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Aparte de los colorways multicolores, la moda actual para los botines apunta al uso de materiales reflectantes como ya vimos con los Lotto Solita y el Enlightened pack de adidas. Hoy, te mostramos el Flash Pack de Nike, con los cuatro silos de la marca americana con un diseno en base blanco con un retoque de color distinto para cada uno y pequenos detalles que reflejan la luz en forma de texturas animales para resaltar los atributos de cada estilo: reptiles para el Hypervenom, leopardos para los Mercurial Vapor, leones para los Tiempo Legend y aves de presa para los CTR360. Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Reflective Boot released - We have leaked the Nike Tiempo Legend V Reflective Colorway yesterday and are able to show the first official pictures of the white reflective Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Boot.
The white reflective Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Boot features black logos and similar to the other white Nike Boots, which will be released as a white pack early 2014 a colored sole and reflective parts.
The inner sole and the outsole of this Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Colorway are green, while on the upper appears the pattern of the coat of a fast animal like a hunting-leopard. On the inner sole appears the open jaw of a leopard, which is one of the fastest animals on the planet. The Nike Mercurial Vapor Silo is the most popular Nike cleat on the market, designed for speed and introduced in 1998 as Speed silo.
Worn by players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Franck Ribery and Zlatan Ibrahimovich, Nike will honour the Mercurial silo with a special Nike Mercurial 2014 series, including 4 World Cup inspired Mercurial cleats. 2013 FIFA Ballon d'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo switched away from his famous Nike Mercurial Vapor CR7 Galaxy boot to step in the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX White Reflective boot. Cristiano Ronaldo will wear the white boot, which is not a special FIFA Ballon d'Or winner edition, for the first time in todays match between Real Madrid and Osasuna in the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey). Check out the new silver Cristiano Ronaldo 2014 Boot, worn from the match against FC Barcelona on Sunday. New Cristiano Ronaldo White Reflective BootThis is the new white Cristiano Ronaldo 2014 Boot for the match against Osasuna and further matches.
The white Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Boot comes with a black Nike Swoosh, but without the Nike lettering branding on the inner side. The new Cristiano Ronaldo 2014 Boot was released in early December, but was not worn by many players on the pitch, who switched to the Nike Mercurial Vapor 98M Boot. Nike is not allowed to design a special FIFA Ballon d'Or Cristiano Ronaldo Boot like Adidas had done for Lionel Messi in the past years.
Cristiano Ronaldo switched to the white reflective boot, which will not feature any FIFA Ballon d'Or related brandings. El atrevido elemento grafico de la bota muestra un corazon, que representa el amor por la victoria, con una X superpuesta, que representa el odio por la derrota.
La Mercurial Vapor VIII CR combina innovacion y estilo con un ajuste inspirado en las botas de atletismo que aporta velocidad explosiva en el terreno de juego.
Su impactante nuevo diseno se inspira en los colores de la nueva coleccion firmada por Cristiano Ronaldo, que mezcla una bota negra clasica con un toque moderno de azul para destacar sobre el cesped. El atrevido elemento grafico de la bota muestra un corazon (que representa el amor por la victoria), con una X superpuesta (que representa el odio por la derrota) para reflejar la filosofia de CR dentro y fuera del campo.
Cristiano Ronaldo will wear the new black Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Gala Boots for the first time in El Clasico against FC Barcelona this weekend. The Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Gala Boot features a Flyknit upper and a black Dynamic Fit collar to create evolutionary lockdown and ball touch.
The geek community exploded last week with the announcement and release of the Nike Air Mags, exact replicas of the Nikes that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future 2.
1) McFly's Nikes Weren't Supposed to be a Big Deal - According to Bob Gale, one of the creators of the original movie, the Nikes weren't supposed to be anything special. 2) McFly's Nikes Weren't Intended For Marty McFly - The Nikes in the movie were intended for a scene showing a game of slamball.

