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PLEASE ADD THESE CHARGES TO YOUR ORDER IF THEY EXCEED TEN(10) OR MORE PRODUCTS FOR DOMESTIC SHIPPING IN THE USA OR IF THEY EXCEED SIX(6) OR MORE PRODUCTSFOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE USA. International Soca Monarch Finals 2004 in T & T captured on DVD-SOCA Fire, this DVD is a real collection to Soca party fans. MIGHTY SPARROW - BARACK DE MAGNIFICENTThe Calypso King of the World pleads with us to support Barack Obama as the next leader of a great nation.The Double CDs contain 24 songs,12 on each disc. BEST OF SIFFLEUR MONTAGNE CHORALE is a Gold Classic album on CD for every household that cherish Caribbean folk music.

SOCA LOLLIPOP by HUNTER is the fourth CD released by Dominica's 1998,2000 & 2007 Calypso Monarch. 22 songs digitally remastered from two albums, it is a priceless addition to your collection of great Caribbean music.
Among the hot tracks is the popular tune "ONE PEOPLE,ONE NATION" that helped him win the title in the year, 2000. This CD showcases the silky smoothness of the saxophonist, former Manager and Bandleader of Dominica's longest playing band, the "Swingin' Stars".

From Kashakoo to Merci Bon Dieu, Island Magic and Folk Expression were two albums released in 1971 and 1972 respectively by a Chorale group of talented folk singers in Dominica under the direction of the versatile composer Jean Lawrence Mathurin. This is a priceless collection and addition to your Caribbean Archives from one of the top dance bands in the Caribbean since the 1950's.

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