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Tinnitus is a common phenomenon with most people experiencing it at some time, especially in quiet surroundings. If tinnitus exists without a hearing loss, the aim of tinnitus treatment and management is to achieve habituation. With over 15 years experience providing the very best in Hearing Healthcare, the convenience of home visits and the flexibility to see you outside of office hours, we believe there is no easier way to care for your hearing. It can be heard as a ringing, buzzing, hissing, whistling, throbbing, booming, clicking, roaring or cicada-like noise. Approximately 20% of the population experience persistent tinnitus and 4% of the population have tinnitus that severely impacts on quality of life.
Tinnitus habituation is when a person becomes less aware of their tinnitus and, when heard, does not associate distress or adversely affect lifestyle.

Tinnitus can be a single sound or a number of different sounds and it can develop gradually or suddenly.
But if you were to turn the lights on in the room - suddenly the candle’s glow seems hardly noticeable. This can be achieved through having a radio playing, the trickling of a water feature, using environmental noise makers and specialized tinnitus masking devices.
Your Hear Again Clinician can work with you to recommend appropriate strategies and devices.

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