of cannon at a distance,a€™ said Mr L. One possible explanation is that the loud noise and ground shaking could have been a meteorite breaking up in the atmosphere, which would result in a sonic boom - a claim backed by expert Dr Caroline Smitha€?From what Ia€™ve seen, it could be the noise effects from a fireball,a€™ she says. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.
But what made matters even more puzzling was that it emerged that a loud bang had been heard in Buffalo, New York a€” thousands of miles from Britain a€” around the same time.So, what on earth could it have been?

Though social media is brilliant at spreading information quickly, ita€™s as fast at circulating incorrect stories.Many attention-seekers falsely reported they had heard noises. This is a widely reported low frequency noise that is said to occur in parts of Britain and North America.There have been different reports of the noise for at least 40 years.
Others thought they were similar to sonic booms a€” the sound a supersonic aircraft makes when it passes through the sound barrier.Some said the bangs sounded more like a series of loud, crackling pops and so suspected fireworks. Others innocently reported similar noises they heard at the same time for which there will be perfectly ordinary explanations a€” such as military training or, indeed, fireworks. A lack of corroborating visual evidence a€” such as spaceships or little green men a€” makes this harder to press home.

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