3) McFly's Nikes Were Designed By An Architect - The original Marty McFly Nikes were designed by famed Nike designer Tinker Hatfield. 4) McFly's Nikes Were Mostly Special Effects - It goes without saying that the shoes didn't actually lace themselves or light up on their own.
5) McFly's Nikes Didn't Have Self-Tying Laces - Oddly enough, if you watch the original scene closely, you'll notice that the "laces" aren't laces at all. 7) McFly's Nikes Became the Holy Grail For Sneaker Enthusiasts - When it comes to Back to the Future 2, fans of the movie says they want three things: a hoverboard, a Delorean, and McFly's Nikes. 8) The Road to the Nike Air Mag Started in 2007 - In April 2007, Mickey and Charles Maloof started a petition to get Nike to recreate the sneakers. 9) These Aren't the First McFly Nikes - This isn't the first time that Nike has tried to re-create the sneakers from Back to the Future 2. 10) Marty McFly's Power Laces Already Exist - Nike has strongly hinted that they plan to release a version of the Nike Air Mags with self-tying laces in 2015. We previously ran articles on the disturbing truth behind costumes from The Next Generation and Troi's cleavage . The Flash   (2014) -  Chad Rook as Mark Mardon Check out the greatest villains of the Flash TV series! Today sees the unveiling of one of the most talked about boots to hit the market this year, Ronaldo’s personal Mercurial Vapor 8. The Mercurial Vapor VIII CR combines innovation and style with a track spike-inspired fit for explosive speed on pitch. A striking new design takes color inspiration from Cristiano Ronaldo’s new signature clothing collection, blending a classic black boot with a modern twist of blue and pink to stand out on pitch.
The bold graphic logo on the boot features a heart (representing a love of winning) overlaid with an X (representing a hatred of losing), to reflect CR’s philosophy on and off pitch. The Mercurial Vapor VIII CR is constructed around a contoured last that mirrors the shape of the foot, preventing any unnecessary foot movement within the boot. The Teijin® Microfiber upper has a sleek close fit, achieved by making the material around the toe softer and more comfortable for a seamless touch. Traction is everything when the final goal is explosive speed: Two twin studs at the back allow for a quick release from the turf and the asymmetric design of the stud configuration delivers an explosive start. Visually, the pink plate design provides a striking contrast to the classic black and white upper with pink fading to blue around the sole of the boot.
The new Nike Mercurial Vapor X next-generation boot will be unveiled ahead of the 2014 World Cup.
On the upper feature a special animal print, which comes with a reflective material to make them the first Nike reflective football boot (part of the Nike reflective pack).
Cristiano Ronaldo kept his Galaxy boots after the new Mercurial colorway was unveiled to switch after winning the FIFA Ballon d'Or 2013 on Monday. As Adidas is one of the official FIFA partners, they also have secured the exclusive rights to design a FIFA Ballon d'Or inspired boot. However, people will link the Mercurial Vapor as 2014 Nike Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA Ballon d'Or boot. The new Nike Mercurial Superfly IV CR7 Gala Boot brings the post-match life of Cristiano Ronaldo to the pitch with diamond graphics and shimmering finishes, part of the CR7 Gala Collection. Check out also the Nike Mercurial Vapor X CR7 Gala Boot and the new Nike 2015 Soccer Cleats in our Boot Calendar. Cristiano Ronaldo will likely receive a customized Superfly Boot with a lower Dynamic Fit collar.

With all the excitement, we thought we'd take a look at some interesting facts about those classic sneakers. Slamball was a game invented by the director Robert Zmeckis, played in a magnetic field that generated anti-gravity. Apparently, there was a rumor after the movie's release that McFly's Nikes would actually go into production.
It was called "McFly 2015: Make It Happen" (the domain has lapsed, but you can see the original site archived at the Internet Wayback Machine).
In 2008, Nike released a special limited edition of its Hyperdunks, designed to look like McFly's Nikes. This is enhanced by a minimalist ,softer heel area, to maximize comfort and fit.  The result is a boot that provides the best player in the world with explosive speed and support when he needs it. A thinner and stronger construction reduces the weight of the boot to 185g — just right for a combination of speed, with optimal levels of support and durability. To start with, here's the original scene from Back to the Future 2 that triggered all the excitement. In the same way that the movie theater was seen in the past, present, and future, Zemeckis wanted to have the Nikes McFly wore in the original movie appear in 2015. The scene was cut, because it would be too expensive to film, so they added the scene for McFly to wear them.
He led the teams that designed most of Nike's popular Air Jordans.He basically sat down and thought what sneakers would look like with no limits as far as technology. The lights in the original shoes required a battery pack strapped to Fox's back and wiring running down his legs to power the shoes. McFly never called them "self-tying laces," he just called them "power laces." The term "self-tying laces" kind of evolved on their own, but self-tying laces implies laces that actually tie themselves in knots.
As a result, they were only designed to be worn four or five times, and were not very sturdily made.
The petition received thousands of signatures, and caught the attention of Wired, Yahoo, and even Kanye West, who had his iconic bear wearing McFly Nikes in his video for "Good Morning." Many credit the petition with inspiring Nike to create the McFly Nikes in real life.
They came in the same color scheme as the movies, and had timestamps on the tongue with dates from the movie. About a year ago, designer Blake Blevin created a prototype for motorized self-lacing shoes. Over time, the Nikes came to be known as "the greatest shoes never made," but fans still wanted them. They didn't cause too much of a splash outside the sneaker world, though, because they didn't light up, and had no power laces. I don't know why Nike didn't just buy the patent from her, instead of trying to make their own that's four years away. Then a second shot actually had the Nikes mounted onto a slab of fake cement with holes underneath to feed cables through. When it came time to design the Nike Air Mags, they had to use sketches and the movie as a reference point.

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