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As she grasped the door handle, Don Ho, her over-weight Boston Terrier, jumped up on the window and barked. Then, up ahead he saw her, dressed in a long white sarong-like thing, waving her arms, her blurred, ghostly image caught in the headlighta€™s beam beyond the rhythm of the wiper blades.
Operating under the theory that when one dispatches onea€™s undergarments in the path of oncoming vehicles, ita€™s wise to proceed aggressively, Lani pounded on the drivera€™s side window.
The rain had eased up, but she realized she was drenched to the bone.A  Lani debated whether to give him her real name, in case she had missed her hunch and he turned out to be a cop or an attorney or something. She anticipated him offering his hand, but thankfully, he didna€™t.A  He looked as if he had thought about it, then reconsidered. Her eyes were enormous, as brown as polished stone, and made him look into them longer than .
That seemed a sufficient explanation to her; she spun around and started in that direction. She glided away a few feet and now stood considering him pitifully.A  a€?Guess youa€™ll have to help me now, Mr. Lani walked casually to the car, pulled his jacket tighter to her bosom and looked away.A  Billy hesitated, cast an exasperated glance at the car and the dog inside. As if it had telepathically received his thoughts, the dog threw its squat body at the window again and resumed barking. The dream, as dreams often do, took Billy to places he had never been before.A  But, since this was a prolonged dream, as opposed to those experienced during sleep, those which occupy mere wisps of elapsed time .
Besides that, seeking a more rational grasp of his environment, searching for symbols of logic (even dream logic) surmounted the alternative: speaking with his bearers.
Billy was out of sight when Lani reached the interior of the emergency room.A  A set of double doors separated the waiting room from . There were two other people in the waiting room watching a sit-com on a TV set mounted high on one wall.A  A computer keyboard responded with almost silent spastic rhythms to its operator somewhere beyond a set of sliding glass windows set in the wall. It was with mixed emotions that Lani followed that noise and stepped to the glass windows.A  Her involvement in this accident had been more than simple happenstance; after all, who was it that flung her little white undies into his path? The big, blonde haole had been generous with the grin, and the grin itself was a thing of versatility, radiating all kinds of signals, some pleasant but most slimy.
She saw in the policemana€™s eyes a new reverence, then as if to gain fresh insight into its secrets, Officer C. He wondered again what questions to ask three men dressed in aloha shirts on a black beach next to a black ocean with the eye of God breathing hot fire onto the surreal landscape. Another moment flew by, a tense one, like after a gun shot.A  Lani gripped the phone tighter and, with as much assurance as she could muster, replied, a€?I had a flat tire . Tina resumed the interrogation, poking into the sordid shadows of Lania€™s social life.A  a€?This isna€™t that guy say work at Mauna Kea, in the observatory?A  Dat one hustling you last Friday night, is it? Lani waited for the lewd suggestion that she was sure would follow, something to do with feet, and massaging, or kissing or .
Unable to locate a water fountain, or a container in which to carry the water in, Lani bought Don Ho a diet soda from the machine out in the hallway.A  She carried it outside. He wanted to tell them to fuck off, he wanted to ask them their biggest secret, but as if some repenting convict en route to his execution had commandeered Billya€™s vocal chords, he blurted out urgently, almost, it seemed, joyous to divulge the information: a€?One time when I was fourteen I played hooky from church, and when my family was gone .
All three Billya€™s stopped laughing for a moment and looked up at him.A  Then they resumed their hysteric contortions.

