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Persistent blurred vision and oscillopsia have a negative impact on quality of life, and the burden of these symptoms is more severe than that of rotationally vertiginous attack. German painter Gerturud Richter expressed her vertiginous symptoms in her painting depicted in Figure 1.
Persistent blurred vision and oscillopsia have a negative impact on quality of life, and the burden of these symptoms is more severe than that of a rotatory vertiginous attack. We conducted a retrospective study involving 182 recently treated clinical cases and found that "jumbling of objects," which is thought to be caused by bilateral peripheral vestibular lesions, was more often observed in cases of central vestibular lesions. In 1928, Dandy [3-7] first described blurred vision, floating sensation, and oscillopsia experienced during walking by patients with advanced bilateral Meniere's disease.
Here, we report the results of our examination of 182 patients who visited our clinic in the last 21 months because of the pseudo-Dandy phenomenon. The pseudo-Dandy phenomenon appears most markedly during walking, but it is also seen in a sitting position and sometimes in a lying position. As shown in Table 4, we have been administering oral clonazepam, cinnarizine, and tofisopam three times daily and imipramine once before bedtime. Other than drawing attention to dangerous things, there are many other possibilities why Migraine might be useful. It is common for speakers regarding migraine associated vertigo to say that nobody really knows how migraine causes dizziness. Neurotransmitter changes -- patients with migraine have irregularities in neurotransmitters, especially serotonin.
Other sensory amplifications which are common in persons with migraine include allodynia (pain from stimuli that are not painful in most people), smell sensitivity, sensitivity to weather changes and seasons (Brewerton et al, 1990), motion sensitivity, and medication sensitivity (Miller, 2001). As shown above, normally individuals combine together input from multiple streams of input to develop an estimate of position and movement of their body, from which to base future plans.
Normally, one can turn off one of the conflicting streams - - probably the vestibular one, to reduce the motion sensitivity. As about 10% of the population has Migraine (Lipton et al, 2002), this is a 5:1 increased risk. Basilar artery migraine (BAM) is essentially migraine plus an assortment of symptoms that can include those commonly found in Meniere's disease -- see above (Bickerstaff, 1961). We suspect that the association of BPPV with migraine is in part due to clinical errors mixing up bitorsional with BPPV.
Occasionally of course, patients with migraine will have other disorders such as brain tumors. Thus, for this to work, something else would have to happen -- perhaps production of inimical substances -- cytokines -- that affect inner ear function.
Persons with migraine can sometimes experience a stroke, especially in the cerebellum -- the main balance part of the brain, and thus there can be dizziness due to vascular disturbances. The well known association between strokes and Migraine has caused some difficulties for mechanistic systems thinkers. Persons with migraine also frequently exhibit MRI findings suggestive of small strokes, or multiple sclerosis.
Persons with migraine have fluctuating levels of serotonin, and medications that manipulate serotonin, such as some of the antidepressants, are very powerful agents to control migraine.
