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The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? Communicable diseases like malaria, cholera and polio have become manageable due to recent advancements in medicines. Unhealthy eating habits, super-sizing meals, and reduced physical exercise all translate to obesity. The NFHS figures suggest that currently India ranks second with 155 million obese citizens and are increasing at 33-51% every year.
Obesity becomes the cause for other health problems such as Type II Diabetes which is the non-insulin dependent form, and generally develops in adults. The International Diabetes Federation suggests that India has the largest number of people who suffer with type 2 diabetes at around 40.9 million people. This is a group of diseases that occur when the arterial blood vessel walls thicken and lose elasticity. Atherosclerosis is when fatty plaques deposit in the arterial walls and cause blood circulation disorders, chest pain, and heart attacks. Around 30% to 40% of cardiovascular deaths happen in India among the age group of 34-64 years of age. Swimmer’s ear is inflammation, irritation, or infection of the outer ear and ear canal. An estimated of 12.5% have suffered permanent damage to their hearing in India from excessive exposure to noise, and the number is growing each year.
A stroke results when a blood vessel carrying blood to the brain has a blockage, thus creating an oxygen deficiency for the area of the brain it was carrying it to.

Indian studies have shown that about 10% to 15% of strokes occur in people below the age of 40 years. This includes kidney disease characterized by swelling of the kidneys and abnormal function. Dural arteriovenous fistulas (DAVF) are abnormal connections between arteries and veins near the brain. Much of the presentation depends on the venous drainage pattern, which is the most important determinant of prognosis.
Before recommending treatment, an imaging study of the brain is required with CT (computed tomography) scan or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). However a new breed of diseases has developed, called ‘Lifestyle diseases’ such as heart disease, some cancers and diabetes, which are no longer a problem just in wealthy nations.
A person with excessive weight suffers with breathing problems, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc. Hypertension results from a variety of reasons like stress, obesity, genetic factors, overuse of salt in the diet and ageing. The types of cancer could include lung cancer due to prolonged smoking, skin cancer due to too much exposure to the sun etc. In benign fistulas, drainage does not involve the cerebral veins, and tinnitus or eye symptoms are often the most common forms of presentation. An angiogram is also necessary, in which a catheter is inserted into an artery in the groin and dye is injected into the pertinent arteries of interest. Specific goals should be put forward taking into account the natural history of the lesion (which mainly depends on its venous drainage pattern), its specific anatomical features and the patient's symptoms.

Globally 14.2 million people between the ages of 30-69 years die prematurely each year from these diseases. These are acquired lesions that occur most commonly without an obvious cause, but can be associated with trauma, surgery, tumors, or previous infections near the area of the lesion. So-called "aggressive" or "dangerous" fistulas are characterized by retrograde cortical venous drainage, and present with bleeding in the brain, progressive neurological deficit, seizures, or intracranial hypertension. Most dural fistulas can be managed by endovascular means but some are more appropriately approached by surgery. While dural arteriovenous fistulas are lesions outside the brain, they may present with a wide range of neurologic symptoms. Some difficult lesions need the judicious combination of endovascular techniques and surgery. Risk factors for these diseases include tobacco use, unhealthy diets and physical inactivity. The presentation varies from an asymptomatic state, to ringing or humming in the ear (or pulsatile tinnitus) to life-threatening or fatal bleeding in the brain.
Today we will take look at the most common lifestyle diseases that you need to take seriously.

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