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Tinius Olsen offers the FH-8 universal hardness tester, which is built on a closed loop load cell. The FH-8 series complies with all international standards and operates on Superficial Rockwell, Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell and Knoop scales. The FH-8 series includes the six position motorized turret, which can accommodate three different indentors and three objectives, or can accommodate six different indentors when customized as a Rockwell tester. The embedded user interface in the instrument features high-tech algorithms for hardness measurement and automatic impression detection.
The H1K-S UTM Benchtop Materials Tester is developed by Tinius Olsen using quality engineering and latest technology for achieving high durability, accuracy, and convenience.

In addition, the instruments can do Brinell depth (HBT) and Vickers depth (HVT) procedures, and also ball and indentation hardness tests on thermoplastics. Also, the workpiece position is fixed which means there is no need for additional drive systems or a spindle to carry heavy parts, and thus eliminates wear and tear caused by bulky workpieces. It also features other sophisticated functions such as automatic and manual measurement for all scales, turret operation, image editing, image storage, file storage, report printing, etc. Its capabilities can be improved by direct connection to a printer to generate comprehensive test report and a high resolution graph. The FH-8 series is available in three models with different loading capacity and they include FH-8-0, FH-8-1 and FH-8-2.

Data can be copied to a report generator, which emails test results directly to a server or workstation, or can be copied to MS applications like Excel or Word.

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