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Excessive body weight is associated with various diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, obstructive sleep apnea, certain types of cancer, gall stones, osteoarthritis , asthma and severe other medical conditions.
Even though medications and diets can help, the treatment of obesity cannot be a short-term “fix” and most of us end up following a vicious diet cycle. But for staying fit we have to have a life-long commitment to proper diet habits, increased physical activity, and regular exercise. The emphasis of treatment should be to commit to the process of lifelong healthy living including eating more wisely and increasing physical activity.
Limit energy intake from total fats and shift fat consumption away from saturated fats to unsaturated fats and towards the elimination of transfatty acids. Exercise: The WHO also recommended at least 30minutes of regular,moderate-intensity physical activity on most days.
Arjun then had under homeopathic intervention, and within seven months of treatment he started showing good signs of improvement. Homeopaths around the world can boast of thousands of such cases cured with a single medicine – Arnica. Arnica is a great help in treating closed wounds and should be avoided in the cases of open injury. Arnica is the best bet for concussion injuries, bruises, blows, falls, injuries by blunt weapons.
Arnica plays an important role in treating neurological problems arising out of spinal and head injuries, whether recent or remote. It is very helpful in reducing those painful conditions after tooth extraction and other dental operations.
Reduces the swelling in fractures and is also very effective in speedy recovery from sprains . ALL KIDNEY PATIENT CAN CONTACT US FOR ANY ADVICE, GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT REGARDING YOUR TRANSPLANTATION THIS IS A FREE SERVICE ONLY TO HELP YOU.
About 2 months back my right knee got twisted while I was having fun in the snowfall of Kashmir. My father aged 67 years, has under gone head surgery on Nov 5th, 2015 due to heavy internal bleeding (Subdural hematoma “SDH”) in head following a road accident. On Nov 8th another CT-Scan was done and found that secondary bleeding has happened in the brain. From Nov 20th Onwards doctors have been trying to keep him without ventilator and finally on Dec 1st, 2015 he came out of ventilator support.
After he came out of ventilator on Dec 1st, 2015, initially we had noticed some improvement, he was moving his left hand frequently, minor movement in right hand and also opening eyes and also trying to hold finger when asked.
He is having multiple bedsore which is healing now except on the head (2 nos.) one having infection.
We would like to know if any additional treatment can be provided under your expertise or any additional medicine to be given for his speedy recovery. Developed bedsores (one either side of his head above ear and one in the lower back area)- He has been on water bed from day 1 and now on air mattress from last 12 days. My father aged 67 years, has under gone head surgery on 5th Nov due to heavy internal bleeding in head following a road accident. My daughter (23 years) has been suffering from hemiplegia after brain stroke two years ago.
My 14 months daughter was diagnosed with genetic condition Tuberous Sclerosis, she is having an epilepsy fits every day and also polycystic kidneys. Doctor advises -(1) Lasix -40 (half tab two times) (2) Acetone (one tab in noon) (3) Acitrom -1 (one tab in night) and (4) Ambrican -5 (one tab in night). Sir , One more thing I forgot to say that time is my grandfather is also facing with hyponatremia .
Alopecia areata is the loss of hair in circular or oval patches from the scalp or elsewhere such as eyebrows, beard, etc. Alopecia areata is a fairly common skin disorder and about 1 per cent of the population is affected at any given time.
Though not very certain, it is assumed that your body?s own defence system attacks the hair follicle. Although there has not been found a direct link between stress and alopecia, its involvement cannot be totally ruled out. Moreover, once it is treated with homoeopathy the chances of the problem occurring again are also highly reduced. This is with reference to my Daughter who is 6 year old and has been suffering from Alopeicia Aerata since the last 5 months.
The 1st visible hair loss was on the left scalp which is now having a regrowth and 1 patch on the same side but at the back. We got her treated with Aloopathic medicines (prednissone 8mg ) and see some hair growth although the density is not high.
