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Tinea facei (also called ringworm of the face) is a fungal infection of the face area (excluded the moustache and beard areas of men – called tinea of the barb). The inflammation is usually caused either by Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes of Microsporum canis – all species of fungi.
Although all ages can be affected by Tinea faciei, two groups of patients show increased incidence: children who come in contact with animals more often (also possible in neonates) and those aged between twenty to forty years. Pathogenesis: the infectious agents can spread to the skin by direct contact with an external, infected source (a pet mouse for example) or by spreading from another part of the body which is already affected. The doctor may perform some small scrapings from the lesion to microscopically determine the involved pathogen. The disease can be frequently mistaken for seborrhoeic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, the rash seen in Lyme disease, lupus, photo-toxic eruptions, rosacea and skin infections with Candida. The prognosis with this type of infection is usually good and it should respond to treatment in about four to six weeks. Arnold, Harry L, Odom, Richard B, James, William D and Andrews, George Clinton, 1990, Andrews’ diseases of the skin.
Fitzpatrick, Thomas B and Wolff, Klaus, 2008, Fitzpatrick’s dermatology in general medicine. Wolff, Klaus, Johnson, Richard Allen and Fitzpatrick, Thomas B, 2009, Fitzpatrick’s colour atlas and synopsis of clinical dermatology.
Tinea versiolor (also called dermatomycosis furfuracea, pityriasis versicolor or tinea flava) is a common skin fungal infection that occurs usually on the chest and back. Malassezia is present worldwide and is more common in areas with high humidity and temperatures. Tinea versicolor is a benign disease which is thought to be non contagious (because it already is present on the skin of people as part of the normal flora).

Appearance: normally, the main compliant of the patients is the cosmetic effect of Malassezia – it causes small, round patches of skin discolouration. Oral, systemic antifungal treatment: is the disease affects a very large area of the skin or if the topical treatment is not effective. It is a condition which is commonly misdiagnosed (more than any other ringworm infections) and wrongly attributed to other diseases (lupus for example). However, fungi that cause it like warmer, moister climates so it is more frequent in tropical areas. The scaling (present in less that two thirds of cases), red, elevated periphery of the skin changes points in the direction of a fungal infection. Sometimes a small piece of skin has to be taken to further clarify the origin of the disease.
This organism is normally found on the skin of many different animals an humans (by some estimates it has been found on 18% of infants and 90-100% of the adults). The prevalence is not associated with race or sex and it is more common in people aged fifteen to twenty – four years. The affected skin can look hypo or hyperpigmentated (too light or too dark discolouration of the skin). If the origin of the lesions is not so clear, the doctor might use a special lamp called Wood’s lamp that makes Malassezia glow or examine a small part of the skin under a microscope. It does not leave any marks or scars and the skin discolouration should disappear in about one to two months after the treatment has been initiated. CUTANEOUS AND NAIL CANDIDIASIS: CUTANEOUS CANDIDIASIS, CANDIDAL PARONYCHIA, CANDIDAL ONYCHOMYCOSIS, ANGULUR CHEILITIS, CANDIDAL CHEILITIS, AND DENTURE STOMATITIS.
In the United States and other regions of the world, the incidence of tinea capitis is increasing.

Commonly, patients complain of itching, burning sensations which get worse after being exposed to the sun. If corticosteroids have been used, cessation of therapy of a few days can make symptoms more prominent and therefore the diagnosis easier.
It is present on the areas of the skin that show disease in and those that appear completely normal.
The lesions are covered by very fine scales and are usually found on the trunk, back, abdomen and the proximal part of the limbs. However, recurrence is quite common and the treatment regimen frequently has to be repeated. The lesions can affect any area of the facial skin and are usually not symmetric to both sides. Even though it may not cause any disease, it is thought to be associated many different skin conditions like: Pityrosporum folliculitis, confluent and reticulate papillomatosis, seborrheic dermatitis, and atopic dermatitis. The most commonly affected parts of the face are as follows: cheeks, nose, area around the eyes, the chin and the forehead. If the patient has previously been using corticosteroid creams (a type of anti inflammatory drug), involvement of hair follicles can be seen.
Sometimes, lesions of the facial skin can appear at the same time as the ones on the body or scalp.

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