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Hearing loss in older adults is extremely common and can be associated with sensorineural loss or conductive loss.
I just wanted to say that I've been impressed with the whole process especially receiving the overall summary report besides the individual test results.
There is no point in an all-singing all-dancing testing service if the report you get means nothing to you.
Additional detail for all referred individuals and all individuals where problems were identified, whether referred or not. One of the first choices any audiometry provider has to make is the equipment which is used to do the tests.
In HSMC's case, we then also chose a style of unit which (almost uniquely as most models of audiometer don't feature this) as well as printing the individual's audiometry result in a large clear graph with the numerical values given below, it also gives the anticipated thresholds for someone of their age.
As mentioned above, age is a critically important factor in audiometry as, along with unusual ear hair, a gut that just won't go and an inability to sit down in a chair without grunting, hearing is just one of those things that often gets worse as we plod along in life.
This audiometry chart shows the left ear to be good and above the warning levels while the results for the right ear are heavily reduced. This audiometry chart is a good example of the type of result in which we are interested in workplace audiometry. One effect of this which is worth knowing about is that, certainly in the initial and middle stages of noise induced hearing loss, someone can have a large-ish degree of loss but not be deaf.
The problem of noise induced hearing loss can be that it often does not occur in isolation and is laid on top of other hearing losses, most commonly the natural degredations due to knocking on a bit when hearing naturally gets worse as we get older. This loss in itself is significant and if a younger person was to suddenly go from their normal hearing to the ability of a 65 year old the losses would sound profound.
The basic principle of workplace audiometry is that we use the hearing tests to identify losses before they become a problem and avoid adding further reductions in hearing due to noise to the ageing process. The audiometry chart below is one we are interested in, particularly in workplace audiometry. Diagnose the exact source of the noise - all noise sources have pretty much the same effect on hearing, irrespective of pitch.
Tell you when a noise loss ocurred, so if somone worked in Job A for 15 years then Job B for 15 years, you cannot tell from the result which job, if any, caused the damage. All audiometry at this level can do therefore is say that yes, there is a hearing loss, and it may be linked to noise exposure.

Visit us at one of our locations and rest assured that youa€™ll be welcome and in good hands. Welcome to Lake Forest Hearing, A Private Boutique Hearing Healthcare Practice, the official hearing protection partner for Road America Raceway! A lot of our work is done for companies with no in-house speciality therefore we make sure all our reports contain information which is meaningful to a lay person. First and foremost is accuracy - its no good having something which wanders off in its own direction every few months. There is a faint red line visible on the audiogram above which simply put is the lower limit of acceptability and this changes with the age of the employee. A difference between the two ears such as this is a classic unilateral result for someone who has suffered accidental damage to one ear for example. The audiogram gives a good indication that the individual is suffering from a degree of noise induced hearing loss, (in this case, it is the graph of one of our technicians and was caused by a feckless studenthood spending far too long in noisy nighclubs!). This is not helped that tiredness is also known to cause tinnitus and so a vicious cycle can begin. The simplest way to explain it is that they can hear a car drive past 200 yards away quite easily, but can't follow what someone is saying who is sat next to them if there is a lot of background noise, such as in a pub, etc.
These show the lower limits of what would be acceptable hearing with increasing age - ideally hearing would be better than this.
It is often stated that a 4 or 6kHz drop, recovering at the high end - the 'V' shape in the charts above - is proof of noise loss.
Alongside this, we always have an eye on the fact that reports may often be read by specialists therefore we also make sure that all the technical information they may need is also present.
As we all know, when you've spoken to any specialist about anything vaguely medical they tell you what it all means and we sit there and nod meaningfully, then a week or a month later haven't got a clue what it was they were on about but remember them having a nice shiny pen in their pocket! By having the dotted black and red lines on the chart we can give attendees a steady reference point and hopefully help them understand it that little bit better.
This is classically evidenced by the dip seen at around the 4,000Hz level, followed by a recovery up to 8,000Hz. However, recent studies have shown that 1 in 3 people with no history of noise exposure at all have exactly that same pattern of loss. Recent brain studies conclude that a hearing loss left untreated can cause your brain to shrink 2% faster every year.

Hearing damage can be caused by sudden, extremely loud noises and can stop people being able to understand speech, have a conversation or use the telephone. By printing the anticipated age thresholds on the graph along with their result we get a nice clear point of reference for the attendee - 'this is where you are' and 'this is where we expect you to be'.
Excessive loud noise, even for short periods of exposure can cause permanent damage to your hearing. People may develop tinnitus (ringing, whistling, buzzing or humming in the ears), a distressing condition which can lead to disturbed sleep. A Our audiologists with our Board Certified Doctors of Audiology and staff are committed to providing you with a thorough hearing evaluation, personalized assessment of your listening needs and lifestyle, and a choice of hearing aids or hearing safety equipment from top manufacturers.
These issues can lead to safety risks at work, putting people at risk of injury or death.The human ear is more sensitive to sound in the frequency range 1 kHz to 4 kHz than to sound at very low or high frequencies. Firstly, there is the comparison against the medical history of the person to see if there is a known reason for any observed losses. A Whether you are a race car driver, musician, spectator at a noisy event, grandparent, adult, teenager or child we look forward to meeting you.
Secondly the results are compared against any previous audiometry to identify any changes which may have taken place.
To compensate, sound meters are normally fitted with filters adapting the measured sound response to the human sense of sound. Levels of noise exposure which, if exceeded, require the employer to take mitigating actions. Once a noise assessment has been conducted, compare your noise exposure with the action values to know what actions are required to reduce noise exposure to as low as reasonably practicable (see HSE guidance on noise).You are required to make a reliable, representative estimate of a workers’ daily personal noise exposure.
Consider the use of spot checks and audits.Speech Interference LevelThe Speech Interference Level (SIL) is the arithmetic average of the measured sound pressure levels in the four octave bands. For this purpose, the use of a ‘normal conversation’ is assumed, where continuous communication over long periods is required and the use of a ‘raised voice’ shall be assumed only where brief and infrequent communication is required. The most widely used method of assessing a noise environment and rating its interference with speech is the SIL.

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