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Most of you who've read my blog for the past year knows that I'm no big fan of Mooriah Scarey. I own a 2011 Sedona that has started making a high pitched sound from the drive train area that is most pronounced when the car is moving in reverse.
So with this info any ideas as to what could be creating this sound coming from the drive train area?
Your computer’s Power Supply Unit (PSU) is a strange and often frustrating component in any system.
Although a funny, high-pitched sound may appear to be coming from your power supply, it may actually be coming from another component inside of your computer. I tested the car going forward and in reverse at multiple speeds and it is definitely more prevalent when moving in reverse with wheels straight or when turning right regardless of speed.

My 18 year old came clean recently and admitted that during one of the very few snow storms we've had here in northwestern Illinois he slid making a turn at what I suspect was a pretty good speed. Learn the cause and solutions to high-pitched noises coming from your computer’s power supply. It only makes the sound when the wheels are rolling and it makes no difference if the gearshift is in Reverse or Neutral.
Many sounds can appear to come from the back of a computer because it is the most open part of the case. He must of had some pretty good momentum when he skidded as part of the right side wheel right along where the tire bead meets the wheel was sheared away. Other than not working, the most annoying aspect to a PSU is when it starts making a high-pitched or funny sound. Whether the sound is consistent or intermittent, loud or soft, or high- or low-pitched, the sound is likely caused by two possibilities.

With the side open, you should be able to tell whether it is the power supply making the funny or high-pitched sound.
Read on to learn how to isolate and diagnose a funny, high-pitched sound coming from your computer’s power supply.
After you verify that it is the PSU making the noise, you can diagnose the problem and decide what to do. I sure hate to have to buy a new wheel in addition to a tire when it comes time to replace the tires. I've been keeping an eye on the pressure and it appears to be holding but I can't help but wonder if it's a time bomb just waiting to blow out.

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