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Just a brief reminder about some excellent PTSD training courses which are run by my colleagues. Information about the trust including board meetings, corporate divisions, volunteering, events and awards. Search the full range of services we offer at our hospitals and across our community services. Determine the length of the chain, and express the 50-lb force acting at A along the chain as a Cartesian vector.

The Berkshire Traumatic Stress Service, in association with the Charlie Waller Institute at the University of Reading, is running a series of basic and advanced trainings for working with trauma.
Further details are given below, and you can book a place through the Charlie Waller booking page.
Determine the maximum weight of the crate that can be hoisted at constant velocity, and the angle q for equilibrium. Problem 3: The 2500-N crate is to be hoisted with constant velocity from the hold of a ship using the cable arrangement shown.

Problem 4: Determine the force in members BC, FC, and FE and state if these members are in tension or compression.

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