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Unlike Sony's, Oculus' and Google's VR projects, though, Samsung's delivering a consumer product this year with Gear VR. I plugged the Note 4 into the Gear VR headset by removing the headset's front cover and slotting the phone into a micro-USB dock.
Notably, I encountered a few issues while removing and placing the phone: If you accidentally open up an application on the phone while placing it, for instance, that might break the pairing. Samsung product manager Joo Namkung told me his team named the first Gear VR the "Innovator Edition" specifically because of these rough edges.
Let's get the unexciting stuff out of the way right now: Gear VR has an accelerometer and a gyrometer for tracking head movement.
When you turn your body all the way around and look behind where you're sitting (in the real world), and there are no wires stopping you from looking wherever you want, that is magical. There is no "screen" -- Gear VR uses your Note 4 screen, which is of the 5.7-inch, Quad HD (2,560 x 1,440) Super AMOLED variety.
Gear VR isn't very large (198 x 116 x 90mm), nor is it very heavy (exact specs aren't available), and I wasn't ever uncomfortable wearing it.
Samsung's been working on the Gear VR for approximately 1.5 years now, and Namkung says some of the development units -- the ones we heard about so much back in May -- got a little rough around the edges after prolonged use. Okay, one major question remains: Since the Note 4 is a phone, what happens if you get a notification when you're using it with Gear VR? While there are major technological limitations with mobile VR -- horsepower, among many other issues -- Samsung's Note 4 is a shockingly capable device for virtual reality experiences. The parallel area has a latch where the top of the phone nestles in, and that's it: The Note 4 is paired with the Gear VR headset.
A few times, Samsung reps had to outright reset the Note 4 and start from scratch because it froze.

That means it only tracks where you're looking and not depth; if you move your head forward or backward in the real world, that movement isn't reflected in the virtual one. No wires means better immersion, which is crucial for delivering the promise of "presence." No wires also means no dedicated video feed from an autonomous device (like a PlayStation 4 or a PC, for instance).
The padding around the eyes can be replaced easily, which Namkung calls a necessity for longtime users. That just means that it sounds like it's going to both of your ears despite the fact that it's coming out of the Note 4's non-stereo speaker setup. Oculus VR CTO John Carmack personally led the mobile software development team at Oculus, and the software interface is all built in collaboration with Samsung. The aforementioned Cirque du Soleil performance that puts you directly on stage for the show was a standout, as was an underwater game where a whale floated past. By long-pressing the back button on the headset, the Note 4's 16-megapixel rear camera shows a feed of the real world (albeit a slightly delayed one). Oh, and you'll need a Note 4 (not a Note 4 Edge -- just the Note 4), as Gear VR is built to work with only that device.
These are prototype devices and not the final product that'll ship to consumers later this year, but there's some roughness to how the phone is physically paired.
While Sony tackles depth tracking with its PlayStation 4 camera and Oculus handles it with a camera peripheral of its own, Gear VR is dependent on the hardware in the phone and headset. When I turned quickly, I wasn't able to discern any major irregularities ("screen-tearing" or other nasty hitches). This actually works better than expected: Audio consistently sounded like it surrounded me, which makes the immersive experience all the better. It's basic: Point a reticle in the middle of the screen at what you want to select and tap the touchpad to select it.
None of this was meant to demonstrate launch content, but to demonstrate the potential of the hardware. It's a neat gimmick to turn and look around the stage where Cirque du Soleil performs, and Samsung's got a bunch of heavy-hitting Hollywood folks on board with VR, but it's hard to get excited about just yet.
While this can be used for augmented reality applications, it's also sure to be a standard in all VR headsets going forward.
Namkung said his team is split on the decision, with some arguing the phone aspect should trump the immersion of VR.

And when you've finally got it secure on your noggin, an adjustable dial on the top of the headset allows for focusing your view (that means no changing out lenses for nearsighted and farsighted folks -- just adjust the distance as needed).
A slight jingle plays when it connects, which is a nice touch, but I'd also like a more secure docking area.
It's got a 96-degree field of view (just four shy of Oculus Rift's latest kit) and a 60Hz refresh rate. The options are sparse and base level, and the only content management that exists right now is a store of sorts.
Without interactivity, it's just a 360-degree, head-mounted display device, and that's not what I want from virtual reality. In so many words, people won't want to ignore their phone just because they're using Gear VR. And now Samsung's getting in on the virtual reality action, announcing Gear VR at IFA 2014 today in Berlin, Germany. It feels like trying to jam a phone into a micro-USB port at an awkward angle, and that's not a great first experience. There's a square touchpad, a back button and a volume rocker on the right side of the headset; the touchpad is used for tap-based selecting, while the back button is both for exiting software and enabling pass-through video mode (both of which I'll get to in the next section).
Gear VR is a virtual reality headset with a removable front cover where Samsung's newly announced Note 4 slips in, acting as the screen. Are the graphics less impressive on Gear VR than on, say, Sony's Project Morpheus or Oculus VR's latest dev kit?
It's certainly an issue Samsung is aware of, though the decision hasn't been made just yet. Paired with adjustable lenses built into the headset and a comfy strap, Gear VR turns Samsung's next Note into a virtual reality machine. But is it capable of providing a great virtual reality experience, regardless of those handicaps?

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