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Pacific ENT offers friendly, personalized and comprehensive care of diseases and disorders of the Ear, Nose, Throat and related structures of the Head and Neck.
We are affiliated with Scripps Memorial La Jolla and Encinitas Hospitals and have privileges at free-standing surgical centers including Surgical Center of San Diego and Center for Surgery in Encinitas. We accept most insurance plans including Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Healthnet, United Healthcare, Cigna and Aetna.
Earwax, and check out Earwax on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
Earwax, also known as cerumen, is a yellowish waxy substance secreted in the ear canal of humans and other mammals.
There are two distinct genetically determined types of earwax: the wet type, which is dominant, and the dry type, which is recessive. Cleaning of the ear canal occurs as a result of the "conveyor belt" process of epithelial migration, aided by jaw movement.[11] Cells formed in the centre of the tympanic membrane migrate outwards from the umbo (at a rate comparable to that of fingernail growth) to the walls of the ear canal, and move towards the entrance of the ear canal.
Lubrication prevents desiccation, itching, and burning of the skin within the ear canal (known as asteatosis). While studies conducted up until the 1960s found little evidence supporting antibacterial activity for cerumen,[14] more recent studies have found that cerumen has a bactericidal effect on some strains of bacteria. Excessive earwax may impede the passage of sound in the ear canal, causing conductive hearing loss. Patients generally prefer the irrigation solution to be warmed to body temperature,[31] as dizziness is a common side effect of ear washing or syringing with fluids that are colder or warmer than body temperature. It is generally advised not to use cotton swabs (Q-Tips or cotton buds), as doing so will likely push the wax farther down the ear canal, and if used carelessly, perforate the eardrum.[25] Abrasion of the ear canal, particularly after water has entered from swimming or bathing, can lead to ear infection. Ear candling, also called ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is an alternative medicine practice claimed to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal.
A postal survey of British general practitioners[24] found that only 19% always performed cerumen removal themselves.
The author Bull advised physicians: "After removal of wax, inspect thoroughly to make sure none remains.

Claims arising from ear syringing mishaps account for about 25% of the total claims received by New Zealand's Accident Compensation Corporation ENT Medical Misadventure Committee.[30] While high, this is not surprising, as ear syringing is an extremely common procedure. When a man is becoming dull of hearing, which happens most often after prolonged headaches, in the first place, the ear itself should be inspected: for there will be found either a crust such as comes upon the surface of ulcerations, or concretions of wax.
Goldsztein officially joined Pacific ENT Medical Group on July 1, 2015, but is already well established on the medical staffs of Scripps Memorial Hospitals in La Jolla and Encinitas. The cerumen in the canal is also carried outwards, taking with it any dirt, dust, and particulate matter that may have gathered in the canal.
The lubricative properties arise from the high lipid content of the sebum produced by the sebaceous glands.
The irrigation solution flows out of the canal along its floor, taking wax and debris with it. Curetting earwax using an ear pick was common in ancient Europe and still practiced in East Asia.
According to medical researchers, it is both dangerous and ineffective.[34] Advocates say that the dark residue that shows after the procedure is extracted earwax, proving the efficacy of the procedure.
It is problematic as the removal of cerumen is not without risk, and physicians and nurses often have inadequate training for removal. If a crust, hot oil is poured in, or verdigris mixed with honey or leek juice or a little soda in honey wine. He completed fellowships at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary. Jaw movement assists this process by dislodging debris attached to the walls of the ear canal, increasing the likelihood of its expulsion. Any other temperature may cause vertigo, just as used when testing the caloric reflex test. Since the earwax of most Asians is of the dry type,[5] it is extremely easily removed by light scraping with an ear pick, as it simply falls out in large pieces or dry flakes. Studies have shown that in fact the same residue is left whether or not the candle (which is made of cotton fabric and beeswax and leaves a residue after burning) is inserted into an ear.

Irrigation can be performed at home with proper equipment as long as the person is careful not to irrigate too hard.
As a result, failure to remove the wax from the canal made up approximately 30% of the complications associated with the procedure. In the New Zealand claims mentioned above, perforation of the tympanic membrane was by far the most common injury resulting in significant disability. And when the crust has been separated from the ulceration, the ear is irrigated with tepid water, to make it easier for the crusts now disengaged to be withdrawn by the ear scoop. All other methods should only be carried out by individuals who have been sufficiently trained in the procedure. Other complications included otitis externa (swimmer's ear), which involves inflammation or bacterial infection of the external acoustic meatus, as well as pain, vertigo, tinnitus, and perforation of the ear drum. The color of the candle wax deliberately matches the light brown-colored wax of the human ear, making the distinction between the two more difficult for a layperson.
It is better to irrigate too gently for a long period than irrigate too forcefully attempting to remove wax quickly. Because the candle itself is a hollow tube, some of the hot burnt wax can drop down inside the candle, into the ear canal, potentially rupturing the eardrum. Further, the ear should be syringed with castoreum mixed with vinegar and laurel oil and the juice of young radish rind, or with cucumber juice, mixed with crushed rose leaves. This procedure can be done at home in the shower using an ear irrigation syringe with a right angle tip. The dropping in of the juice of unripe grapes mixed with rose oil is also fairly efficacious against deafness. After the wax is removed, the ear can be dried by tipping the head and gently pulling the ear upwards to straighten the ear canal.

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