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One of the services The Hoarding Project offers is a support group for family members and friends of people who hoard.
Our research has found that people who have loved ones who hoard are significantly affected by their hoarding behavior. Negative feelings like this can result in even more difficultly in relationships among friends and family.
Our groups offer the opportunity to talk about your experience, concerns, and hear how others in the same situation are coping with the hoarding behaviors of with their loved one. Twelve years ago I was a social work intern charged with running a voluntary support group for male teens recovering from drug abuse. For what it’s worth, I think this is what a support group should look like, and more importantly, what it should feel like.
If you’re caring for an aging parent, I bet someone at some point has suggested that you join a support group.

You may not find all of these elements immediately (and groups do take time to coalesce), but don’t settle! I have not found a group per se but I have had two appointments with our Employee Assistance office at my employer (a large hospital). These family members and friends may experience difficult feelings and emotions, like anger, sadness, guilt, resentment, and hopelessness. When it comes to also dealing with hoarding, this can be a very hard situation to be in without support. Each time someone offered up a situation or circumstance that presented a barrier to staying sober, another member chimed in with thoughts on how to manage it. At the close of each meeting, words of encouragement hung in the air and the mood was noticeably lighter.
While I was not a live-in caretaker, I am the oldest daughter and have been responsible for all of my mother’s medical care and taking care of her bills.

The last three years have been a nightmare for me, as my mother ended up with a subdural hematoma from a fall in 2008, removal of a malignant growth on her larynx in 2009, and a right lower lobe blood clot to her lung early this year. After this last hit, she went into a nursing home rehab facility and is now living there full time. I feel as if I am slowly getting my life back after living on the edge for the last three years. Mom is adjusting to the nursing facility and is actually doing much better than I thought she would.
Employee assistance was a godsend to me and, if you have that available to you, I would encourage anyone to look into it.

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