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Vertigo suggests some problem with maintaining one’s balance or being able to remain upright. Mr Olarinde will want to ask a lot of questions about your vertigo so be prepared for this. To maintain our balance we subconsciously put our eyes, joints and inner ears to work by sending a lot of information picked up by these structures to the brain. It may be associated with feeling sick, tinnitus or hearing loss although many patients feel too distressed to notice associated symptoms.

A problem in any of these three structures would presumably lead to problems maintaining balance although many times two organs make up for a diseased third one with time. Dizziness is not necessarily vertigo in which case it may not be due to inner ear disease caused but other things such as heart or neurological conditions or fainting conditions.
Therefore you would not fall over by keeping your eyes shut because your joint position sense makes up for the lack of information normally received through the eyes. Common causes of vertigo include Meniere’s disease, labyrinthitis and benign positional paroxysmal vertigo (BPPV) or small brain tumours.

Sometimes the feeling might be like you are swimming, feeling detached, not feeling right, a rocking sensation, a feeling of walking on an unstable surface or simply feeling lightheaded .

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