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A Tinius Olsen universal testing machine was modified in order to measure the adhesion strength of hard fouling organisms and epoxy studs (pseudobarnacles) to glass panels coated with test coatings. The Tinius Olsen Series 1000 is a versatile, bench-top unit for determining tension, compression, shear, flexural and other mechanical and physical properties.
Topics Covered Background Optimizing Materials Formulations Using Materials Properties Universal Testing Machines The Various Tests a Universal Testing Machine can Perform Electromechanical Universal Testing Machines Data Acquisition in Modern Universal Testing Machines Tensile Testing Toughness of a Material Flexural Testing Compression Testing Shear Tests Grips and Fixtures Configuration of Universal Testing Machines Load Cells and Load Ratings Load Capacities and Configurations for Testing of Plastics Choosing A Single-or Dual-Column Configuration Controlled Environment Testing Machine Stiffness Computer Driven Machines Reduce Costs Introduction to Tensile, Compression, Tear, Peel and Flexure Testing Load Extension Stress Strain Hooke's Law Modulus of Elasticity Yield Point Ultimate Point Breaking Point Background Using Tinius Olsen equipment it is possible to perform such tests on raw materials such as metals, polymers, textiles, rubbers, adhesives, food as well finished components. TestWorks 4 is powerful but easy to use software package to enhance productivity of your Instron,  MTS, Tinius Olsen, United, Zwick and many other electromechanical testing systems for research, process development and quality control applications. Instru-Met services, repairs, calibrates and upgrades Instron ReNew test frames and MTS ReNew test frames. We service, support and provide calibration services for all 5500 Series Test Frames even when the original manufacturer can’t.
The mode of detachment is monitored using a video camera, which is mounted underneath the glass panel.
All testing functions - applied load, specimen extension and speed - can be set as desired for direct reading indication in U.S. Instru-Met can also provide you other fixtures for wood testing including;  ASTM D143,  other custom tensile grips and compression platens for any special tests you may require. You can boost your knowledge of the software’s potential through the training classes we offer.
This includes: Instron 5542, Instron 5543, Instron 5544, Instron 5545, Instron 5565, Instron 5567, Instron 5587, Instron 5588 testing systems.

We can accommodate up to 5 stations increasing productivity 5 fold saving your lab valuable test time by increasing production and decreasing your labs labor costs. A data acquisition system allows simultaneous recording of force and displacement and overlays this data to the video source, which records the mode of failure of the various tests. Instru-Met offers TestWorks 4 and TestWorks 3 training classes at your site or at our factory.
These testing systems provide comprehensive versatile solutions for a range of materials testing requirements. We also offer custom and ASTM method development under the TestWorks 4 and TestWorks 3 platforms for mulit-cycle testing, stress strain analysis,  hysteresis testing, compression testing, 3 point bend and 4 point bend testing and others. We have a full line of direct drop in replacement load cells for these models and for all other Instron models. Advances in electronics and data acquisition and analysis software have improved their performance, ease-of-use, and even have led to more attractive pricing. Traditionally, most plastics molders and extruders have relied on getting this information from their material suppliers. However, increased interest in improving quality control either of incoming material, or, more importantly, at the end of the manufacturing process, as well as product and process development, has led many processors to consider a UTM when outfitting or upgrading a lab. Twin column tensile tester, with a maximum load capacity of 2,200 lbf (10kN), shown testing some plastics strapping material. Such static tests, commonly performed on plastics with a typical electromechanical universal testing machine, involve loading the specimen generally at speeds ranging from 0.001 to 20-in per min.

Most tensile specimens are designed to have the center section narrower than the ends, and thus commonly called “dogbone” specimens. The force needed to pull the specimen apart is determined, along with how much the material stretches before it breaks.
The tensile modulus is the ratio of stress to strain below the proportional limit of the material.
However, moderate elongation is beneficial as it permits absorbing rapid impact and shock. As a result, the total area under a stress-strain curve is indicative of overall toughness and a measure of the amount of energy required to break the specimen.
It is important in film and sheet products where failures from this type of load can occur, whereas for the design of molded and extruded products it is rarely a factor. In today’s UTMs the columns are usually of a ball screw drive construction to position the moveable crosshead, allowing the workspace to remain between the machine base and the moving crosshead.
Whether single- or dual-column, the most commonly used machines in testing plastics are vertical benchtop units. The same principles apply to horizontal machines which are primarily relegated for use in automated processes that utilize robots to continuously test samples.

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