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Inpatient Evaluation of The “Dizzy” Patient Jaclyn Laine DO, APBN OhioHealth Neurological Physicians. Case Considerations Sounds like Vestibular migraine –Young, female, personal history of migraine with “dizziness” –However non-flucuating continuous head pain with referral to ear? Case 2# 71 year old man presented with several months of episodic spinning, lightheadedness and imbalance –Last episode occurred for 10 seconds when her got our of been. Case 3# 26 year old male presents with 3 days of recurrent, severe dizzy episodes with ear fullness and sensitivity to sound.
Case 6 65 year old female with history of mild imbalance and more episodes of vertigo when lying in bed at night. Even with permanent lesions the central nervous system adapts to the defect so that vertigo subsides over several weeks.
Examination shows: subtle downbeat nystagmus when gazine right and left Dix hallpike in both directions triggers downbeat nystagmus only Where is the most likely localization? Equilibrium is the ability to maintain orientation of the body and its parts in relation to external space.

Assistant Professor Department of Neurology, Division of Neurotology UCLA School of Medicine. WADO ? 111 yo female presents to the ED with the complaint of feeling “weak and dizzy all over” ? How.
Is the dizziness is vertiginous in nature, or more suggestive of near-syncope or non-vestibular.
Dizziness One of the most common complaints in all practice Affects 20-30% of the population I have been hospitalized twice. The pain was located behind the left year and present throughout the last six weeks without variation of severity.

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