I HAVE HAD THIS CONDITION SINCE LATE 2014 IT STARTED ON MY BEARD AS A SMALL PATCH AND HAS SPREAD THROUGH ALMOST MY HOLE BEARD THERE IS SOME REGROWTH THERE BUT MY BEARD IS STILL PATCHY.IT THEN WENT TO MY HEAD AND EYEBROW. Hello, my name is IV and i suffer from Lupus which i think may be the cause of my hair loss. Hi mr sharma, i m having this disease of alopecia aretia since 7 8 years andd I have tried lot of oils and medicines, and even I had got steriods inject on effectd area but nothing worked permenantly, yes by having this it worked but for a very short while and it started again, I live in dubai and hair treatment is vvery expensive.
I simply could not leave your site prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard info a person provide in your guests? I started applying minoxidil 5% solution on the scalp and also administered by finasteride tablet by skin specialist. Iam facing hairfall problems day by day im using ayurvedic good shampoo bt problem is still dere.
I am suffering from Alopecia on the beard for last 8 years .please suggest a medicine how long i need to take it. Present i am using English medicine steroid injections(Kenocort 10mg and Tri cort 10 mg) but is is not curing 100% . I’m 36 years old and having many close round patches about the size of coin (Doctors called it Alopecia Areata) in my head and full body since last 5 years which is increasing slowly. Essential tremor is a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary movement or shaking of a part of body, that gets worse while using the affected muscle of that part. Plumbum Metallicum is a very good homeopathic medicine for treating essential tremors of hand that are a lot worse while holding an object, eating or writing. Agaricus Muscarius is a very effective homeopathic medicine for treating essential tremors of head where the involuntary shaking of head is accompanied by coldness in the head and the patient desires to cover up the head. The first medicine Lachesis Mutus works very well in patients with dry, red and swollen tongue with excessive shaking. My nephew is having this shaking of head for last one & half month, after consulting a neurlogist he suggeted some test related to Essential Tremors of head. May i request you if you could provide any solution if i send his reports, his age is only 20. My son Anmol is 12 years old and his hands tremors .this problem is existing when he was 6 years old. Sir, I asper diagnosis by a Neurophysician I am suffering from the disease Primary Writing Tremors .This disease is with me since last 12 years approximately. Hi, I have an 8 year old son who was diagnosed with Benign essential tremors at the age of 4. I am suffering from a tremor in my head witch has improved a little bit now and also in my both arms in one arm it is much less then the other.
Sir,I have tremors problem,my hand shakes during work,I noticed it when I was in school around 6 years ago. Now I really don’t know that my symptoms are due to alcohol consumption or hereditary reason.
I visited some neurologists recently, some said it may be due to Vitamin B12 & Vit D Deficiency, some recommended MRI, one has suggested T Betacap TR 40 mg x 1 month. I am 64 and am have essential tremor in my hands when I write and my head when stressed, my voice is greatly affected please can you recommend I desperately need your help.
My hand is trembling, shaking uncontrollably & now head is also shaking while writing.
I am suffering from cerebral palsy I have an essential tremor in my hand and unable to write and take tea.I am 20 years old. A lot of healthy people can identify themselves with having some of the symptoms of OCD, such as checking the gas-stove several times before leaving the house. Many of the important homeopathic medicines are often used very successfully in treating such chronic anxiety disorders.

While treating such disorders modern homoeopaths, like psychoanalysts, dig deep into the patient’s psyche.
They are frequenting the gym and choosing to run but the total number of these fitness enthusiasts is a mere fraction of the total number of people in India. After days of hospitalisation in the intensive care unit he was discharged, but was soon back to the same ward when he developed traumatic meningitis- an inflammation of layers covering the brain – due to an injury.
His memory lapses had become less frequent and his coordination between the eye and limbs was much better, speech was also improving. It is probably the most popular Homoeopathic medicine and is best known for its effectiveness in treating injuries. He has not been opening his eyes and have very little movement in his left hand and no other action at all. Now, I can walk but there is a continuous pain in my left side.As per doctor diagnosis it is thalamic syndrome. We are here to help you with good money to do anything you wish, Contact us if you are interested in selling your kidney. The Electrocardiography exhibits (1) Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation (2) Severe Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (3) Mild Pericardial Effusion (4) Enlarged Right Artrium and (5) Enlarged Right Ventricle. I read and speak normal when i am alone but in front of other people, it is a different story altogether.
