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This presentation will focus on cochlear implant candidacy criteria and how it has changed over the years to current standards. In this webinar, several unusual causes of conductive hearing loss will be examined including enlarged vestibular aqueduct, superior semicircular canal dehiscence, malleus fixation and cerebrospinal fluid leak.
Have you ever been at the gym on your treadmill, and all of a sudden, some random girl’s cellphone starts ringing.

Jill Messina has experience with audiological and vestibular diagnostic assessment, electrophysiological testing, hearing aids, aural rehabilitation, and supervision of audiology Doctoral students. The presentation will include brief videos of the mechanics of ossicular reconstruction and surgical reconstruction of the ossicles including stapedectomy. The differentiating features of these unusual causes of conductive hearing loss will be discussed relative to more common causes of conductive hearing loss. Topics to be discussed include the symptoms and signs, audiologic profile and the latest treatments for these two conditions. He is in private practice at the Ear Institute of Illinois (formerly called the Ear Institute of Chicago) in Hinsdale, Illinois.

She is working in conjunction with the physicians of the Ear Institute of Chicago, LLC on a research study examining the Vibrant Soundbridge as a method for treating conductive and mixed hearing losses. View PDFSigns and SymptomsUnilateral sensorineural hearing loss is most common presenting symptom of a patient with an acoustic neuroma.
The sensitivity of auditory brainstem response testing for the diagnosis of acoustic neuromas.

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