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Occasionally people develop symptoms when the Eustachian tube does not equalize pressure as often as it should.In other words, it stays closed longer than normal.
Another variation of Eustachian tube dysfunction occurs when th tube stays open all of the time.
Placement of a pressure equalization tube in the ear drum eliminated the problem of the pressure difference in middle ear as long as tube is in position but it is generally not recommended unless there are signs of complications developing in the involved ear like persistent fluid or formation of  retraction pocket.
This can lead to retraction of the ear drum, the middle ear may fill with fluid, end the  symptoms may involve discomfort Or fullness of the involved ear.
All patients with a cleft palate will have Eustachian tube dysfunction and should have tubes placed at an early age.

Decongestants,steroids and antihistamines all have side effects and in the absence of underlying allergies should probably be avoided.Smokers should quit and second hand smoke should be avoided.
When your ear pops on high speed elevator or in an airplane, the reason is that the Eustachian tube has opened and equalized pressure. It may be the particular problem and source of severe pain when flying on airplanes, ascending tall buildings or diving. People may report that they can hear themselves breathing or hear there own voice in the involved ear. Others develop problem later in life After developing allergies, or following a severe ear infection, or from smoke or dust exposure.

Nasal saline irrigation is safe and can be used to rinse pollens, dust and allergens from nose.
The Eustachian tube normally opens automatically throughout the day when we swallow or yawn. Finally,Eustachian tubes exercises can be performed several times a day pinching the nose and gently blowing out the force air retrograde through the Eustachian tube to equalize the middle ear pressure.

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