If serotonin mechanisms were important in migraine associated vertigo, one would anticipate that medications that manipulate serotonin such as triptans, would be effective treatment of migraineous vertigo. In other words, in our opinion, a common mechanism for migraineous dizziness is changes in cerebellar metabolism or circulation. We are dubious that there is a strong association between autonomic disturbances and migraine. PATHOLOGIESALZHEIMERANDROPAUSEAUTISMCARDIAC TACHY-ARRHYTHMIACARDIO VASCULARCEPHALALGIACHOLESTEROLCONSTIPATIONDENTAL AMALGAMSDENTAL MALOCCLUSIONDIARRHOEADISCOID LUPUSDMPSElectro-Hyper-SensitivityFATIGUEFIBROMYALGIAFLUORINEGOUGEROT-SJOGREN SYNDROMEMACULAR DEGENERATIONMENIERE DISEASEMULTIPLE SCLEROSISOSTEOPOROSISSCLEROSE LAT. The truth, becoming now more and more obvious, is that this fluoridation and the so-called advantage of fluorine as a means to prevent the dental weakening constitute perhaps the greatest 'scientific` fraud ever perpetrated on an unconscious public. When other scientists have studied DEAN's data,, they have not reached the same conclusions. The truth is that there are more and more evidences proving that fluorine and dental fluorosis are associated with aggravated dental decomposition. Dental fluorosis is a condition caused by an excessive intake of fluorine, characterized mainly by brown marbling (ragged) of the enamel which begins with white spots, while the bones and virtually every organ may also be affected by the well-known anti-thyroid characteristics of fluorine. Currently, up to 80 % of children of the USA suffer from a certain degree of dental fluorosis, while in Canada the figure have descreased to 71 %. The studies on animals carried out by Kick and other researchers, in 1935, have indicated that sodium fluoride was much more toxic than calcium fluoride brought to the toxic dosage.(38) A much worse toxicity was on the other hand registered with hydrofluorosilic acid, composite currently used in more than 90% of fluoridation programs. In Kick's study, less than 2% of calcium fluoride have been absorbed and then quantitatively excreted in urine of animals. In 1946, Samuel CHASE, one of the authors of Kick's study, became president of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). Housewives may be exposed to fluorines with the use of Teflon pots, fluorinated products, insecticides sprays and even from residual airborne fluorines in drinkable water which is fluoridated. In 1991 , the service of health public of the USA (FDA) has published a report stating that the total daily catch of fluorine by water, dental products, beverages and food has thus exceeded 6,5 milligrams of absorption per day.(42) The total catch of these sources only already exceeds considerably the known thresholds and is sufficient to cause the third stage of skeleton fluorosis. Not to mention that water and fluoridated toothpastes, like most food, contain high levels of fluoridated compounds in addition to those due to the applications of pesticide.
In their plans of fluoridation and procurement of public drinking water, the health officials continue to pretend that no other source of fluorine exists. The content of tea fluorine has significantly increased over the last two decades due to industrial contamination. The recent rediscovery of hundreds of research articles dealing with the utilization of fluorine in effective hypothyroidism medicines raises many questions demanding answers.(73,74).
Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), emitted by the electrical energy industry, is now among the six gases causing the greenhouse effect specifically denounced by the international community (Kyoto Protocol) for emissions reduction and the control of global warming of the atmosphere. SF6 is approximately 23900 times more destructive, per kg, than carbonic anhydride over 100 years. The rate of ever-increasing fluorine deposited in food, water and air is a major threat to human health and the environment, as is demonstrated by endemic fluorosis registered all over the world. In natural medicine, we know several supplements capable of mineralising the bone structure and the dentition, thus fulfilling the role that was supposed to be that of Fluorine, but that the latter, we have just seen, does not do so!! Eardrum color and the imaging diagnosis of middle ear disease: otoscopic - radiologic correlation of retrotympanic lesions. MR: Hypersignal in T1-weighted sequences is diagnostic, this is due to the paramagnetic effects of extracellular methemoglobin. CT shows a dehiscent tegmen tympani (arrow) associated with a middle ear soft tissue mass (circle). MR: reveals a lesion with a large intracranial component that extending into middle ear cavity (red asterisk).
This is the most common tumor of the middle ear; it presents as a soft-tissue-density mass with its base at the level of the promontory of the tympanic cavity.
The floor of the middle ear is usually spared; a dehiscent or permeative floor suggests a jugulotympanic component.
Contrast-enhanced CT with bone window reconstructions are recommended; MRI should be reserved for cases in which a jugulotympanic component is suspected. MR: Salt and pepper pattern, with multiple signal voids inside due to hypertrophic neoplastic vessels (arrows), and intense contrast enhancement. CT findings are pathognomonic: axial bone CT shows a tubular lesion that crosses the middle ear cavity from the cochlear promontory to rejoin the horizontal petrous ICA. The disease begins with an otospongiotic phase of bone resorption (called otospongiosis) which is followed by an otosclerotic phase when osteoclasts are replaced by osteoblasts and dense sclerotic bone (called otosclerosis).
