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As a youngster growing in Thumpamon, Mary was interested in the arts – in drawing and in dance. Mary’s designs are contemporary and trendy and not limited to suit western clothes only.
Only a couple of years into this art Mary feels she has a long way to go in mastering the different possibilities this medium affords.
Valsa Joseph first saw polymer clay in 2008, on a television show in the United States of America, which featured projects you could do with your hands.
Valsa began with necklaces, moulding small beads into different sizes and stringing them into colourful patterns. After marriage she spent 20 years in Kuwait where she took a one year course in dance whilst taking a short course in crochet and stitching, things that find their way into her jewellery design. It is comparable to glass blowing, because we use similar methods for glass jewellery,” says Mary explaining a common technical term, canes.
From quilting to candle-moulding, they all appealed to Valsa, who was already proficient at oil painting and dry flower arrangements. She eventually graduated to jhimkis as they were hugely popular among her friends and relatives who were her first clientele. The process begins with imported clay which is first softened, and then blended to achieve different colour combinations.
They come in subtle shades of light pinks and blues to louder block colours such as magenta and fuschia and even metallic golds and silvers.

You will be given complete guidence on procuring and processing of clay, preperation of clay dough, designing and firing information. One of the maker- entrepreneurs bringing polymer jewellery to the city is Mary Koshy Karuvelil who learnt the art from a French woman, Veronique.
It was not until an artiste at an exhibition enquired about one of her creations that she began taking her interest seriously. A cane is a log or cylinder of clay that has a design running through it, so each slice of the cane - the cross-section - contains the design. It takes three days to create one series of jhimkis from scratch and Valsa says she works at Tanmaya from six to ten each day. Different designs will be demonstrated and different kinds of beads designs will be taught. Mary lives in Jersey, a small island off the coast of England, with her husband who owns a consultancy company there. Moulding, which she does with her hands, is the next step with the final being baking, done in her kitchen oven! It is a wonderful medium,” she gushes with excitement at the thought of the umpteen possibilities. Five years down the line, Valsa’s brand Tanmaya, is among the most sought-after alternative jewellery designers. Once that is done, the clay is flattened, cut into different sizes and then rolled into different shapes.

After four years of working alone, Valsa hired help in her fifth year, hoping to expand her brand. You will also learn how to paint the terracotta pieces and assemble them into a beautiful piece of jewellery. Unlike, terracotta which has only its innate brown, and has to painted upon, this clay could be mixed and matched to create different shades. With annual shows in Trissur, Kottayam, Trivandrum and Kochi, a strong online retail base, Tanmaya serves a wide variety of customers including several from the film fraternity. Tanmaya now has a more pricey and exclusive range specially created for weddings and mehendi functions.
For instance, Valsa creates an indented texture by pin-pricking the clay with a needle at tiny intervals. Now in her 60s, Valsa says creating Tanmaya has brought her immense happiness and creative satisfaction.

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