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This German Teenager Is Such A Die-Hard Fan Of SRK That He Wants To Be A Bollywood Actor Like Him! The Woodsen’s are, much like any family in support of Orion Hearst, a prosperous, renowned family within their community. Third son to Louis and April Woodsen, and younger brother to Sebastien Woodsen and Genevieve Woodsen. Raised in Versailles, France where he was privately educated by his family and the world’s top professors.
Disowned at the age of thirteen after Sebastien’s vision verified that he would never be endowed with a supernatural gift. At the age of nine, Pierre exemplified great competency in combat, school, and great endurance. As the third child in the the Woodsen’s six children, Pierre often suffered from a middle-child complex, often feeling overlooked and under-appreciated. Jeremy was always a little wonky, as a child he spent most of his days with his days in their small house in Illinois, keeping mainly to himself he found comfort in the silence. As he grew Jeremy kept more and more to himself, moving from his mothers home back to foster care on a monthly basis.. Jeremy was relieved just to hear someone else say he wasn’t crazy and gladly accepted whatever help he could. Jeremiah is nowhere near perfect when it comes to his ability, and often suffers from migraines or extreme bouts of depression due to them. Jeremiah could eventually be able to read others thoughts clearly, but it comes easier to those he is close to.
For now, Jeremy is simply an observer, his power at his level merely disables him from accessing memories the subject is not currently thinking about. Jeremiah comes off as aloof and cold at times, but it’s because he now rarely lets emotion control his actions, preferring a more analytical approach.
His parents never married, because Viktor’s father was in a fact a married man who got involved in an affair with a younger woman, Olga, and the boy was the result of such affair. Viktor’s mother never was against humans as other S gene bearers were and she was not ignorant to the fact that many other sympathizers had been targeted over the past years and eliminated. Viktor was sent to a boarding school by his father, one that only admitted only S gene carriers, which was a breath of fresh air for the fifteen-year-old, to spend some time away from his father. One could say he’s a bit of an idealist, believing wholeheartedly in the revolution and the righteousness of their fight. Steven decided to bring up the child with all the love he could muster, and surprised himself on how good of a dad he became.
Marcus has a deep set hatred for his own kind, which even 6 years at the institute hasn’t been able to remove. He still grieves for his father, and his way of respecting his memory is by continuing to plot for the missions he had created.
Marcus’ S Gene is the ability to detect those with the S Gene and in some cases specify what exactly the S Gene is.
Marcus has an extremely aggressive personality, and his mood could flip from being perfectly calm to ridiculously angry in a split second.
At first Aiden believed what the teachers told him, training to become stronger, the perfect killing machine to take his revenge and find those responsible for his family’s death. Aiden is bitter, angry; due to the events of his past he has serious anger management issues and would rather solve problems with his fist than actually talking about it. Eldest son of Eduardo Santiago and May Ramirez Santiago, as well as older twin brother to Carlita Santiago. Gifted with astral projection, the ability to separate his spiritual form from his physical body.
Has a high degree of mastery with astral projection; however, it requires a high degree of concentration and meditation. The story starts with a woman named Mary Mercer; she was a sweet little brunette and was the first student of the Mercer Line to attend St.
For a person who so passionately believes in love is placed in an institute where everyone is constantly on the battle to become the best, it was a disappointment to believe he could fully love someone while he was there. Melissa Mallory, a woman who worked at the city’s newspaper found a strange interest to Gregory. Ever since the incident that he had out on a mission, Gregory was not allowed the leave the institute, so he was cast as coordinator who dealt with the newer students, and the students of trouble. Gregory’s power, mental manipulation, came to be at the age of four, which is somewhat early for their species (especially those who are half-human).
To use his power, he has to have physical contact with someone, preferable their forehead or somewhere on their head as his ability contains more power that way. Gregory attempts to be a brilliant and funny man most of the time, willing the students of the institute for a little laugh, a little fun. At the age of fourteen, his father remarried a woman named Genevieve Gustavo (who last name turned to Chamberlain, of course) who brought another addition to the family – Zoey Gustavo who was three years older than him. His father, Benjamin Chamberlain who is a well-known author whose books have been made into movies. Even though his half sister was human and he loved her very much, when she chose to kill herself the aftermath caused nothing but pain and anguish for him. He never used his powers on his father because he was unaware of the fact that he had them. Upon recruitment, Noah faced an internal struggle: let go of his past for a brighter future, or fight for justice.
