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Shingles is a nervous system disease caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox; it is not a rash or skin infection. Hearing loss most often accompanies shingles when the rash forms on the head and face around the ear. Ramsay Hunt syndrome occurs when a shingles infection affects the facial nerve near one of your ears.
You are more likely to have fewer long-term side effects from shingles if you begin receiving treatment within a few days of your first symptoms. If you delay getting to the doctor, your chances of not suffering any long term side effects falls to about 50 percent. Hearing loss causes are not special one for which we have to read books to gain knowledge about it but they are some common reasons which we do not care about in our daily routine. We should not listen to music for long hours and we also have to keep ourselves away from headphones.
Infection in our ear is major reason for loss of permanent hearing which is also called Deafness. Children are prone to ear infections, when the Eustachian tubes do not work properly (due to colds allergies, enlarged adenoids, or not being in a favorable angle. You and your doctor may also be concerned with the number of ear infections your child is having, even if treatment is successful and the fluid disappears each time. The virus can lie dormant in the body’s nerve cells for years in those who’ve had chickenpox; when it reactivates, it spreads down the nerves into the skin.
In some cases, the hearing loss will be permanent due to damage to the nerves or to the structures of the inner ear.  If you are experiencing symptoms associated with shingles don’t wait to seek medical attention.

Person is not able to hear sound fully or partially do to some problems which I will discuss later on. Human being is very lazy and careless and that’s why we get ourselves into problems for which later on we have to regret about it. Due to listening to loud music for long hours or listening songs on headphone causes loss of hearing. From now on you should take care of your ears properly and also aware people around you about them. Otitis media is an infection of the middle ear that may cause a change in the eardrum, such as swelling or redness.
This results in a build of negative pressure (a vacuum effect) in the middle ear and causes the eardrum to be sucked inward; this is a retraction of the eardrum. A child with fluid, who has ear pain and fever, usually has an ear infection and should have an antibiotic prescribed. In age of 50 or 60 it is normal but if it occurs in teenage then we have to care about what causes loss of hearing and should consult with doctor immediately as you found this problem. Due to this reason, Drugs which we take to cure the infection does not work and person becomes deaf.
People working at noisy places should cover their ears with ear plugs so that it should not cause hearing loss.
This usually will begin in one ear but will eventually affect both ears with a variable course. Otitis externa is an ear infection of the external ear canal and is commonly called “swimmer’s ear”.

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On audiometry, the hearing loss is characteristically low-frequency, with higher frequencies being affected later. The antibiotic decreases the chance infection will spread from the ear to the other areas of the body. Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) has also been noted in patients with otosclerosis; this is usually a high-frequency loss, and usually manifests late in the disease. Fluid in the middle ear interferes with hearing, so the purpose of treatment is to remove the infection and the fluid. The child is placed under anesthesia or deep sedation and the tube is placed in the ear drum. This allows for drainage of fluid from the middle ear with the goal of reducing the incidence of further ear infections. The placement of PE-tubes is often very effective in decreasing the need for antibiotics, in improving hearing, and in decreasing the potential for speech problems in children with chronic recurrent ear infections.

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