Instead, Lani saw a trim, middle-aged Asian of indiscriminate gender, dressed in an impeccable linen suit, sitting on the fender of a black Corvette, staring off into the distant night, with its leg swinging in a lazy rhythm, shoeless. At first, of course, the car caught her attention, then the person, then lastly, the persona€™s lack of footwear. It slid from the sculptured fender, straightened the crease in its pants and stepped toward Lani. He thought of his previous confession, how unacceptable it had seemed to them.A  a€?Ia€™m not as kind as I could be!a€? he shouted, frantically, filled with fear, hoping that was the kind of confession they were requesting.A  Where had that come from? William, the somber, reflective-looking one said, a€?We know at this point that whata€™s being discussed is your life up to the present, or at least, if you didna€™t know, you do now . The one in the middle, Alan, compared to William, seemed more intense, and rancorous perhaps, although rancorous might be a little stronga€”just the way Alana€™s jaw jutted almost imperceptibly when he concluded his sentence and his point.A  William, on the other hand, looked sadder, more deliberate and distanta€”an author of serious books, perhaps. A It all had a pleasing, deductive ring to it.A  a€?Thata€™s what Ia€™m here for?a€? he asked, his enthusiasm rising. The volume increased into white noise until Billy grasped his ears in pain, fell onto the sand, and, unable to help himself, wallowed and rubbed himself across the ground like a dog after a bath.
Alan raised his head almost imperceptibly and Billy sensed he had again said something wrong and that Alan was preparing to inflict another blare of music . Its voice, just the tone startled Lani, the fact that it was neither male or female, but both, added as much significance as if it were broadcast through a huge loudspeaker, large enough to vibrate her bones, & directed by none other than the oh-so-subtle Mr. Lani smiled inwardly.A  She decided right then and there that she would be the one doing the seducing, if that was what was occurring. A Federal Pay Officer with the Federal Government College, Odogbolu in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Mr. The National Coalition of Niger Delta Ex-Agitators, NCNDE-A, has accused former President Goodluck Jonathan of founding the new militant group known as Niger Delta Avengers.
Nigerian troops have arrested one of the declared wanted Boko Haram terrorists leaders, and also conducted patrols and clearance operations within the theatre of operations.
The Bayelsa State Government has announced a 30 per cent slash in all political appointees pay in the state.
Nigeria’s Apex bank, the Central Bank of Nigeria has reacted to various reports that the Naira had secretly been devalued to N290 to a dollar.
Governor Ayodele Fayose, who has recently described himself as a prophet, has said that he predicted the subsidy removal by the federal government. The dog was one of thoseA  horrid little pug-nosed things that slobbered profusely and snorted like swine. A a€?Here we are,a€? Billy said, cheerfully, automatically, moronically.A  He had no more awareness of a€?where he wasa€? than say, a shrimp has, lying peeled and pink in a salad on a picnic table on a Sunday afternoon in .
He lifted each foot, one at a time, repulsed by the fact that his bare feet were actually embracing .
A His smile seemed a fraction more gaudy than the other two, as if he were permanently bent on some sort of drug. Don Ho hovered over the can, licking its top, tipped it over and began slurping the pop as it poured out.A  After another moment he looked up at her again, belched, and walked away, his pugged nose close to the ground, sniffing loudly.
Wallace, (Lani had read the name tag pinned below his badge) set the wallet on the counter and began searching through it more thoroughly. Rather like childbirth, you have to experience it to understand it.You simply cannot imagine yourself as the sort of vain megalomaniac so desperate to halt the inevitable passage of time that you'd be prepared to have poison injected into your face.

He's injecting deep into the muscles that cause me to grind my teeth, the ones my dentist is always telling me off about.Apparently, he has only one other patient who grinds their teeth as badly as me, and that's Roger Federer.
You can't possibly understand why a person wouldn't want to just grow old gracefully, wear their wrinkles with pride as a badge of honour and a sign of a life well-lived.Besides, isn't it a well-known fact that this stuff doesn't work? I mean, are you going to get out here and help me, or you going to sit there looking stupid?a€?A  Gripped the collar tighter and twisted it.
But there's a definite sense the good guys - the ones who are properly qualified and responsible and dedicated to good practice - are starting to win.Put simply, frozen forehead and trout-pout merchants are on their way out. She bemoaned the fact she finds it increasingly hard to come by good actresses who haven't had 'work'. It's only recently, as techniques have been refined, as substances used have improved and as responsible practitioners have started sharing their discoveries and fly-by-night operators named and shamed and forced out of the industry, that I've even considered it. I've endured more than a year of painful (and painfully expensive) gum and dental surgery to repair the damage caused by years of tooth grinding.Hopefully, this will stop me from destroying it all. The thing I said I would never do, the thing that has been the downfall of so many women clinging desperately to the raft of youth - and the one thing guaranteed to infuriate all my feminist girlfriends.It's not as though I can claim ignorance. It's boring and time-consuming to feel you can no longer leave the house without applying make-up - perhaps not a full face, but at least a bit of concealer to cover the wells of black beneath the eyes. I tell him I'm doing it for work, that obviously I would have preferred not to, but that my editor insisted.He knows me too well to buy that story. I'm always telling people that the key to looking your best is a healthy diet, lots of exercise, learning to relax. As we lose collagen and our muscles slacken, the jawline softens and widens, the face becomes, overall, heavier in the jowls and the cheekbones recede.The brain can detect these signals in the blink of an eye. Our reptilian brains - the oldest and most instinctual part of our psyche - can instantly differentiate between a young (and therefore fertile) face and an older (infertile or less fertile) face.
He understands it's not airbrushed artificiality we crave - just a slightly less careworn version of ourselves.And that, despite the bruising and the puffiness, is what I'm starting to see when I look in the mirror around day four. Luckily, Dr Patel's got it right.The other notable differences are the corners of my mouth. I've had a few drops in my cheekbones, too, to make them infinitesimally sharper.After a few days, I have some friends over for supper.
We move to another room, leaving the men to their discussions.'Ooh,' says the journalist (a leading feminist writer), turning a desk lamp on me. The Botox in my jaw has been especially successful, since it has reduced my teeth grinding, which means I sleep better (and so does my poor husband).My dentist, too, is delighted because I'm not destroying all his careful work. And it has had the desired effect of reducing the bulk of those mandibles, which has very subtly shrunk the width of my jaw.So, yes, what can I say?
Or, at least, I do now that it's all over.The effects of the Botox will wear off in a few months.

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