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80% of Australians own a smartphone and most smartphones sit idle for around 7-8 hours per day. DreamLab is a free app that gives every Australian with a compatible smartphone the power to speed up cancer research. Our modern environment has changed drastically in recent decades, there have been significant changes in the way we work, communicate and travel. While there has been much focus on the need for regular moderate to vigorous exercise, there is growing interest in the benefits of sitting less.. Yumtable is the best way to book tables and get amazing offers from restaurants across Australia, now from the convenience of your smartphone. We work with Australia's most innovative companies to design and develop native apps for the iPhone and iPad. Our in-house design and development team build Android apps that work across all Android systems and devices.
It’s honouring to receive recognition for b2cloud as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Australia in the BRW Fast 100. Another great win for the b2cloud team, being recognised by the App Design Awards for our incredible work with Catch of the Day owned Yumtable.

Now more than ever, we have the power to change humanity with technology, and today we are helping cure cancer. View property data like median house prices, recently sold properties and quickly compare similar homes for sale.
Working with the Catch of the Day Group, b2cloud has created an app that makes finding and booking a restaurant a seamless mobile experience. Designed for the visually and hearing impaired communities, the apps use groundbreaking technology to help users become more independent in their personal and professional lives. With Telstra and the City of Sydney we are ensuring that every single person has an invaluable resource at their disposal, packed with all the necessary information as well as some brilliant features unique to NYE in Sydney.
The My Account App provides useful insight for both pre-paid and post-paid account holders to deliver a simple but innovative companion to all Virgin Mobile customers. All you need to do is download the DreamLab app, choose how much data to give, plug your phone into charge and let it go work for good.

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