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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Your forehand will need to be your strongest stroke in a game since you’ll be executing it with your dominant hand. Add versatility to your forehand and increase consistency with this lesson from USPTA Master Professional Bill Tym. Because of this, a tennis forehand will be your best weapon in a match, but it will take lots of practice to master a killer one.
Starting off, you’ll probably learn the tennis forehand slowly, emphasizing consistency over power. As your skills develop, however, you’ll find that your forehand will gradually improve, resulting in faster shots and strokes that glide right above the net.
The best way to perform a tennis forehand is by bringing your dominant hand and foot back, applying most of your weight into this position.
Doing so allows you to put an incredible amount of force into the ball once you shift your weight from the back to the front at the point of contact. This helps you to add more power to your shots while also allowing you to transition through the natural motions of the follow through (which is super important).

Move toward the ball while bringing your racquet back, marking the point at which you will hit the ball. The follow through gives you a full swing, which allows you to apply all of your power into your shot.TopspinA topspin shot is a tennis forehand that utilizes topspin, which causes the ball to gravitate toward the ground more quickly, allowing for a higher bounce that is hard to return. In order to perform a topspin shot, brush the ball with the racquet face in an upward motion. Doing so will give the ball topspin, which will cause it to fall toward the ground more quickly, resulting in a higher bounce.5. Of course, finish off with the follow through, making sure your racquet goes through the natural motions of the full swing.SliceThe slice shot is a tennis forehand with backspin, which will cause the ball to bounce lower while also changing direction while it moves through the air and bounces on the ground. The swing required is a brushing motion, which you can imagine as a sideways slash at the outside of the ball. Opposed to a flat shot where you hit the ball directly at the center, a slice focuses on generating backspin by hitting the ball from high to low.Inside Out ForehandAn inside out forehand is a shot where you run around your backhand in order to hit a forehand instead. This shot is mostly used when you have more time to control the general direction of the ball. Instead of running around your backhand, which requires a lot of energy, it is best to side step your way towards the other side of the ball.

At this point, which shot you choose to perform is up to you, but the best strategy is to either hit a winner or hit a shot that will set you up for a winner.Moon ballThe moon ball is effectively a lob with topspin. This shot can be a good change of pace with your strategy because it will give you more time to recover from certain situations.1.
You can use any tennis forehand technique for this shot, although the flat shot and topspin shot are most common.1.
Instead of using weight and shifting it from the back to the front, you will be using the momentum of the approach to produce the shot’s power. So, how hard you hit the ball will be wholly dependent on how fast you move toward the ball.4.
When you reach the point of contact, the best way to hit the ball is by swinging straight, which will cause the ball to fall proportional to the amount of topspin you add.The best place to aim for is away from your opponent, which will give you enough time to approach the net and assume the ready position.

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