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Nike confirmed the launch of the Nike Air MAG Thursday with an event featuring Back to the Future star Michael J. 1500 pairs of Air Mags will be auctioned on eBay, with all net proceeds going directly to the Michael J. The Air Mag is the first rechargeable footwear from Nike, which were designed as an identical replica to the originals seen in the Back to the Future II movie.
There are some shoes out there that all it takes is to hear their name and the fans go wild. As it turns out, 1500 pairs of these shoes will be auctioned off on eBay over a period of 10 days with all of the proceeds going towards the Michael J.

Some of the constant elements include the upper contours, the glowing LED panel and the electroluminescent Nike logo in the strap.
Usually, these are the types of shoes that have gained themselves a lot of fame over the years, but sometimes these shoes don”™t even actually exist in real life. If you liked this Featured Shoes: Nike Air Mag Sneakers article, add our RSS Feed to stay on top of Sneaker News!
The Nike Air Mag actually illuminates with the pinch of the “ear” of the high top, glowing for five hours per charge. The perfect example of this would have to be the shoes that were featured on the feet of Michael J.

They have been coveted by sneakerheads ever since their first appearance on the big screen.

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