Schwartze’s sign is a reddish retrotympanic image in the region of the promontory, secondary to foci of otospongiosis ( 3 ). Blood breakdown to cholesterol crystals incites a foreign cell response and air obstruction secondary to inflammation.
MRI: The most characteristic finding is the high T1 signal from the paramagnetic effect of extracellular methemoglobin. CT shows a mass in the cavities of the middle ear associated with a dehiscence of the tegmen timpani. The CT shows a dehiscent tegmen tympani (red asterisk) and a middle ear mass, with a T2-weighted MR liquid signal like cerebrospinal fluid (circle).
They result from abnormal congenital migration of external canal ectoderm to the middle ear cavity beyond the tympanic ring.

CT: Soft-tissue middle ear mass with a well-pneumatized mastoid (no findings indicative of chronic otitis media).
CT shows a lesion occupying the middle ear and extending to the eustachian tube in the absence of bone erosions.
2 clicks for more privacy: On the first click the button will be activated and you can then share the poster with a second click. 2), by which time, her symptoms had progressed from occasional rotatory vertiginous attacks to constant dizziness or staggering vertigo.
Copy of an original painting by Richter (1924), depicting her perception of her persistent dizziness. We doctors should consider a patient's pain as if it were our own and treat it accordingly.
In 1954, Bluda (cited in Bender [8]) also noted this phenomenon in patients whose bilateral vestibular nerves had been cut off and proposed calling it the Dandy phenomenon after the physician who first described it. Of these patients, 150 were confirmed, both by gross observation and by electronystagmography (ENG) examination, to have acquired pendular nystagmus. As mentioned, some patients have pathological eye movement, and others have no pathological eye movement but have pathological floating sensation. Electronystagmographic tracings of acquired pendular nystagmus (acquired pendular oscillation). First, in the case of peripheral vestibular lesion, the cause may be the phase discrepancy between body and ocular movement owing to a disturbance of the vestibuloocular reflex during walking. In addition, we administered an intravenous injection of thyrotropinreleasing hormone (TRH) and CDP-choline once daily for 2 weeks.
It is difficult to understand why any useful circuit could create migraine aura, or cause stroke (see below). It has been suggested that women with migraine are more fertile, although against this suggestion, fertility is not affected in women with cluster headache (Rozen et al, 2012).
Allodynia is very common, affecting roughly 60% of migraine patients (Lipton et al, 2008; Young et al, 2009).
Aurora et al (2007), have pointed out using MRI scans that the part of the brain that processes sensory input is larger in persons with migraine. This would imply that persons with MAV might be slower to respond to VRT or motion sickness habituation protocols. For example, while texting from the back of a car, one's eyes are focused on the cell phone, while one's ears are getting information about bumps in the road and turns. Migraine associated vertigo, for the subcase where there is no headache, overlaps nearly 100% with the criteria for Menieres. Practically, given that headaches are not required to diagnose Migraine associated vertigo, the distinction between Meniere's and basilar artery migraine (BAM), is mainly made by permanent hearing loss noted in Meniere's, and transient hearing symptoms in BAM. This conclusion was drawn from a study of guinea pigs whose trigeminal ganglion was stimulated with electrical shocks or pepper extract (capsaicin). It takes a huge leap to conclude that because inner ear arteries of guinea pigs are affected by pepper extract and shocks applied to the trigeminal ganglion, that migraine causes dizziness through the same mechanism.
It is difficult to see any value to a disorder that causes stroke, and also difficult to see how neural circuitry involved in modulating pain could cause a stroke either. Dizziness is a moderately common side effect of antidepressants in general, including many of those that manipulate serotonin. Furman et al (2011) reported that one triptan (rizatriptan), reduces motion sickness in migraineurs. This would be in favor of the general idea that one can treat for migraine pain, and sometimes alleviate other symptoms. We think that this association is largely explained by the well known age and gender associations of migraine - -Migraine is more common in women of childbearing age, and this group is also more likely to have low-normal blood pressure. In these situations, it seems plausible that the vasomotor fluctuations associated with hot flashes, could also modulate blood pressure.
