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March 4, 2014 by Kim Selzman 2 Comments We still seem to be in the middle of some kind of polar vortex-ish weather here in the United States. Yes, it is a well-used dirty-looking pan.┬á I then covered the pan with plastic wrap and stuck it in the refrigerator so that it would set up (get a little harder). There is a huge chance you’ll have to double this recipe when the men and kids taste these little delights. For me, here in Texas, that means my tennis matches are being rained out on a regular basis.
I did a little research to find out what works best for putting these types of bars together but ultimately wanted something that would (1) taste really good, (2) make it through being beat up inside my tennis bag, (3) not melt when it gets hot outside (if that ever happens again), and (4) actually be healthy.

I took it out after only about 30 minutes which was plenty long but you could leave these bars in there longer. Place dates in a food processor and pulse until the dates are in large chopped, pea-sized pieces.
I’ve been wanting to find a good recipe for this type of snack for a while now, especially when I realized the bars I was buying to keep in my bag for matches were costing me at least $1.00 each, sometimes more! I will be testing out different versions of this recipe especially as the weather gets better and I’m spending more time on court (fingers crossed!). Add a little more of the cheese and close this spread with the third bread the chutney side covering the second bread.

And they didn’t always taste that great and the ingredient list was often kind of scary. I poured the mixture into this prepared pan and then spread it out and pressed it down with my fingers. I'm Kim and I'm an ordinary tennis player, just like you, so click HERE to read what I'm thinking about and working on and maybe we can improve our tennis games together!

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