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Consanguinous marriages-Marriage between close relations such as uncle-niece, first cousin.
Birth Asphyxia (lack of oxygen supply to the new born due to inability to breathe normally resulting in blueness of baby due to various reasons).
Ensure good health of the expectant mother – seek health check-ups at regular intervals.
Do not clean or scratch your ears with pointed objects like matchsticks, hairpins, pencils etc.

Do not put oil or any other liquid in the ear as they can result in pain, swelling and ear discharge. While feeding a baby keep its head raised otherwise milk may enter into the ear cavity (through the small passage connecting the throat and the ear). Michel Nawfal MD has expanded the practice to settings in the Northern part of Lebanon (Batroun) and to other additional clinics (Jounieh and Beirut). A detailed hearing evaluation is recommended to start rehabilitative measures as early as possible to ensure a bright future for the individual.

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