As there is no substance that biochemically active in human organism than fluoride, the total taking-up of excessive fluoride compounds could contribute to the explosion of many diseases afflicting humanity today, in particular those involving the thyroid dysfunctionning. It separates easily other halogens (such as chlorine, bromine and iodine) from their minerals salts.
Agency of control for Toxic Substances and Diseases' Registration (ATSDR) among the 20 main substances, out of 275 substances, which pose the most meaningful threat to human health (7). The fact that fluorides accumulate in the body is the reason for which the law of the USA demands that those responsible for health establish a maximum level of contaminant, (MLC) for the quantity of fluoride in the public water supply as required by the EPA. Trendley DEAN working for the public health service of the United States, examined the water of 345 towns in Texas. The most understanding American study was carried out by the National Institute of Dental Research on 39,000 school children aged between 5 to 17 years old (18). Dental fluorosis can only occur during the enamel formation stage and is therefore the sign that an overdose of fluorine has occured with a child during this period.
In 1988, Duncan (23) stated that such hypoplastic defects offer strong probabilities of becoming generators of caries.
A predominance of 80,9 % has been reported in children between 12-14 years old in Augusta (Georgia), the highest prevalence yet reported in the most optimally fluoridated town of the United States". However, sodium fluoride, common agent of artificial fluoridation, dissolves easily in water in opposite to calcium fluoride.
Hydrofluorosilic acid is a sub-direct product and pollution scrubbers used in fertilizers and aluminum phosphate industries. This organization has promoted the idea that only fluorine ion, in various fluoridation compound, was important. One of the worst offenders is the grape.(45) Grape juice has proved to contain a fluorine rate of more than 6,8 ppm. The recent analysis have indicated a rate of magnesium fluoride of 22,2 mg per tea bag or cup of green tea from China, and 17,25 mg of soluble fluoride ion per tea bag or cup of black tea.
Industrial emissions of fluorine compounds produce high concentrations of fluorine in the atmosphere.
The others are carbonic anhydride, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCs), methane and nitrous oxide (NÒ). EPA estimates that few tonnes equivalent to 7 million tonnes of carbon (MMTCE) have escaped the electrical energy systems in 1996 only. It is of uttemost urgency that officials of public health cease to promote the so-called fluorine beneficial to our health and that now, they rather tackle seriously the question of its toxicity. 23: Inadequate middle ear ventilation causes a diffuse mucoid occupation of the middle ear and mastoid cells, with T2 hyperintensity (red asterisk). 20: The definitive diagnosis is made by means of the histological and immunohistochemical analysis, which shows a tissue formed of fibrous stroma and cellular nests in the form of cords alternating with trabecular and glandular areas (C).
In the case of meningocele occurs a herniation of the meninges, and in the case of meningoencephalocele occurs a herniation of meninges and brain parenchyma. However, because these cases are rather rare in daily clinical experience, in reality we tend to treat these patients as neurosis cases and send the patients home without providing adequate care. Rather, she is famous for her paintings of her own "Joy and Sorrow of Life." In this painting, completed in 1917, she captured a rotatory vertiginous attack, a disorder that she was experiencing at the time. However, Richter's physician insisted that her vertigo was cured and would not listen to the patient. However, because such cases are rather rare in daily clinical experience, in reality we tend to regard the patients as neurosis cases and send them home without providing adequate care.
In this study, we were interested in the pathophysiology and treatment of this pseudo- Dandy phenomenon. In 1975, Bender [8] reported this phenomenon in a case of bilateral labyrinthine destruction and called it the jumbling phenomenon. Table 2 lists the statistics for the 182 patients who developed the pseudoDandy phenomenon in the last 21 months.
