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Diagnosis: A sensory hearing loss can be diagnosed with an audiometer and otoacoustic emission testing.
Treatment: Damage to the hair cells of the cochlea cannot usually be treated with medication or surgery. Once the auditory stimulus makes its way through the ear, it travels along the VIIIth cranial nerve to the brainstem and then up to the brain for processing. Diagnosis: Auditory brainstem response testing (ABR) is frequently used to rule out the presence of an VIIIth nerve tumor. Diagnosis: Auditory processing disorders are typically diagnosed through a serious of audio test which evaluate the ability to understand in difficult situations, such as in the presence of competing sounds. Treatment: Auditory processing disorders are most often treated by utilizing effective communication strategies.
These tumors grow slowly and , in some cases, it is warranted to watch the tumor and see if it is growing.
In most cases, the special radiation treatment known as stereotactic radiotherapy will stop tumor growth.
This involves making an incision in the crease behind the ear and going through the ear bone directly to the tumor.

Most of the approach is through the ear, and there is very little manipulation of the brain in removal of a tumor in this fashion. Sometimes, the ear may be healthy, but a significant hearing loss is caused by damage to the nerve itself. Testing is time-intensive and may be accompanied by electrophysiological tests such as the ABR. In the case of children, preferential seating and other accommodations at school may be warranted.
The hearing part, called the cochlear nerve, travels from the brain through the internal ear canal into the cochlea, or hearing portion of the inner ear. If the tumor gets very large, it will grow into the brain and eventually cause some imbalance and headaches with blurred vision. The first goal is to ensure total removal of the tumor with no damage to the surrounding brain. This approach involves going through the bone above the ear and gently lifting the temporal lobe of the brain and drilling the bone over the internal ear canal. Noise, chemical changes, and the natural aging process can all cause damage to the sensory cells, which results in a decrease in perceived volume and decreased clarity.

The most common type of neural hearing disorder is caused by a tumor on the VIIIth cranial nerve.
In some cases, more often in smaller children, the auditory portion of the brain does not properly utilize the signals delivered by the ear.
If the tumor is allow to grow to a giant size, it eventually causes death due to pressure on the brain.
Large tumors are those that extend from the internal auditory canal through the spinal fluid and into the brain.
Fortunately, this rarely happens in the present day due to our methods to detect these tumors earlier.

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