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At the start of his career Ulrich played without any kind of protection for his ears and the loud ringing sensation started following him after the concerts were over. Ulrich’s problem got worse back in 1988 during a concert tour as the ringing started bothering him during his sleep. Although the causes of tinnitus are not exactly clear, scientists due point to a common thread: loud noise. Ulrich is certain that his exposure to loud music levels during his years of touring with Metallica brought on his debilitation .

Ulrich points out that the so-called iPod generation, who listen to loud music, and may not be as vigilant about protecting their ears, are at danger if they don’t change their ways.
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In a recent interview with CNN he acknowledged that he suffers from Tinnitus , a condition causing a perception of sound where there is none. It often is perceived as a high-pitched ringing in the ears but also can sound like buzzing, whistling, whooshing or clicking.

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