Panels E and F depict vascular lesion, and panels G and H reflect hereditary sickle cell disease.
A posterior fossa lesion is associated with oscillopsia or blurred vision due to acquired pendular oscillation itself or is associated with exaggerated fixation oscillation due to disturbance of visual suppression.
Electro-oculographical considerations on acquired pendular continuous oscillations of the eyes. Die Rolle der einzelnen Labyrinth-rezeptoren bei der Orientation yon Augen und Kopf im Raume.
Either the hypothesis is wrong, or there are more things going on -- for example, several disorders being lumped into one big Migraine pot.

An obvious question here is -- if all headaches use migraine circuitry, aren't these just migraines with infection or trauma as the drive ? In our practice in Chicago, we prefer to use medications for migraine rather than habituation protocols or vestibular rehabilitation for migraine. These two streams conflict, which makes this type of activity a highly likely one to induce motion sickness. In our practice in Chicago, we agree with this general estimate- - it might even be a little on the low side for us. The association works like this: Migraine, per se, does not cause brain tumors, but the headaches of brain tumors can be mistaken for migraine, or occur in the same person that has migraine. They showed that the arteries that supply the inner ear were affected -- in essence -- inflamed, by these stimuli.
Persons with severe migraine may develop profound ataxia, sometimes requiring use of a walker or cane, without any signs of inner ear disturbances. In the United States, most of the citizens are kept completely ignored of all the adverse effects which could occur during exposure to fluorine. With hydrogen, it forms the gas referred to as hydrogen fluoride which, as solution in water, becomes hydrofluoric acid (N. In Australia, the National Pollutants Inventory (NPI) recently considered 400 substances for inclusion on the NPI list. This specific requirement is designed to avoid a disease known by the name of Disabling Skeleton Fluorosis (CSF), a disease which supposedly evolve in three stages. DEAN has determined that the high concentrations of fluoride in water of these sectors corresponded to a high incidence of mottled teeth. In front of the court, DEAN was forced to admit under oath that his data were invalid (15).
It has shown no significant differences in terms of DMD teeth (loosen, missing and demineralized). Dental fluorosis has been described as an hypo-mineralization under the enamel, with a porosity of the tooth truely linked with the degree of fluorosis (22). The exposure to fluorines by air in various applications of diverse pesticides (manufacturing process, production of phosphatized fertilizers, aluminum melting, equipment for uranium enrichment, coal combustion and combustion in nuclear power plants, incinerators, engraving on glass by etching, refining of oil and the emissions of vehicle) may be considered.
In Great Britain, more than three quarter of the population above the age of ten consumes three cups of tea per day.(71) Yet the British Government and the British dental association contemplate currently with satisfaction the process of fluoridation of public water supply!
Hydrogen fluoride also exists in the form of particles dissolved in cloud, fog, rain, dew, or snow. The concentration of SF6 in the atmosphere was supposed to increase by two orders of magnitude since 1970.
This organization includes educators, artists, scientists, journalists, authors, lawyers, researchers and nutritionists. Apart from variations in climatic conditions, it is well known that in certain areas, fluoride containing foods form an important part of the diet. We conducted a retrospective study involving 182 recently treated clinical cases and found that "jumbling of objects," which is thought to be caused by bilateral peripheral vestibular lesions, was more often observed in patients with central vestibular lesions. The physician even told Richter that she was just nervous, that she was experiencing climacteric disturbance, and that it was a psychogenic disorder. Since then, the phenomenon has become widely known and regarded as if it represents a syndrome typical of the loss of bilateral peripheral vestibular function. Various problems are highlighted, including constitution, intoxication with various drugs, and other risk factors.
Table 3 shows how acquired pendular nystagmus is variously named according to underlying diseases.
Further, some fine pathological eye movement, undetectable by gross observation or ENG using modem technology, is likely to be responsible. Not only has pathological sensation disappeared but even pathological eye movement has disappeared in some patients.
