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I am thinking: Either Melvill and Moon covers or get the seats redone in leather with some nice stitching details.
Funny thing is that I saw the leather seat last weekend for the 1st time since I bought the vehicle a year ago.
Although they are washable, keep in mind that this will fade the colour everytime you do wash them.
If the seats have airbags, make sure that the guys doing the leather seats know what they are doing, and put the right stitching where needed.
Most of the cards ordered with leather are done after market even if you order it that way new.
I looked into redoing my wifes verso as the kids have not been kind to the fabric interior.
The Andrology Laboratory and Reproductive Tissue Bank at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation provides specialized tests and services to evaluate male infertility and help couples who are attempting to achieve a pregnancy. The laboratory tests offered include a comprehensive semen analysis using a computerized system which allows for the quality of the semen to be studied through multiple exposure videomicrography. Other tests include: direct MAR test to detect antisperm antibodies in sperm or seminal plasma.
Additional services of this specialized laboratory include the processing of sperm for intrauterine insemination and sperm cryopreservation for patients prior to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, retroperitoneal lymph node dissection, traveling husbands, or pre-vasectomy. The semen analysis provides the most comprehensive assessment of semen quality and is considered the initial step in the basic infertility work-up of a couple.
The presence of high numbers of white blood cells (WBCs) in semen has been associated with male infertility.
The percentage of sperm with normal morphology, as assessed by Kruger's strict criteria, The method of strict scoring was developed by Dr.

A specimen is characterized as azoospermic when no sperm are seen during a routine semen analysis. A post-vasectomy screen is performed to determine the presence or absence of sperm after vasectomy surgery. Semen profile provides the most comprehensive and advanced testing for the assessment of semen quality.
Adolf MalanAdolf Malan (born 6 September 1961 in Germiston , South Africa ) is a former South African rugby union footballer. This is because a lot of the amaroks are already sitting in PE i whatever spec they arrived in, and then the leather is a retrofit. Our Laboratory offers referring physicians accurate, quantifiable results using the latest, most sophisticated technology available.
Special stains can be utilized to determine the presence of sperm in an azoospermic specimen.
The semen analysis includes a determination semen volume, pH, color, viscosity, sperm concentration, total sperm count, percent motility, progressive motility, velocity, linearity, morphology. WBCs can be quantitatively estimated by Endtz test, a histochemical technique in which peroxidase-positive granulocytes (leukocytes and PMN cells) stain dark brown.
Thinus Kruger of the Tygerberg Institute, South Africa and the Jones Institute, Norfolk, VA. Nuclear fast red-picroindigocarmine stain is used to assess the presence or absence of sperm microscopicallyThe sperm heads stain pink and the tails stain green. It is considered vital for infertility evaluation as it provides a clear understanding of the functional capacity of sperm. I have escape gear set covers, which I was forced to buy because my seats were coming apart and TSA wouldn't fix it.

In short just ask your local dealer who they use for the the customers who specify leather.
Our personnel includes only highly qualified and experienced laboratory technologists, all certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. Our computerized semen analysis system is among the most technologically advanced available and yields far more accurate, quantifiable results than manual methods.
The Endtz test allows clear differentiation of WBCs from other immature germ cells in the semen.
Sperm morphology by Kruger's strict criteria has been demonstrated to be predictive of fertilization and pregnancy rate in IVF. This test must be performed by a trained laboratory technologist who has the necessary expertise. A semen profile is comprised of several tests including computer assisted semen analysis (CASA), sperm morphology and measurement of the levels of reactive oxygen species, total antioxidant capacity and sperm DNA damage. His usual position was as lock, where he also played for the national team, the Springboks . The driver's seat now permanently looks like an unmade bed because the fabric has stretched and there is nowhere for it to go.
Our laboratory is CLIA certified by the Department of Health and Human Services and has received accreditation from the College of American Pathologists in conjunction with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. I also can't get the cover to fit properly and after I had a good look at it, it appears as though the stitching is not in the right place.

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