Noah doesn’t take to the history classes, but his hard work and discipline allows him to thrive in combat classes. At birth, Noah was depicted as a God-send that would motivate the resistance to up their game; however, the tragic events following his birth only led to the opposite. Jacques believes in Charles Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest as he was one of the fittest to survive out on the streets of Liverpool.
Mary's Asylum presents itself as an abandoned mental institution located in Herefordshire, England. Jeremiah is highly intelligent and tends to spend his time working alone in the labs, or reading. Right from the start his father did support the baby financially under the condition that Olga kept quiet and no word got to his wife that he had a bastard son. By the time Viktor was twelve, his biological father had gotten a divorce, losing custody of his children to his wife, and for some reason the man began to show interest in spending time with the boy to get to know him.
Viktor stayed in the boarding school until he turned eighteen, but never went back to his father’s place once he graduated, instead he began living on his own and he and his father distanced a lot more after that. They all joined his cause and Teseusz grew to be much more than just a name, more than just one man; it became a group, an ideal and a cause. His mother was an Empath and it turned out that so was he, which made it very easy for him to learn to control them soon, having an expert teach him. He began to forget about the S Gene, and put all his focus onto the new life he had brought into the world. Steven began to train his son in the ways he was trained in MI5, so he could grow up to become a machine that could destroy other members of the S Gene. He describes this as seeing a slight glowing around people with the S Gene, whilst everyone else looks normal. He is not scared to fight anyone who disagrees with his beliefs, as he sees anyone who supports St Mary’s as a personal insult to his father.
It happens unconsciously and most of the times he memorizes without actively wanting to do so. He has seen the metaphorical heaven and hell in both the human race and those who bear the S gene. Keep in mind he also had no thoughts of falling for someone outside of the institute as he believed the teachings in History class. As he was trying to keep his disguise as a man of high prestige, he often found himself running into the lady - and that was how the romance between them started. When he had accidentally stepped on his sister’s favorite doll, breaking her in half, all he could do was think about how mad and upset his sister would be - if only he could make her forget she even had the doll. Immediately the two formed a tight knit bond, Jace considering Zoey his actual sister rather than just a step-sister. Zoey hadn’t been home in four days leaving Jace to his thoughts, wondering where the hell his sister was.
His parents’ life mission was to secure safety for the innocent and take down the institution. The success gave the boys a rush and sense of familiarity, it wasn’t long until they robbed some more. All was going to plan but a little miscommunication between the Blackthorne brothers resulted in the entire group going to prison. But before their case could proceed to trial, Orion Hearst sent in a team to break them out of the prison. SMP vowed to help them progress, to help perfect and develop their abilities to their true potential. Jacques is proud of him being shaped by the streets and how far he’s come since being the kid who got kicked out.
Underneath the optical illusion created by the headmaster, Orion Hearst, is an institution dedicated to training the rare sub-species of the human race, with special gifts. While the Woodsen’s were powerful projects in their own rite, they much prefer to use their abilities to maintain their powerful hold on human society. Many legacy projects utilized their gifts to torment Pierre, believing him to be powerless against them. At the age of thirteen, it was confirmed by one of Sebastien’s predictions that he would never receive any supernatural gifts. Due to his experiences with his family, Pierre often pushes his siblings away, resenting them for meeting their parents’ expectations while he did not.
She lost her job and began working the streets to pay for Jeremiah and their home, but failed and eventually gave up, leaving it to him.
He is also very innovative which has allowed him to make advances in all of his subjects and prefers to do all the work when given assignments. The young man stayed very close to some of the friends he met at the boarding school, a group of a few men and women who shared his ideals in many ways. Viktor and so many others of his friends began operating under Teseusz and the group began to slowly cause an impact in the S gene world. Due to his abilities, he can sense other people’s feelings without them necessarily showing them through expressions. He knows he has gotten himself in the middle of brewing war and war usually takes cold, hard measures, therefore he is willing to go through with them as long as the goal is achieved. Steven, however, was a firm believer in starting from the bottom and using hard work to gain access to the top. He took absolutely no interest in his classes, and made it his own personal job to create hell for his teachers and his peers who were more towards St Mary’s cause. When he encounters people who have already developed the S Gene he sometimes has visions of what this is, but with kids whose S Gene has not yet shown itself he only sees the glowing.

