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This is the video guide by us showing you how you can treat very common ring worms, showing you all stages of getting cured, the ring worm that we are showing is tinea cruris (which means tinea on groin and buttocks). If it infects Head- it is called tinea capitis, on beard it is tinea barbae, on arm and legs it is known as tinea corporis, on groin and buttocks it is tinea cruris, on hand it is called tinea mannum, on foot it is named tinea pedis, on nails it is tinea unguium, on face it is termed Tinea faciei.
Tinea Imbricata is the infection of fungi limited to India, Polynesia, Asia and Cental America.

When steroids are applied over tinea it get converted to tinea incognito, which is usually seen when people do self medications and are attracted to the products seen as ads in media. Exceptions: If fungus affects more than one toe or toenail, apply to all toes top and bottom to ensure proper treatment. Saprox's significant healing effect is inhibiting and preventing growth of fungus and yeast.

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