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A few weeks ago I was drinking in my local bar when a guy whom I’d not seen for a long time came over to me and said, “Edd!
In this post, I am only referring to the kind of tinnitus which is a result of prolonged exposure to loud sounds. I came up with this idea after stepping onto dry land after sitting in a boat all afternoon. In order for the brain to begin reducing the inverse signal, I think it needs new sensory data to create a new baseline and balance itself out.
Loud music booming from speakers consists of sound waves covering the full spectrum of audible sound (on average from 20 to 20,000 Hz in humans). So, my idea why tinnitus is generally a high-pitched whine rather than a low one is as follows. There already exists a machine for playing back a replica of the patient’s tinnitus (it seems someone had the same idea as me ). After a night out at a loud dance club I would typically experience tinnitus until the early afternoon the next day. When fixing my posture I found that muscle relaxing or tightening would have immediate effects on amplifying or quieting certain audio tones in my head.
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If you play a 440Hz sine wave from one speaker, and the same 440Hz sine wave from another speaker in the same room, there will be areas where the peaks overlap and make the sound louder (constructive interference) and areas where the troughs overlap with the peaks and make the sound quieter (destructive interference).
My idea is that consistent loud noise causes the brain to begin applying an inverse wave to the sound to help you filter it out.
The sounds in the upper register come from the harmonics of the instruments and vocals on the song. You walk out the loud club, and your brain is still applying its inverse wave, so you need to re-establish a baseline via new sensory impression so it knows to stop. I posit that this is because white noise contains all frequencies, so baselines for all frequencies can be re-established. I developed the following methods and found I was able to remove tinnitus entirely in a matter of minutes using either.
A muscle which had been tight for years, suddenly being lengthened back to its correct state, might suddenly quiet an audio hum in my head which I didn’t even know was playing till it was gone.
I’d like to know whether more people can use these methods to reduce their tinnitus and improve their lives.
Probably worth around that kind of money, given the conponents and cab, but someone would have to want them. Tinnitus is no joy once you get it due to exposure to high SPL db particularly the HF horns! If you can set the two speakers exactly half a wavelength apart, the sound waves will be exactly out of phase, and the sound waves will suffer complete destructive interference — they will nullify each other and there will be no sound. So an instrument or voice sounding a note at 1000 Hz also emits harmonics at multiples of that frequency, e.g. The guy in my story had years-long constant tinnitus and has been able to reduce it using my method by 70%. An example of this is how muscle tension patterns in the body can be manipulated to change one’s perceptions of something in real time. Muscle tightness also causes general mental noise which can become negative thoughts or feelings.

If you are a sufferer, please give these a go — and any method you create yourself, using my open mind as a lead — and report in the comments how you got on! If they were in my neck of the woods I'd probably offer $500 and figure out a fun place to park them.
You step onto land, and the sensory input of the rocking is no longer happening, but the brain’s own inverse signal it was applying to cancel that sensory input is still active.
I think the more likely explanation is that the exercise itself simply causes more of my brain to become aware of the problem, and attend to it. I’d like more people to test this method and report back on whether it made a difference. This is the same as one of my explanations of meditation: that attention is brought to thoughts and feelings so they are understood and viewed equanimously, which cancels out their negative effect.
Tinnitus can be treated in the body — just keep an open mind and play around with it. But there is nothing in nature or within the regular human experience to re-establish the baseline for the higher register. So you are creating a copy of the very same tone your tinnitus is playing at you, intentionally in your mind, over the top of it.
It is a bizarre sensation to have a sound in your head diminish and disappear as a result of feeling something in your body, but this is the distributed nature of consciousness across the whole body. Yet the speaker (or factory equipment, or whatever the source of the loud noise) is blasting them at you very loudly. Keep doing this for as long as possible, trying to get it to match up as perfectly as possible.
I believe the pitch of the whine is the average of the harmonics which are still playing in the inverse wave.

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