Some may also consider him rather cocky, he believes himself to have the best ideas for the future and the best combat skills. Mary’s Asylum and the people pulling the strings were the ones behind the attack, he joined the resistance. He can, through this, copy how someone shoots a gun, throws a knife or uses a bow; how someone moves, acts, and can sometimes even predict what his enemy will do next to counter with the perfect move.
For him, limits do not exist, they are annoying, unnecessary and in his opinion complete bullshit.
Javier ensured that Orion Hearst and the rest of the projects in the asylum believed that the Santiago family all collectively loathed the human race.
Javier has the ability to separate himself from his body and move freely as a spirit, capable of operating like any ghost. Yet instead of being discouraged by it, or taking in a pessimistic view on life, Javier is an optimist. She was the second person in the line of Mercer’s who received the power, the first being her great-great grandfather. With fond memories of his mother, Gregory decided that if his mother decided an institute would be best for him, he would oblige. She constantly asked him questions, challenged his mind, his views, his beliefs… made him question himself as a person. He continues to find a way to pull himself out of the institute, but puts a facade that he’s all for St. His sister, furious that Gregory had destroyed her favorite doll, went up to him to pinch his cheek (a 'punishment’ often used against him). Gregory is still sadden by the thought of Melissa and it creates a deep hole in his heart that he wishes to fill, but knows that he is unable to inside the institution. On the eve of the fourth day, he received a call from his distressed sister who told him the story of what happened. These beings are called the 'projects' and range from sixteen to twenty six, trained in the art of combat and strategy.
Louis and April Woodsen used their combined skills, but more importantly charm, to win the hearts of upper-crust French society.
Having suffered relentless torment from his peers, Pierre is very guarded and untrusting towards those around him, even his own family. However, Jeremy is very brash towards people who he believes have a lower intelligence than him and who annoy him, which can cause quite a few problems for the students and administration of St Mary’s. He had gone to his father’s house one day because the man had insisted on having him over for dinner. As the idealist young people they were, they strived to make a change, to bring equality and stop the murders of both humans and those S gene carriers who had nothing against them.
Unfortunately, their leader, Nikolai, got killed in an altercation they had with some agents who had been hunting him down for a long time. Ever since starting his lowly paid job in the organisation, he’d shown a keen interest to move up, and when the opportunity arose for a career with much more importance, he immediately won it with his clear perseverance.
There were seven years of bliss for them, until one day, when the two were on a visit to a local park, Marcus marched straight up to a man in the street and pointing at him, claimed that he was able to move things without touching them. The violent beliefs which had been installed into him meant he wasn’t afraid to fight, and he often attacked his fellow projects as well as vandalising parts of the school and staying out late after curfew.
He has also begun to be able to detect people with the S Gene whilst he’s sleeping, seeing an image of their face and a general location. That changed as he was ten years old and watched two of the artists train, curiously trying to copy their movements and strangely succeeding. Some teachers are wary of him and suspect that something is wrong, but he tries to keep his mask up and acts like the loyal project they want him to be; collecting information and preparing for the oncoming battle.
Flirting or violence are the only acceptable ways of solving a problem to him; talking takes too much time, trying to be diplomatic never works, and never will. The Santiago patriarch, Alejandro Santiago, yearned for the wealth and power afforded to those on the other side of the border. On a personal note, Javier created this persona of a self-indulgent, privileged, and snarky project who only associated with the higher class members of the asylum. While separated from his body, Javier can float freely and move through walls whilst remaining unknown to the naked eye. He believes that every person deserves a chance to choose for themselves–a chance that the St. A person born with that special ability can be someone of great use, or someone that you wish wasn’t against you. This caused the boy to grab her wrist, the thought of his sister forgetting she had a doll still coursing through his mind. There are days when he is deep inside of himself, unable to do anything or look anyone in the eye - this makes him somewhat of a loner. His first wife, Florence Force-Chamberlain, tried her hardest to stay with a man who thought that everything she did was wrong; that humans were a great species and what SMP stood for, what their race stood for was nothing but ashes on the ground. Zoey watched one night as Benjamin tossed his son around, abusing him in such a grotesque and vile way that she ended up leaving the house to a party – anything to forget what Benjamin had done to Jace. She arrived at the party, drugs was slipped into her drink and she woke up in the middle of her raping – three guys laughing as they did what they wanted with her. He tortured them, tortured them like his father tortured him until they were begging for their lives.
