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Topics Covered Background Melt-Flow Index Testing How a Melt Indexer Works Properties Determined by Melt Flow Indexers What is Measured During a Melt Flow Test The Relationship of Mass Flow Rate to other Properties Mass Flow Rate or MFR and Quality Control Case Study – Using MFR for Quality Control ASTM 1238 vs ISO 1133 Test Procedure A Melt Index Test Load Ranges Automated Cutters on Melt Indexers Calculating MFR Using Test Procedure B Advantages of Test Procedure B Test Procedure A vs Procedure B Multi-Weight Melt Flow Test Multi-Weight Melt Flow Test Instruments Features of Melt Flow Indexers Modular Design of Melt Flow Indexers Melt Indexer Ovens Calibration of Melt Indexers The Importance of Cleaning Melt Flow Indexers Background Using Tinius Olsen equipment it is possible to perform such tests on raw materials such as metals, polymers, textiles, rubbers, adhesives, food as well finished components.
With the increased pressure on plastics processors to comply with quality standards for quality management, more of them are using these instruments to evaluate incoming material and test finished products. While a higher MFR material may be easier to process, physical properties related to molecular weight, such as impact resistance, are often lower. The way the test is run is different, as are some technical specifications, which can lead to different results. The “cuts” are weighed on an analytical balance to determine the average mass and this value is extrapolated to the mass that would be extruded in 10 minutes-the MFR. The volume of the resin extruded is obtained from the geometry of the barrel and distance of piston travel over a measured time period.
From this value and the resin’s known melt density, the MFR can be calculated automatically. With Procedure B testing, the operator simply loads the barrel with resin, starts the test, and the instrument calculates the results.
Such values are available in published literature-for example, typical values for “generic” PE and PP are cited in the ASTM 1238 standard.
However, most sources consider it more accurate to measure the actual melt density of the specific resin being tested. This is done by combining elements of Procedure A and Procedure B in a single test run so as to obtain data for both weight and volume-hence, density.
Manually tamping down the material with a rod can account for as much as 10% variation in MFR results, and this variation is reportedly eliminated by a motor driven rod.

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