Following are some potential mechanisms for how migraine might be associated with dizziness. As only about 1% of persons with Migraine experience a stroke, and not all strokes are in the balance part of the brain, this is an unusual situation. It is the non-metallic element the most chemically active of all the elements and it also has the most unstable electronegative ion. A risk level has been given, based on the index of health danger, of danger for the environment and for human exposure to this substance. The threshold (MLC) designed to avoid only the third stage of this crippling disease, is placed to 4 ppm or 4 mg per litre. By contrast, what it has shown was that the cities of big dental weakening (66,5 to 87,5%) have 9,34 % of more weakening among children who drink fluoridated water. Unlike calcium fluoride, sodium fluoride has been maintained in high volumes in the body and thus has proved to be very toxic. Moreover, many people consume medecines derived from fluorine such as Prozac, which adds itself significantly to anti-thyroid fluorine effects.
Synthroid, the most commonly prescribed medication for hypothyroidism, became the sales record medicinal product in the USA in 1999, according to Scott-Levin Audit precription, thus clearly indicating that hypothyroidism is an important health problem.
Reports have been published by Guillain, Jung, Dichgans, Sakata, Lawrence, Aschoff, and Sakata et a1. Someone who can smell something rotten early on, might confer a survival advantage to themselves or group. Oh et al, 2009), although this is of very little importance as focal neurological deficits could certainly occur in any disorder that can cause stroke. Due to its extreme reactivity, fluorine is never found as a non-related or isolated element in the natural state. Few substances have been grouped together at the same level to give a total of 208 levels: the fluorine compounds are at the 27th level on the 208 levels (8). DEAN also established that there was a more limited impact of dental caries in towns having fluorine of approximately 1 ppm in their water supply. Moreover, there is not a single double-blind study to simply indicate that fluoridation is effective in the reduction of decay (17). Moreover, we have observed an increase of 5,4 % in dental weakening among students when fluoride was added to 1 ppm in the water supply. Natural phosphate and experiences with hydrofluorosilic acid have provided the same evidence.
All fluorinated compounds (organic and inorganic) were demonstrated as performing anti-thyroid effects, often worsening the fluorine effects which many people are already experiencing.
More the packet is soaked, more the quantity of fluorine and aluminum released is important. We even think that even a larger number of people (several millions) show undiagnosed thyroid problems. In this study, we discuss the pathophysiology and treatment of this pseudo-Dandy phenomenon.
The fluorine compounds and hydrogen fluoride have been found in at least 130, 19, and 28 respective sites on 1.334 national priority sites identified by the Agency for the Protection of the Environment (APE) (9). Yet a daily dose of 2-8 mg is well known as sufficient to cause the third crippling stage of CSF (10,11). Nine fluorinated cities, with high rates of dental weakening, have had 10 % of weakening for more than nine non-fluorinated cities which were equivalent in population size. It is the need of fluorine in the treatment of uranium ores, necessary for the atomic bomb, which has driven its manufacture in USA (6).
Accordingly, under the provisions of the Superfund act (CRECLA, 1986), a compilation of information on fluoro compounds, hydrogen fluoride and fluorine was required (and their effects on health). In 1998 EPA scientists, whose work and legal duty is to establish the maximum level of contaminant, have stated that this level of 4 ppm has been established fraudulently by external lobbyings in a decision which has omitted 90 % of data demonstrating the mutagenic properties of fluorine (12). The largest study of the world on dental caries, which concerned 400.000 students, revealed that the weakening had increased by 27 % with a fluoridation to 1 ppm of soft drinks water (19).
The manual of clinical toxicology of commercial products, 5th Edition (1984), gives fluorine an estimated toxicity of 3 to 4 (3 = moderately toxic, and 4 = very toxic) and the EPA has placed 0,015 ppm as the guidance threshold in beverage water (aiming a goal of 0 ppm).

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