His parents would roll over in their graves if they saw their son willingly involving himself in a quietly brewing war. Their mother Denia Blackthorne died giving birth to Julian, leaving the three year old and infant with their abusive alcoholic father, Bennett Blackthorne. Their purpose is to, one day, overthrow the human race and take their rightful place as rules of the world.
Louis and April Woodsen are prime socialites within the country; easily manipulating any of the major politicians and corporate heads to do their bidding. Mary’s as a student and do moderately well in combat, military strategy, chemistry, physics, mechanics, etc.
During their time in the boarding school, Viktor and his friends had begun a discreet movement in which they made leaflets that reflected their ideology and showed how wrong the S gene elitists were to want to wipe out others. Instead of ending the movement merely because the head of the group had been murdered, they grew stronger. He also has the ability of Apathy Inducement, which means he can make himself or others feel no emotions. Viktor is respectful of the chain of command, serving when he needs to serve and leading when he others need of him to be a leader. After a couple of years of hard training, coming home often with bruises and cuts, Steven swore an oath to protect queen and country and was then assigned his first mission.
The man looked shocked for a moment, and then completely terrified, his cover blown by the mysterious little boy. Because of his ability, his teachers are interested in him helping with the enrolment and recording of those with the S Gene, although he has no interest in this. It took one glance for him to stretch in a way which normally took years, but was as easy as breathing for Aiden. Gifted with the S gene, Alejandro faced discrimination and put down for his dreams of grandeur. As he was raised with his father and mother’s guidance, Javier has a high degree of mastery with his gifts. Gregory was in every way like his mother - passionate, stubborn, compassionate, and a romantic at heart. He secretly helps the students, like AJ and Anton, stay in the institute to further their powers so that they can someday leave. He constantly finds himself thinking and yearning for the days outside of the institute as he finds it to be a hellhole, a prison. Benjamin was a man of two faces – the kind, generous man who spent a lot of time with his fans (which his fans loved. Zoey was then left in the middle of an alleyway, soaked in rain, sprawled naked on the floor.
Jace has learned that he has to guard himself emotionally, and he does this by being bitingly snarky and bitter to people to keep them a certain distance from him, emotionally.
His obsession with avenging his parents’ death and, someday, enriching the projects, makes him righteous and often egotistic (without being rude). Their father was convinced that Julian intentionally killed his wife and their mother and tried to murder his own two month son to avenge her death.
When the robbing of stores bored them they decided to hit something better, something the other gangs in the streets had failed to poach, Casinos.
Julian, his brother, is the same, although he possesses the stronger sub-abilities which Jacques in weak in.
Since that day he was taken in by his father, beginning one of the most indifferent and strange relationships Viktor has ever had. Even after leaving school, they all continued this movement and often gathered to plan more ways to spread their ideology. He developed also the skill of Combat Intuition, which means he can predict his opponent’s movements by reading their emotional impulses.
Usually he comes off as a serious man, objective-driven who leaves little place for anything else than the fight he got himself in, but around the people he’s closest to, he allows himself to relax more and show a more friendly side of him, the warmth few people know Russians actually do possess.
It was a basic one, just to get him ready for more serious things, to protect a young woman named Sara Cole. This began to happen more frequently, until eventually Steven had to face the fact that he’d been lied to, and his son was actually an owner of the S Gene, too. His grades sunk to rock bottom, but he found he no longer cared, the only subject he decided to take any interest in being combat, and even then he often got sent out for being too aggressive towards others during training. Happy that their son has developed an ability of use for their circus, his parents made him one of the main acts of the show, unaware that they were risking their lives this way. Due to the focus required to use his gift, Javier excels in military strategy  and history primarily. Much like his father, he has a tendency to lose himself in his passions–be it to save the projects and abolish the project, or those whom he loves. This life that she had lived for so long was blissful, but she knew it would someday come to an end.
The answers were no and like his mother, he had planned to sabotage his mission and leave St. A few seconds later, she had let him go with a puzzled look, glanced down at the doll and shrugged her shoulders as if it meant nothing to her. Jace, unknowing of what to do, fled the scene of the crime to forget everything that happened. In spite of his hero complex, Noah has a strong sense of loyalty towards his deceased parents, the Link’s, and gradually, a number of projects within the institution. Jacques, who had only just turned four a few days ago fended off their deranged father with his sub - abilities of Enhanced Reflexes and Agility to save Julian. While Pierre’s is persistent in keeping walls around himself, he finds himself questioning himself.

