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Which is why it was funny to see the ending of the recent Hackday in London, where the speakers were having trouble being heard without amplification as a loud band was playing right next door to the small conference room.
Part of our hazard warning safety sign range, to advise workers of the risk of damage to hearing from loud noise. Find a quiet place and you can hear the booming rumble of the city; to "unignore" that in order to hear it is then a conscious act of will -- amazing.

But even worse can be the piercing noise events of stock delivery containers thrown inside large trucks; power tools tossed in vans. Hopefully crowd-sourcing noise pollution data will pick up and that can lead to the noise levels getting more attention.
It's entirely beyond me why NoiseTube, originally sponsored by Sony, seems to have been abandoned, or they never got to release an iOS app (shame).

Through it, one can sometimes make out, of all things, the monochromatic beeping pulse of a reversing service vehicle -- that and sirens are possibly the only two creating an easily identifiable pattern, regardless of distance.

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