She could not eat a piece of bread as soon as she eats she feel hard in her stomach feel little pain. Although alopecia areata does not affect the patient health in any other form, it is certainly life-altering and its sudden onset, recurrent episodes and unpredictable course have a great impact on the psyche of those suffering from it. Unlike other kinds of hair loss, alopecia areata is a reversible hair loss as the follicles (structure that encloses the root of the hair) of hair are not damaged. This means that some children whose parents have had alopecia areata or are suffering from it may have a predisposition towards developing the disease later in life. Stress is known to aggravate immune (defence) system-related disorders and also a variety of skin conditions, including urticaria, psoriasis and hyperhidrosis.
Researches shown that homeopathic remedies for alopecia aerata affect our body by optimising our immune system. Although certain homeopathic medicine like Flouricum Acid and Phosphorus are very often and effectively used in treating this disorder, one need to go through a constitutional analysis before any prescription is made.
I may also inform you that i am a patient suffering with hypothyroidism.Is there any relation btween hypothyroidism $ hairfall? So I cannot go around and experience new doctors new medicines so please guide me what is the cure nd how to prevent it. I have gone for almost all the treatments but,temperary results.Dr can u help me out of this problem.
Now I have an oval patch just above the centre of fore head and two round patches joined just on the left side sulf and one at back.
Started loosing hair on a tiny patch in scalp around Jan 2011 and slowly it has grown bigger in size.
Essential tremor mainly affects hands but head and tongue may also be affected in some cases. Agaricus Muscarius: Homeopathic medicine Agaricus Muscarius is very efficient in treating the essential tremors. Gelsemium Sempervirens: Gelsemium Sempervirens is a natural homeopathic medicine used for treatment of essential tremors where the trembling of affected part is accompanied with excessive muscle weakness. Zincum Metallicum: This homeopathic medicine is mainly used for persons who have very weak nerves and who are very sensitive to noise.
Phosphorus: Phosphorus is the next wonderful medicine used in homeopathy for treating essential tremors. Silicea: Silicea is yet another homeopathic remedy used for treating essential tremors in persons of nervous, irritable, obstinate and headstrong nature. Belladona is the next homeopathic medicine which can be given to those patients who complain of involuntary motion of head from side to side, along with hot and flushed face. The shaking of tongue is worse when protruding it from mouth and it can be bitten off with teeth. Eventually, the tremor may become so severe that accomplishing regular, everyday activities can prove difficult for the patient. I also have a hand tremor in my right hand that I am nit able to recognize my own handwriting. I have completed BE Civil and during my engineering age (22 years), i lost my hand writing. My father is 70 yrs old and had been observing symptoms of essential tremors for last 20 yrs. Out of my two elder brothers, one is also facing the same problem but other is perfectly fine. But the disorder is diagnosed only when such activities consume at least an hour a day, are very distressing, and interfere with daily life. Having insufficient levels of serotinin (a neurochemical found in the brain) is one of the neurobiological factors.
Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines. We do not claim to cure any disease which is considered' incurable ' on the basis of scientific facts by modern medicine .The website’s content is not a substitute for direct, personal, professional medical care and diagnosis. Hereditary , endocrine disorders, medications that make patients put on weight, psychological conditions and hormonal disorders may have a role. After one year came the most important turning point when his EEG test indicated no abnormality. The wonderful quality of Arnica is that it is very effective for conditions that can be as mild as a simple bruise that one would get on the finger while playing cricket to severe neurological dysfunctions arising out of head or spinal injury. Thus it is very effective in treating injured tissues and haematomas (collection of blood under the superficial layers) Arnica is also used by many surgeons as a help for post-operative cases. I want to know that can Arnica 200C can be used to dilute clot as doc said it can’t remove by operation. His operation was done by cutting the skull bone (craniotomy), after the surgery he was on ventilator for 12-14 hours and then was without ventilator for about 36 hours post which his condition started going down.