But it began to get louder, and it became apparent to Jeremy (at least) that this wasn’t just noise. One of his friends mentioned maybe they had found the right guy to take their subtle revolution to the next level and he showed them they newspaper about a man that called himself Teseusz.
Fiercely loyal, passionate about his ideals and graced with a quick, witty mind, he has the spirit of a fighter. Sara was under protection after claiming to be a witness for a crime involving S genes – little did anyone know that she actually had the S Gene herself, and was under orders by Orion Hearst to see how advanced the British Intelligence actually were in their knowledge of his project. One night shortly after his sixteenth birthday, extremists broke into their rooms and killed as many of them as possible; only with luck Aiden succeeded in getting away, copying the way the masked people used the guns in their hands after he got his hands on one, running and never coming back. Refusing to be patient or think before he acts, Aiden is more of an animal than a human sometimes, like a wolf waiting to tear apart. Therefore, on her twenty-fourth birthday, after years spent in the institute, she planned her great escape. Mary’s to be a great place for their species and excelled in almost everything that he did. Benjamin could pass as an Abercrombie and Fitch model if he wanted to), and the dark, depressed and angry man who took everything out on his wife.
He heard her scream as she jumped off the building and he was sure he heard her neck crack as she hit the floor before her cellphone had done the same, leaving Jace without anyone.
Days later, he was approached by an SMP agent who disguised himself as a police detective and told him of what he was and what he stood for. Water manipulation allows Noah to manipulate tides, create tsuanims and tidal waves, control water within a person, and so forth.
Unlike most of the projects, he is a relatively calm man; never exaggerating or losing his temper. It came quite as a surprise for their human father that his child of four had already started to develop his powers. Days after his birth, Louis and April made all necessary adjustments to their wills and testaments, stating that if Sebastien ever prove to be incapable in running the family wealth and estates, that Pierre take control.
He slaved away in each of his subjects, compensating for his inabilities with hard work and dedication. And the loss of his mother only made it worse, because the man was nowhere near as caring, supportive and well-natured as his mother used to be. After seeking out the St Mary’s rebellion, he was soon turned away, his means for an end to the fighting considered to be too bloody and the group feared what he may do if he was given the tools to put his plans into action.
Driven by anger and hatred, Aiden swore to himself that he would get his revenge and got a job in a garage. Thus, he watches everyone who may be motivated to sympathize with humans or merely disagree with Orion Hearst’s teachings.
Her power had developed to great stages and she was one of the greatest projects - one of the headmaster’s favorites. His powers were a great asset to the institute and when he was of age to start missions, he went on nearly every one of them as the ability to control the thoughts and mindset of people was a great asset to them. He is passionate; however, enjoying the European culture and his passion towards helping the resistance and the projects growing continuously. He got in contact with a woman named Carina Elser a couple of months ago, expressing his interest in having his people join her cause.
Sara’s S Gene was seduction, and as the week graduated she used this against Steven to gain slithers of information out of him. The first thing he bought with his pay was a TV on which he watched movies and shows to gather knowledge about martial arts, about weapons and how to fight, going into bars late at night to test his skills and get some new.
Despite his reckless, somewhat thoughtless behavior, he’s a strong leader who yearns to change the world. She escaped the institute by erasing every person’s memory of her, cleaning up her trails and running for her life. The headmaster of the institute caught wind of what Gregory was planning and called for someone to shadow him, the man learning the romantic relationship Gregory had with Melissa. While everything came seamlessly for his elder brother by seven years, Pierre often struggled. His experience with torment and the inferiority his powerless state bestowed upon him, made him want change. But the Resistance, with their own elitism and prejudices, didn’t fit his belief system either. By the time the last night had arrived, Steven was convinced he was in love with this girl, and they slept together, only for her to disappear in the morning before he awoke. After a year or more, he was caught by the police as he and another boy fought in an alley, and he expected to be thrown into jail or given to an orphanage, but instead someone from St. That is, until, Eduardo Santiago became the patriarch of the Santiago family after Alejandro’s passing. As an elemental, with her gifts fueled by water, Perinne’s gifts were incredibly rare. The need for survival made Jack get himself involved into things like gambling, gangsters and drugs but his specialty was thievery. Pierre wanted a world that didn’t thrive off of genetic excellence, but a world that took everything for its true value.
