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Tinnitus is a medical condition which is characterized by buzzing, clicking, ringing, whistling, or whining noises in the ear, despite the lack of external stimuli which might create these sounds.
Common causes of tinnitus include head trauma, damage to the nerve endings in the ear, blocked canals, ear infections, and the use of certain prescription drugs. When a patient complains of tinnitus, a doctor will usually perform screening to eliminate causes such as systemic infections, just to be rule out any potential causes not seen on physical examination.
I have this constant ringing in my ears when I sleep at night and it seems to be when my ear is completely covered by the pillow.
I get this weird rhythmic whining sound in my right ear when I turn in bed at night.Anyone have any thoughts about it? Answer a few questions and one of our experts will be in touch, we help lots of people just like you every month.
It has been estimated that one in every six people experience the effects of tinnitus at some point in their lives yet fail to recognise the condition because the “whistling, rushing or ringing” sounds heard in their ears are thought to be temporary and mostly ignored.
The latter circumstance can arise when there is an unexpected exposure to excessive noise levels, as in an acoustic trauma, which can cause temporary noise induced hearing loss or long term hearing damage accumulated over many years exposure to accepted high levels of excessive noise. While around 8 per cent of the population experience high levels of background noise every single day, either at, or travelling to and from their workplace, which may cause minor irritation, fatigue or even a disturbed sleep pattern, only a half a per cent of adults would consider the noises heard in their ears to be a form of hearing loss. Many sufferers often think that their tinnitus was probably caused by a reaction to an emotional or stressful circumstances rather than by a physical cause. Blood tests show two and a half times the normal level of cortisol, the hormone which is activated in stressful situations, and is known to affect hearing. While anxiety, severe headaches, migraines and insomnia can be either the short term or long term consequences of unmanaged tinnitus, it is important to identify the physical causes of high blood pressure or cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

Tinnitus is mostly found to be a disruption in the normal working operation and magnified by stress, of the 16,000 hair cells producing constant electrical-mechnical activity in the cochlea, which trigger sounds heard. And whilst tinnitus can dissipate after a short period, the prevalence of any excessive noise level exposure should be always taken seriously, especially if the tinnitus persists for a month or more, a period long enough to be considered a long-term condition. A working history of daily exposure to high levels of noise, which may have given rise to long-term tinnitus and profound industrial deafness will require professional hearing loss advice, audiogram testing and relevant former employment conditions to be investigated. In addition to being irritating, this condition may also be a symptom of more troubling underlying problems such as tumors, infections, or hearing loss.
The word comes from the Latin tinnitus, or “ringing.” Humans have reported cases of ringing ears for thousands of years, and a number of treatments from the mundane to the bizarre have been attempted. The vast majority of cases are subjective, meaning that only the patient can hear the sounds.
When the cause is something like a tumor or earwax obstruction, the condition can be treated by removing the offending item. In a case where a doctor cannot eliminate the condition, the patient can learn how to manage it.
I have the type where only you can hear the noise; in this case the annoying ringing sound. However, episodes of tinnitus are known to affect nearly 5 million adults or 10 per cent of the UK population. Recent research has actually found that men and women who are under severe long-term stress can be twice as likely to experience tinnitus than others. The research concluded that tinnitus and stress can be linked with either condition highly likely to lead to each other.

The possibility that the onset of episodes of tinnitus could be a sign of longer term hearing problems should not be ignored. Patients who experience symptoms should consult a doctor to determine what the cause is and receive treatment.
Because the causes of this condition are so varied, has also historically been challenging to treat, and this remains true today. In other instances, known as objective tinnitus, a doctor can hear the noises as well when he or she examines the patient.
If the cause is medication, a doctor may recommend a change of medication, or change the dosage. Many patients use masking devices such as fans or ear implants to create pleasant white noise. A doctor may not be able to make the sound go away, but he or she can help patients manage it. The two types have different underlying causes, and while the objective type is sometimes treatable, the subjective type is much more intractable. Patients are also encouraged to manage their stress well, since stress appears to be linked to recurrent tinnitus. A case of tinnitus may also be caused by temporary damage to the ears, such as exposure to an explosion or similar loud noise, in which case the symptoms will subside after a period of time.

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