I was diagnosed of ALS disease (motor neuron disease) in 2011 and I have tried all I can to get cured but all to no avail, my life was gradually coming to an end, until i saw some reviews in a health forum about a herbal doctor called Dr Mutuma from Israel (jerusalem) who cures ALS disease with herbal medicine and all kind of diseases including diabetes, kidney problem, Leukemia, Asthma, Gonorrhea, arthritis etc, at first i doubted if it was real but I decided to give it a try, when i contacted this herbal doctor via his email, he asked me to fill the form and I followed all the instruction. His operation was done by cutting the skull bone, after the surgery he was on ventilator for 12-14 hours and then was without ventilator for about 36 hours post which his condition started going down and further bleeding was found in the head on 8th Nov after doing CT scan.
Aap kirpaya kar ke mujhay is k bare mai kuchh do batain kahai ,,, mai West Bengali k Alipurduar k rahne wala hu ..
Some hair experts believe that there are certain conditions where the prognosis is not good. Constitutional analysis is the prescription-based assessment of your physical and psychological characteristics. One homeopathy doctor suggested me to take Lycopodium and selenium 200, some suggested me Reckweg combination 89. I have had different treatments but I don’t see any change.Have got 5 patches at beared, 4 at head .
But now I am finding bald areas in many places , plus the hairline near my forehead is receding and my hair in most of my scalp has thinned.
It gives very good results in essential tremors of head where the head is in involuntary motion from side to side. This medicine suits mainly those patients of essential tremors who are extremely sensitive to external impressions like touch, light, odours and noise. The patients of essential tremors who have very offensive foot sweat respond very well to this medicine.
Gelsemium Sempervirens is the next very effective medicine and its use is recommended in the patients in whom excessive shaking of hands is worsened by fear or any other emotional excitement.
If the involuntary shaking of the head is in the backward and forward direction, then the Homeopathic medicine Sepia Officinalis works effectively.
The second medicine Mercurius Solubilis works well where the excessive trembling of tongue is accompanied by profuse saliva in the mouth. For instance, activities such as writing, drinking a glass of water or tying shoelaces can become particularly challenging. Whenever i do some work my hands starts to tremble or you can call it a little bit shaky at some times. He is owise regularly managing to do exercise and other routine activities but with difficulty .

My left hand and both legs gets trembling whenever i hold something or apply some pressure from left hand, then its become trembling. Among the psychological factors Freud’s (an Austrian psychoanalyst) theory of suppression of mental traumas in the past or childhood leading to such chronic anxiety states is one of the main ones. Although not mentioned in classical texts, in my own clinical experience Sepia finds a great place in treating OCD when symptoms aggravate at the menstrual nisus.
They also understand Wilhelm Reich’s perspective as to how these impressions are locked into actual physical states. I been in hospitals taking traditional medications ,therapist ,but nothing is helping me to improve. His visual-spatial skills, hand-to-eye coordination and short-term memory suffered the maximum damage. I was amazed by its popularity when I recently met an eye surgeon who uses Arnica on his patients every time he operates.
He prepared a herbal medicine and sent it to me via courier service, when i received this herbal medicine, he gave me descriptions on how to use it and I followed it.
As a result of which his periventricular white matter has contracted and corpus callosum has thinned out. I have treatment bone grafting on 2010 and now my right leg is fine but after bonegrafting my left foot has also same position. Pigment cells and the sweat gland around it get destroyed but the follicle protects itself by moving into the higher layers of the skin and sheds off the hair shaft. Please prefer me some homeopathy medicine with name so that i can buy them from nearby homeopathy shop.
Another problem I have been suffering for long is premature ejaculation of sperm and having very bad sex life. Now there are close to 12 different patches of different sizes and including 2 in beard area. Please advice treatment and if this condition can be completely cured and will the hair grow back again.
The person suffering from essential tremors of hand feels a shaking of hands when using them while eating, dressing, writing or doing any other work with the hand.
This medicine is mainly prescribed to those patients who complain of excessive trembling of hands in motion, especially while writing. This medicine works well in those cases where the tremors are intensified by emotional excitement or fears. The essential tremors of hands are very effectively treated with this medicine where the person complains of increase in the trembling of hands after exertion. Zincum Metallicum is yet another homeopathic medicine that can be prescribed to patients who complain of trembling as well as weakness of hands while writing. She uses resistance measurement on different parts of the right hand and foot to determine the condition of the body organs. Plz suggest me some effective homeopath right now i m taking calcium tabelt (Shellkall), and neurokind, so plz assist me that it is good for this disease or not.
