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We hosted the Twelfth Annual Super Light Weight Composite Bridge & Wing Building Contest at the SAMPE 2009, in Baltimore, MD last month.
The use of an SQL server instead of an Access Database, like many modern systems, creates a more stable platform for use with modern Data Management Systems.  With a library of test methods available, the ability for users to customize every aspect of the testing makes Horizon software the most versatile option on the market. Horizon is also unique in that it allows users to pull in data from devices other than Tinius Olsen instruments through serial or USB ports. In addition to these exciting benefits, Horizon software is perhaps the most user friendly software package available for testing due to the use of the most current Windows environments.
Horizon software will be supplied as standard with an expanding library of internationally accepted standardized test methods, including ASTM, EN, DIN, BS, ISO, CN standard test methods, procedures, calculations and report formats for test types such as tension, shear, compression, flexure, puncture and burst, tear, peel, melt flow, Charpy and Izod impact, friction, stiffness, deflection temperature under load, Vicat penetration, and torsion.
The SDL Atlas Group of companies offers the largest range of textile testing equipment, supplies, consumables, and services available from a single source.
Tinius Olsen Machine assures this test to be in compliance with standard BS 3084*, ASTM D2061*. Tinius Olsen Machine assures this test to be in compliance with standard ISO 2062*, ASTM D2256*, ASTM D4034*.
Tinius Olsen Machine assures this test to be in compliance with standard EN71*, ISO 8124*, ASTM F963*. Tinius Olsen Machine assures this test to be in compliance with standard EN ISO 13936 part 1-2*.

Tinius Olsen Machine assures this test to be in compliance with standard BS EN 388*, BS EN 863*. Indentation creep testing system (Capacity 100 kg, SPRANTRONICS Make) capable of measuring creep indentation at elevated temperature under high vacuum using different loads and indentor diameter alongwith LVDT and advanced data acquisition and analysis software (I-Creep).
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector (MODOSONIC  make, Einstein - II TFC ) for detection and characterisation of internal flaws in welds, castings, forgings and structural components and Ultrasonic thickness gage (EDISON-I, MODOSONIC make) for measuring thickness of pipes and other in-situ components.
Nano-indentation system (Make: Fisher-Cripps, Australia) for hardness and elastic modulus measurement of thin films and coatings.
Micro scratch tester (Make: CETR, USA) with 30N maximum load suitable for scratch testing of thin films and plasma spray coatings. It is a record of some of the interesting custom made testing products and gripping solutions which the Design Engineers have developed within Tinius Olsen. Custom inputs, programs, calculations, and outputs are all easily entered and can be locked with a security feature, allowing the operator access to only the Testing and Recall screens.
To date, Tinius Olsen has successfully imported information from thermocouples, humidity sensors, scales, extensometers and several other devices. The familiar formats make it easy to use and learn, especially since the same familiar functionality is maintained throughout the program.
Horizon also allows users to simply take an existing test method and use it as a template to create a method which is specifically adapted for your testing needs, using your own, or your customers’ result calculations and reporting formats.

With its own offices in the United States, Hong Kong and China, plus agents in over 100 countries, SDL Atlas is ready to support its customers anywhere in the world. AE system is capable of examining the behaviour of materials deforming under stress, phase transformation, weld monitoring and process control, leak detection and proof testing of pressure vessels and pipe lines. Equipped with 20 mm2 Oxford EDS detector for imaging of conducting as well as non-conducting samples without gold coating. These screens can be set to prompt the user for as much or as little data as the company requires and the reports generated can be set to automatically print or even email the results to key parties. The goal of SDL Atlas is to provide customers with the most complete solution at the best value. If there are any operational questions, there are clear and concise step-by-step tutorials included.

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