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For those of you unable to attend our high street branch or one of our clinics, home visits are available on request – please call 01656 652444 or 0845 2701673 to book your home visit hearing assessment today.
In addition, we regularly have new clinics coming on stream – the latest will be in Newport. Buying a Hearing Aid is an investment and can dramatically improve the quality of the users life, that’s why we want to make Hearing Aids affordable and will always give you our best prices. Along with our wide selection of Hearing Aids, we also offer a range of Hearing Aid consumables such as Hearing Aid batteries, wax guards and cleaning kits. We also offer assistive devices for the hard of hearing – for example, Hearing Aid compatible telephones (including mobile phones), loop systems and other products to help you get the maximum benefit from your Hearing Aids. If you have a hearing loss or know somebody that does, give us a call or pop in and have a chat. Tinnitus masker is a noise generator, intended to provide a sound enrichment source that stimulates the auditory system. Tinnitus masker feature is a broadband sound generator available in a number hearing instruments.
The tinnitus masker is intended for adults 18 years of age or older who have both  hearing loss and tinnitus. The underlying principle of sound enrichment is to provide supplementary noise stimulation which can help defocus attention from tinnitus and avoid negative reactions. Sound enrichment, coupled with instructional counseling, is an established approach  to managing tinnitus.
I am interested to the cause of tinnitus because there seem to be several subtypes of tinnitus and all of them might need a different treatment.
I examine the ears of every tinnitus patient to make sure, that there is no wax or inflammation. In some people tinnitus and benign positional vertigo are linked and treating vertigo helps tinnitus as well. If tinnitus is acute and comes with a hearing loss, I use corticosteroid and sometimes send my patients to oxygen therapy in the pressure chamber. I do first the benign positional vertigo treatment (maneuvers) if I can find any positive results in the vertigo tests. If there are hearing problems, I send my patients to the central hospital to have a hearing aid.
Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. Our main branch, conveniently located in Bridgend town centre (Derwen Road), is open 6 days a week.
We also now offer home visits for all SA postcodes – see our News page for further details or Contact Us for full details and locations. That’s why we take extra care prescribing the best Hearing Aid technology available on the market.

Mal, Leanne, Kim and Peter, our fully HCPC registered and experienced Hearing Aid Audiologists, are always on hand to give clear, professional advice about your Hearing Aid options. The tinnitus masker is intended to be used as part of a comprehensive tinnitus therapy program that works to distract the wearer’s attention away from the sound of their tinnitus (ringing in the ears). It provides a means of sound enrichment therapy that can be used as part  of a personalized tinnitus management program to provide temporary relief from tinnitus. Inflammation needs to be resolved, if it is the cause of tinnitus, and after that we can start to treat tinnitus itself. Some people have tinnitus if they have wax in their ears and the removal of wax removes the tinnitus also. Hearing aids help many patients by making the natural sounds louder and forcing the tinnitus to the background.
I am not good in sleeping pills and tranquilizers, but we have a psychiatry department in our hospital and I ask then to help my patients. We also have partnerships with pharmacies, doctor’s surgeries and opticians throughout South Wales, enabling us to offer a customer-focused and community-based service. We are able to offer a wide range of Hearing Aids from the worlds leading Hearing Aid manufacturers.
If you’re not 100% happy with your new Hearing Aids and we’re unable to make them work for you, we will give you full refund. Sudden hearing loss in an acoustic trauma or chronic noise trauma during work are quite common. If there is mechanical trauma before the onset of tinnitus, the balance must be restored as good as possible. But if tinnitus has lasted some days and is fluctuating there are several drugs that might work. But even with those patients, I often add the some parts of following treatment (maneuvers and trigger point injections with other muscular treatment).
Usually the muscles in the tinnitus side are harder and more painful than those of the other side. Other traumas, like fallings, whip-lash injuries, shoulder injuries, commotions sometimes cause tinnitus after a while. If hearing is worse in the ear with tinnitus, I start to think about tumors and want to have MRI. I also palpate the muscular tension in facial, neck and shoulder areas and compare the sides of the body. The most common points to treat are in the sternocleidomastoid muscle, in the masseter, in the temporalis and the trapezius muscle. We have to consider the occupation and the conditions in the work to help the patients to cope with the situation. Also ear inflammations and long lasting respiratory infections can cause tinnitus and so can dental problems and bruxism.

Patients, who have vertigo with tinnitus, should be searched for Meniere’s disease and benign positional vertigo and sometimes by treating the vertigo also the tinnitus is treated.
Sometimes drug can work to someone whose tinnitus has lasted years, they can help to cope with it and to live your life in spite of tinnitus.
Then I do the benign positional vertigo tests (Rahko WRW test, Rahko test and Dix-Hallpike). They are machines, that make some noise, maybe musical type, maybe wind or rain-type noise. Especially if there are hyperacusia or severe hearing loss and the patient is working in a noisy environment (restaurant, open office etc), the tinnitus and hyperacusia may grow bigger and more bothersome than if the same person can stay in a quiet room. With every patient I have to make a treatment plan, but if it does not work, I have to change my plan and try something else.
The points are unique, they tend to be in certain places, but every patient seems to have a different pattern.
They are used to treat the brain: “Do not listen to the tinnitus, listen just the noise made by the masker, just ignore the tinnitus”. I usually use my fingers and elbows to massage the points and then I do cold spray and stretch the muscles (I have learned the method from Travell and Simons: The Trigger Point Manual)  and after that I use Lidocain injections to the most prominent points.
We have just one masker, I borrow it to my patients and if they like it, they may by themselves a masker to use.
I spray and stretch the muscles usually 2 to 5 times, I like to use my hands for the stretching.
If nothing happens after that and if during the post-treatment season(one week) no difference in the tinnitus has occurred, I have to change the treatment plan. If the treatment helps but the tinnitus keeps coming back, we have to find the patient some way how to prevent the worsening. The dentists can work with the bite, bruxism and temporomandibular joint problems can cause tinnitus. We have to think about the occupation of the patient, does it create tension by forcing the patient in bad posture.
Has the patient some habits of sitting more in one side, using more the other hand or leaning most of the time forward for instance in computer work. Kinesiotaping is one possibility to relieve the tension in the neck area, and it works to some of my patients. I have learned some manual work from Alef Gotis (who visited in Imatra 2013) and Iem Bakker (whom I have met in tinnitus congresses) and also 2014 I have studied fascial manipulation, which seems to give more opportunities in the future. It seems, that the muscles may be treated in several ways and the more you know about the methods, the more you can customize your treatment for the individual patient.

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