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Tennis serve training strives to improve the serve technique, strategy, placement and effectiveness of the tennis serve.
Tennis serve training focuses on the technical, physical, and mental aspect of the tennis serve. The purpose behind tennis serve training is to improve the tennis serve so that it becomes a dependable weapon under pressure. The serve is widely regarded as the most important shot in tennis because it is the shot that begins every single point.
If you are serving well, chances are, the rest of your game will also fall into place nicely.
The good thing is that the serve one shot in tennis that you can practice completely all by yourself. Try to hit out wide by aiming up the side line, to the corners and to an approximate position that would theoretically jam the receiver.
Use your tennis serve training sessions to remember the correct way of hitting each type of serve. Remind yourself constantly not to hit the ball on an errant toss because this leads to errors in form and technique. If you still proceed to hit this toss, you will end up with an uncoordinated motion that produces a serve lacking in power.
Whenever you practice your serve, keep in mind a few tips so that once you play an actual match, you will be automatically applying these lessons.
If you want to increase your serve speed, you can add these drills as part of your tennis serve training. You are afraid to hit the ball hard in a match because you think that the ball will go out and you will lose the point. Adjusting your target will get your body more accustomed to using a faster and more powerful motion.
Tightness in any joint or muscle group will compromise the efficiency of your service motion and result in hitches in the swing.
Improving your serve also helps you to become mentally tougher, knowing that you can rely on this shot under pressure. Then you've got to check out our FREE in-depth slow motion analysis video of how Federer and other pros prepare for their forehands. I started serving when I was about six-and-a-half and I was quite fortunate that it was quite natural for me. It doesn't matter what grip you have, but just make sure you can do the same thing over and over.
I'd put a target on the backhand on the 'T', one out wide and one down the centre of the service box. If you place it a little more to the right (to the left for left-handers) can also help generate more spin. The tennis slice serve is a very important shot that can effectively pull your opponent off the court and open up the court for you to start an offensive attack. The lack of topspin in this type of tennis serve gives a disadvantage to the server since the net clearance is very limited. In addition, the tennis slice serve is best to use if your opponent has a weak forehand or when your opponent is standing far towards his backhand side. The location of the toss for a tennis slice serve is different from other types of serves particularly with the flat serve or with the topspin serve, but the mechanics are similar. Since a slice serve is normally used for first serve, it is therefore necessary to add power to it. To do this, turn your shoulders at around 45 degrees towards your back or towards the back fence while your hips remain with their original position. Then slide your right foot (for right-handed players) to the right to facilitate your body alignment.
This position of the tennis slice serve is also typical with the other forms of tennis serves especially with the topspin serve.

However when you execute a tennis slice serve, your upper arm should be slightly slanted towards your front. The most important aspect to look into in executing a tennis slice serve is the racket edge-first position during the swing.
From the drop down position (above) of the racket, the racket should be on its edge-first position as you start the swing. Seconds before contact, the hitting arm elbow should start to straighten but the racket should still maintain the edge- first position as it approaches the ball. After contact, your racket should continue its movement to right as the effect of the left to right (center to 3.00 o’clock brushing) motion.
The tennis slice serve ends on the left side of your body, just like the other tennis serves.
The point where the ball lands on the court is also an indication if the tennis slice serve was executed perfectly. The importance of establishing a preserve routine in helping you relax and hit a good first serve. To have any chance of success with your second serve, topspin or a slice is an absolute neccesity.
If you have a good serve, you put pressure on your opponent to try to hold on to his or her service games because of the intimidation factor that your serve will pose. You should have the ability to serve just as hard at the end of a 3 hour match as you did in the first few minutes of the match. You should practice the flat, kick, twist and slice serve from both the deuce court and the ad court.
The toss for the slice serve is also out in front but slightly to the right for right handers. For example, if you are practicing a flat serve and your toss goes over your head, you will not get the proper forward momentum to hit the ball powerfully. Your body might remember this motion and you might have a tendency to do this even in a match. Firstly, it must be mentioned that the mind sometimes forms a barrier to hitting the ball hard.
In order to let go of this inhibition, try hitting a serve all the way to the back fence of the opposite court. Once you are able to hit this target, adjust accordingly so that you are aiming for the service boxes again. However, instead of holding on to it after contact, go ahead and throw to your intended target at the opposite service box. There is simply no secret to developing a better serve other than to constantly practice it.
You can consider them as part of your tennis serve training regimen, but they are actually useful for all other strokes as well. You should stretch your shoulders, wrists, arms (especially the triceps), and the trunk with twisting and bending stretches. These may start as small problems but gradually lead to bigger problems that can eventually break down your technique.
Check out our Tennis Ebooks and be on the way to improving all of your tennis strokes without the trial and error. The Slice Serve can be an effective tool to keep opponents off balance during a return of serve in tennis. In both situations, you can use the slice serve to either hit an ace or force a weak return.
To be able to perform it properly, you can make use of the net posts as your point of reference. Whilst in a tennis slice serve, the ball is tossed slightly further to your right side (if you are right handed player). To do this, proper knee bending and body coiling during the wind-up movement should be accomplished.

As a result, you should hit a wide serve or your serve should hit the sideline of the service box. That’s because your racket swing should be more to the side than going straight upward to produce the slice effect. Edge-first positron means that side of the racket head is the one facing the ball instead of the racket face or the stringbed. Then the edge-first position starts to change and the racket angle starts to slightly face the ball. A slice serve is also evident with your right foot landing a bit more forward than the other serves like the topspin-slice serve.
In fact, the most basic and useful tennis serve training method is to take a basket with about 100 balls, get up on the baseline and practice serving over and over again. The toss for the kick or twist serve is above the head and slightly to the left for right handers. A really good serve should produce effortless power due to correct mechanics instead of brute muscle strength.
However, there are some exercises that can be done in order to make your service motion smoother, more efficient and capable of producing more power. Small injuries may develop into major ones if no proper strength and flexibility training is done.
For right-handed servers, the racket face should strike the center part of the ball and brush the ball to the imaginary 3:00 o’clock position. A powerful slice serve normally curves to the left side of the court (right side for left-handed server) when the ball is in the air and skids off to the left after it bounces on the ground.
A proper stance is achieved when your body faces to the right hand net post if you are a right-handed player. This is to ensure that there is no obstruction when you release the ball at the start of the ball toss. The racket edge-first position is maintained from the time your arm starts to drive upward, to your forward swing, until you swing to the right. This is due to the increased inertia lag in your racket, increasing the angle between the racket and your forearm to 90 degrees. Thus, if the execution is not done perfectly, the ball can land two feet towards the center. The tennis slice serve is definitely a serve that every tennis player should consciously work on to perfect their overall serving game. As such, you should practice tossing the ball to the right position for each type of serve.
If you use Eastern backhand grip, you should hit the ball with the forehand side of the racket face. If you successfully toss the ball, it will allow you to swing across the ball in the later stage of the serve execution.
This racket drop position allows you to maximize your swing length and create a fast racket speed. The racket face should strike the ball at the center part of the ball, brushing it towards the 3.00 o’clock position.
Once you are in the right position, coil your upper body in such a way that your shoulders are directly facing the net.
For beginners, practice more and do some experiments in tossing the ball until you find the right way to toss the ball without losing your balance during the swing.

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