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I think the skin texture in the picture would match pretty well the texture they'll have to use for the Disney characters. It would be cool if KH3 looked like that, but if it did I can honestly see myself spending most of the game just looking at how BEAUTIFUL the graphics are. I like the idea of having a mix of both styles, but saying that I like the style we already have. But yes; I feel that the cut scene graphics will be similar or maybe even better than the BBS ending cut scene.
Game play however I do not think it will change too much from the graphics of KH2, as incorporating so much detail into characters and scenery that gamers will want to either a) fly through or b) interact well with and have smooth play is kind of pointless as it will take longer for the game to release and will make it hard for the programmers to animate the characters and give the player free-will over their actions. Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts were both based on the same engine more or less, so I would expect a similar difference between FFXIII and KH3. Yeah, I don't think we'll be seeing character models like the ones from the secret endings.

As stated above, I don't think there is anything that is a good representation of what KH3 will exactly look like, but I think the closest will get is the HD remixes. While it will be no doubt that the cutscenes will be able to have the secret ending quality, I cannot see the the gameplay looking the same.
I'd love it to have it have the style of the KH2 Secret ending, it's been my favorite scene for as long as I can remember.
Who knows- by the time it is released SONY could have a whole new console out and it could be on that platform only (I wouldn'tput it past them *Cough* KH:DDD, BBS *cough*). But they're most likely making it on the same engine XIII, XIII-2, LR:XIII and Versus are made on. Final Fantasy games can have a more realistic style, but Kingdom Hearts has to keep a cartoonish feel to it. Final Fantasy games can have a more realistic style, but Kingdom Hearts has to keep a cartoonish feel to it.

If your game is younger than the year 2000 and has crappy graphics, I'm sorry but I will not buy your game. Which means it will have a similar graphical quality, only with the standard Kingdom Hearts art style.
If you make Sora and the other original characters with FFXIII graphics then they would seem out of place with the Disney characters. So it has to be a mix, and I think the picture of Terra above shows a pretty good mix of the two styles.

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