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Guayos Nike, color amarillo neon y naranja elaborado en sintetico y suela en caucho con taches para mejor adherencia a superficies naturales. Guayos NIKE SUPERFLY SILVERWARE CR7 FG OJO SON ORIGINALES EN CAJA CONTRAMARCADOS ETIQUETADO NIKE, TULA, SUELA FG EN FIBRA DE CARBONO. GUAYOS NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY, MAGISTA OBRA, PUMA, ADIAS, TODOS LOS GUAYOS VIENEN CON SU TULA. Nike Superfly Elastico Volt Green Dark Green Storm Pack US CM Garantia: TODOS LOS PRODUCTOS ESTAN RESPALDADOS Y GARANTIZADOS. Nike Superfly Elastico Ref 1 Ref 2 Ref 3 Ref 4 Ref 5 Ref 6 ENVIO + TULA GRATIS US CM Garantia: TODOS LOS PRODUCTOS ESTAN RESPALDADOS Y GARANTIZADOS. Nike Superfly Sintetica Ref 1 Ref 2 ENVIO + TULA GRATIS US CM Garantia: TODOS LOS PRODUCTOS ESTAN RESPALDADOS Y GARANTIZADOS. New Nike Elastico Superfly Football Boot unveiled - After Nike launched the most innovative football boot with the Mercurial Superfly IV ahead of the 2014 World Cup, the US-giant transforms the boot innovation to the streets with a spectacular indoor version of the Nike Mercurial Superfly Boot. As the name implies, the Nike Elastico Superfly 2014 Indoor Boot is a combination of the most popular small-sided boot, the Nike Elastico and the most popular firm ground football boot, the Nike Mercurial silo.
The FlyKnit upper offers a sock-like fit, which is of particular importance playing on small-sided fields with less space. Made to feel like a part of your leg, the dynamic fit collar will allow players to make fast movements with the needed stability, a key aspect of small-sided football games. The upper is almost identical to the Mercurial Superfly we developed with Cristiano, but with some key details that small-sided players have highlighted to us and we see from playing as well as watching the game, said Dougherty, Nike Football Product Manager.

The major difference between the Nike Mercurial Superfly Boot and the spectacular Nike Elastico Boot versions is the outsole. It is expected that the Nike Mercurial Superfly 2014 Elastico Boot will retail at approximately €155, making them much more expensive than previous indoor boots. Nike today launches a special limited edition Nike Elastico Superfly IC Cristiano Ronaldo Football Shoe, designed for explosive speed on indoor courts and streets. Inspired by the design of the Nike Mercurial Superfly Cristiano Ronaldo Gala Cleats, the new Nike Elastico Superfly CR7 Indoor Court Football Shoe features a classic design with a shimmering effect to stand out on the field.
The new Nike Elastico Superfly CR7 Gala Soccer Shoes feature the design of the Nike Mercurial Boots. The cutting-edge new black Nike Elastico Superfly CR7 Indoor Boots feature a Dynamic Fit collar, a knitted Flyknit upper with Flywire strands and a Translucent ice rubber outsole with a faint purple pressure map to provide a barefoot like touch and stability - the new black Nike Elastico Superfly Cristiano Ronaldo Indoor Boot is the most advanced small-sided boot up to today. This week, Nike will also reveal a Volt Nike Elastico Superfly and a Black Elastico Superfly Indoor Boot Colorway. Su diseno cuenta con empeine acordonado, corte anatomico, con logo negro estampado en el lateral externo, interno y la lengueta. The Nike Elastico Superfly boot is part of the Nike FC247 Collection, made for short-sided football matches. The upper is made from the FlyKnit material, which is also used for the Nike Mercurial Superfly and the Nike Magista Boot. But our players want innovation for every kind of football they play so we took the design insights developed with Cristiano Ronaldo for the Mercurial Superfly and brought them into the small-sided game with the Elastico Superfly, said Denis Dekovic, Design Director, Nike Football.

The Nike Elastico Superfly 2014 Boot will be released in the familiar Hyper Punch Boot Colorway, while we will likely see more colorways in the upcoming weeks.
The FlyKnit upper is coated with the NikeSkin technology, made for a perfect ball control in all weather conditions. The Nike Elastico Superfly 2014 Boot features the same outsole as previous Nike Elastico Boots, while the normal Superfly IV Carbon fiber outsole is made for firm ground surfaces. The revolutionary black Nike Elastico Superfly CR7 Soccer Shoes bring the innovation from the Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Gala Boots to small-sided games, which are played by millions of players worldwide. Nike combines the traditional main color black with a shimmer effect, which is achieved using a new iteration of Nike Skin.
For the new black Nike Elastico Superfly Indoor 2015 Boots, Nike removed the CR7 branding on the medial side. Interior forrado en textil acolchado que proporciona un ajuste comodo mientras juegas en la cancha. Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in the early stages of the design process of the new Nike Elastico Superfly.

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