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Temple jewelry is believed to have originated somewhere in the 9th century during the reign of the Chola dynasty.
Traditional temple jewelry is made of finest gold and embedded with several precious gems and stones. In fact, there are quite a few really old families in Chennai who have carried on the legacy of making traditional temple jewelry. However, temple jewelry in its true form is quite expensive, since it is made of gold and precious gems.
There are temple jewelry earrings, temple jewelry pendants, temple jewelry chokers and a whole lot more. You will often notice South Indian women wearing temple jewelry designs on auspicious occasions such as marriages, festivals etc.
However, while wearing temple jewelry, it is best not to go with sarees that have very heavy work or embroideries.

The jewelry itself looks kind of heavy, and it works best with a somewhat understated saree. Kajal Agarwal mother in multistrings ruby mala at Dil Raju daughter wedding reception event. 22 carat gold antique finish broad mesh haram with peacock motifs and peacock pendant adorned with rubies, emeralds and kundans.
There are several kinds of traditional jewelry artwork which is popular in India, one of which is temple jewelry. Back then, this kind of jewelry was used to decorate the idols and Gods and Goddesses in temples, and hence, the name. Since this kind of traditional jewelry making originated in the south, particularly in Chennai, you can see a lot of traditional South Indian dancers wearing it during their performances. Rather, it is authentic temple jewelry designs made of beads and metal other than silver and gold.

Most often, you will find temple jewelry designs in motifs, dots or even ambiguous patterns. The content in this website is entirely created by our own team and its meant for viewing online only.
Thus, with imitation temple jewelry, you get the intricacy of the traditional artwork without the exorbitant cost. Copying the content for use in other website or any other purpose is strictly prohibited under DMCA.

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