The disturbing thoughts or images are called obsessions, and the rituals that are performed to try to prevent or dispel them are compulsions. And homoeopathic treatment is much more than these medicines; at times a thorough psychoanalysis is necessary to understand the origins of OCD. I request you please respond to this as I am expecting the counseling on the same as soon as possible.
This is the reason I sending you my portion perhaps you can do something to improve my health in the name of god. Head injury and the resultant inflammation had affected his speech centre in the brain and was also diagnosed as mildly dyspraxic (difficulty in using speech).
According to him, patients improve much faster and the chance of developing an infection after an operation is highly reduced. Am using it as instructed, i was cured of this deadly disease within 6weeks, I could not walk or talk understandably before but after i took the herbal cure as he instructed i regained strength in my bones and i could talk properly unlike before, I am now tested free from ALS disease, all thanks to Dr Mutuma.
I m not interested go for operation again.Can u help me without surgery my degenrate bone again genrate. My barber had put some oil in my hair in Oct 2010 which gave me small but many blisters on my scalp whcih slowly and greadually got ok till in Jan 2011 I noticed 5mm patch where the hair were lost totally. In case of essential tremors of head, involuntary motions of head are present like side to side motion or forward and backward motion. This medicine can also prove very useful for patients who complain of shaking of hands when holding objects, often resulting in dropping of objects from hand. It is recommended for essential tremors of tongue where the tongue is coated yellow with a bad taste in mouth. The patients requiring this medicine in essential tremors of hand complain of jerking of hands with excessive weakness especially while writing. The patients requiring this medicine complain of trembling of hands while performing manual work that especially includes eating, writing or holding anything.
Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus works well where the shaking of hands is worse from exertion and is accompanied with numbness of hands. Another homeopathic medicine Lycopodium Clavatum is used where the involuntary, causeless shaking of head is accompanied with dizziness. Nux Moschata works well for shaky voice in cases where the tongue feels numb and is very dry. It can affect people irrespective of age, although the odds for its occurrence go up with advancing age. Essential tremor is believed to run in families, with over fifty per cent people afflicted by it having a family member who also has it.
I dont experience any tremors when i work, shave, drink from a glass etc,the tremor starts when i write. Although no specific genes for OCD have yet been identified, research suggests that genes do play a role in the development of the disorder in some cases. He was put back on ventilator on 8th Nov early morning again and he is still on ventilator.
Also my mother suffered from Acute Transverse Myletis in May 2010 and my father had ulcerative collitis in late 1980’s. The essential tremors affecting tongue results in trembling of tongue and shaking of voice when speaking.Homeopathic medicines work very effectively in treating essential tremors .
This medicine also gives good results in essential tremors of head where the shaking of head is accompanied by a feeling of excessive coolness on the head.
If a history of some sort of suppression of skin eruptions in a patient of essential tremor is present, this medicine is taken into consideration.
Numbness or crawling sensation in hands can also be complained of along with trembling of hands in such patients. Such patients can also face difficulty in doing fine work due to excessive shaking of hands; for instance threading a needle appears to be a very cumbersome task for them. The motion of head in patients requiring Lycopodium Clavatum can either be from side to side or backward and forward.
Also want to know the chances of recovery from this stage, and what the other options of treatment are?
The prominent feature guiding the use of this medicine in patients of essential tremors is a white coated tongue along with an increased thirst for water along with trembling of tongue. The restlessness of feet in patients suffering from essential tremors is a significant deciding factor for using this medicine.
An excessive craving for meat, cold drinks or ice creams may also be noticed in patients requiring this remedy.
When a parent has OCD, there is a slightly increased chance that a child will develop OCD, although the risk is still low. In winter cough with mucous, but could control it with pranayama.Sensitive, gentle and intelligent by nature.
When OCD runs in families, it is the general nature of OCD that seems to be inherited, not specific symptoms. The patients requiring this medicine are very sensitive to cold air and the complaints are always worse in cold weather.

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