Of course, as the effects of her seduction wore off, he and his team realised he’d been played, and he was soon seen as unfit to work in the same department again. Mary’s sitting on his couch with his horrified girlfriend tied to a chair next to him with a knife in her hand. Noah feels as if it’s his obligation, and family heritage, to help his fellow projects see the light. Somehow, through unconsciously copying the movements of a guard as he typed in a security codes to a room, he found out that the reason his parents had been killed hadn’t been robbers or extremists, but agents of St. Thus, when Javier Santiago was born on December 31, 1989 in the Santiago hacienda in Mexico City, Eduardo made it his life’s mission to protect the human species that the St.
The headmaster informed him his next mission was to erase the girl’s memories of Gregory, of this incident and that if he were to comply to stay with St. Sometimes he falls headfirst into a relationship, sometimes he’s very cold and distant. He used to pick pocket pedestrians to buy food and water for himself and his little brother, as he had no stable income.
Suddenly, he adapted to the rigorous training Sebastien or his father would put him through. The times he has opened up, it was to people he knew he cared for, and cared for very deeply. If Noah so much as spoke against the censored history class teachings, or revealed his true purpose, he wouldn’t live to see another day.
Alongside this, he slowly begun to understand the many lessons his private tutors gave him. Javier Santiago is the eldest son of Eduardo Santiago and his wife, May  Ramirez Santiago, and twin brother to Carlita Santiago.
Without a second blink, Gregory did what was told, whispering to Melissa that he loved her, he would always love her and that he was sorry.
Jacques was recruited into a gang called Helios which is one of the many gangs that gathered in the tight streets of downtown Liverpool.
This boosted his low self-esteem, and while neither of his parents acknowledged his improvement (especially with Sebastien’s own excellence overshadowing him) it was enough for him. Raised in the wealthy surroundings of upper crust Mexico City, Javier became accustomed to a high class upbringing. Within months of Noah’s birth, the board began speculating taking down the very family that gave the resistance hope. His rare gift of water bending has raised him on the social hierarchy, making it easier for Noah to navigate his way through the legacy projects and find answers regarding his parents’ death. Jacques ran with the gang for years, they were like a new found family for him and his little brother.
The resistance caught wind of Orion’s impending destruction on the evening of the attack.
Jacques did his best to shelter Julian from the life of the streets, but when he saw potential in him the big brother recruited the little brother into the game.
Unfortunately for Pierre, they never did.Years passed, and at the age of thirteen, Sebastien predicted that Pierre would never be endowed with supernatural gifts. Oliver Link and Marion Peville-Link, uncle and aunt to Noah, quickly stepped in to protect the family.
Mary’s Academy was made to breed blood-thirsty killers set on destructing mankind for their own claim to vengeance.
While the Santiago’s and their extended family were raised with the same belief, Eduardo decided to strike his own path in secret.
The Link’s quickly left with Noah, leaving Kenis and Perinne to fight for their lives.
Mary’s and inspire them to use their legacy status and influence to abolish the asylum.
Javier took his father’s beliefs as his own, developing a healthy relationship with fellow legacies and humans (in secret). The leaders opted that the resistance disband for a short period and scatter throughout the globe to avoid Orion’s wrath.
Any success Pierre may have made throughout his childhood went to dust, and his parents quickly removed him from their will and testament. Kenis and Perinne, incapable of having their own child due to their age, raised Noah as one of their own.
Disowned at the age of thirteen, both his elder siblings, Sebastien and Genevieve, ensured his enrollment into St.
In a moment of rage against his twin sister, Javier unknowingly separated his spirit from his physical body and adapted hers to provoke her to release his gifts. Despite his dark past, the Link’s were determined to uplift his future in any way possible. Since then, Javier trained diligently to control and nurture his gifts of astral projection, up until his sixteenth birthday when the recruiters of St. The Link’s worried that Noah would be recruited once his gifts come to light, happily relieved when he passed through his childhood without a glimmer of his gifts.
However, come his 13th birthday, Noah accidentally flooded his entire home: he was a water bender.
The institution’s radar went off, and come his sixteenth birthday, Noah was recruited to the asylum members. But he yearned for answers, and when midnight struck, he left his aunt and uncle with nothing but a note and a kiss on the forehead.

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