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Tinnitus patients often suffer from depression, with this fact anti-depressants have been formulated for treatment.
When starting to use the above, small dosage is advised, dosage will then be increased gradually according to the body response. This class of medication is used when anti-depressant fails to bring about suppression of Tinnitus. Tinnitus has been known to cause anxiety,  to help in reducing the effects of anxiety, anti-anxiety drugs such as benzodiazepines is now available. Serax and Klonopin-  clinical trials has concluded that, it relieves symptoms in 52% to 72% in the total number of patients who try it. This type of medication is just a supplement that helps in improving the levels of melatonin in the body, a natural occurring component of Amino acids.
This class of medicine was originally used to treat seizure attacks but has since been applied in treating Tinnitus also.
Another medication that is increasingly being used is one that has the effect of controlling Glumate.  Glumate is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter, usually if there is over imbalance in the body, it is known to impede the functioning of the brain the side effects of this imbalance can result in Tinnitus, Medication will aid to counter the effects of Glumate. A rural location is ideal for listening to the subtle sounds of the aurora with a VLF radio. High-speed electrons and protons buzzing along Earth’s magnetic fields lines emit very low frequency radio waves that human ears can here with a VLF receiver. Despite seeing hundreds of northern light displays ranging from mild to wild, I’ve yet to actually hear what some describe as crackles and hissing noises. Laboratory tests reveal that a surprising variety of substances, including frizzy hair and vegetable matter, can act as radio-to-audio VLF transducers. If you’re like me and hard of auroral hearing, a small VLF (very  low frequency) radio receiver will do the job nicely. We’re used to waves of light which are very, very short, measuring in the millionths of an inch long. The receiver picks up lots of things besides aurora including a big ‘unnatural’ hum from alternating or AC current in power lines and home appliances. I drive out to a open ‘radio quiet’ rural area, turn on the switch and raise the antenna to the sky. The crescent moon, Jupiter and Venus accompanied a spectacular aurora over Lake Superior in Duluth, Minn. If you’re interested in listening to VLF and in particular the aurora, basic receivers are available through the two online sites below.
For more on natural radio including additional sound files I invite you to check out Stephen P. I'm a long-time amateur astronomer and member of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO).
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This symptom can be very irritating, and to reduce suffering science has offered some medication that helps to reduce suffering associated with Tinnitus. With proper diagnosis, the type of Tinnitus affecting you will be identified and hence proper medication advised. Studies have shown that a small dosage has the effect of improving on the quality of sleep but not significant anti-depressing effect. This class of medication is meant for short term usage as long term use has been linked with the ability of nerve cells to become unresponsive to this type of medicine, if this occurs, suspending use can help in improving on its effectiveness. They achieve the purpose of reducing anxiety by decreasing high excitement levels in the brain.
Clinical trials have shown that this drug has been successful in clearing Tinnitus by 40% in more than 75% of patients in the study. Melatonin is known to reduce when someone cross over to different time zones, irregular sleeping patterns, and seasonal changes, such drastic sudden changes are likely to trigger Tinnitus.
But it is important to remember that  treatment of Tinnitus is not achieved instantaneously, it is a process, although some literature may advocate for self medication, this is not the best way if you want to achieve total liberation from the condition, seek the advice of a medical doctor when you experience any symptoms of Tinnitus, if you do this you will have accomplished two goals first correct diagnosis of the condiin will be done then the best medication to treat your condition will be suggested. If you answered "YES", then I suggest you use the step-by-step system recommended in the Tinnitus Miracle Program. Just turn it on and hold it up to the sky.This photo was taken early Saturday morning when green auroras were still visible through breaks in the clouds.
There is some evidence  that electrophonic transduction can convert otherwise very low frequency (VLF) radio waves given off by the aurora into sound waves through nearby conductors.
This handheld device converts very low frequency radio waves produced from the interaction of the solar electrons and protons with the Earth’s magnetic field into sounds you can listen to with a pair of headphones.
The pigments in our retinas convert these waves into visible images of the world around us. Turn one on in your house and you’ll immediately hear a loud, continuous buzz in the headphones. When that energy gets ducted through the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere called the ionosphere over distances of several thousand miles, it emits another type of sound called ‘tweeks‘. When conditions are right, a VLF receiver can pick up disturbances in Earth’s magnetic bubble spawned by auroras called ‘chorus‘ or ‘dawn chorus’. Thunderstorms thousands of miles away provide a bounty of crackles and tweeks with occasional whistlers. The down side of this class of medicine is that they are relatively expensive compared to other medication used in the Treatment of Tinnitus.
While most of us will never hear the aurora borealis directly, there’s help out there in the form of a little handheld radio. Wire-framed eyeglasses, grass and even hair can act as transducers to convert radio energy into low-frequency electric currents that can vibrate an object into producing sound. A spectacular display of moving lights overhead can trick your brain into serving up an appropriate soundtrack.

Radio waves given off by auroras and other forms of natural ‘Earth energy’ like lightning range from 19 to 1,800 miles long or longer.
You’ll need to be at least a quarter mile from any of those sources in order to hear the more subtle music of the planet. After their long journey, the higher frequency waves arrive before those of lower frequency causing the sound to spread out in a series of long, descending tones.
Listen closely and you might even hear the froggy voice of the aurora rising and falling with a rhythm reminiscent of breathing.
With solar activity on the upswing and solar maximum predicted for the fall, auroras are more likely than ever in 2013.
One word of warning if you purchase – don’t use one when there’s a lightning storm nearby.
It’s called a VLF receiver and guarantees you an earful the next time the aurora erupts. Similar ‘fizzing’ sounds have been recorded by meteor watchers that may happen the same way. Given that the aurora is never closer to the ground than 50 miles, the air is far too thin at this altitude to transmit any weak sound waves that might be produced down to your ears.
Earth’s magnetic field lines are shown in concentric purple ovals, pushed on by pressure from the Sun and elongated on the side facing sway from the Sun.
Flurries of tweeks have an almost musical quality like someone plucking the strings of a piano. The sound may also take you back to those old World War II movies when bombs whistled through the air after dropping from the hatch of a B-17. Who would have guessed that solar electrons spiraling along Earth’s magnetic field lines would intone the ardor of frogs or a chorus of birds at dawn? Many nights you’ll only hear lightning crackles from distant storms thousands of miles away peppered by the occasional ping of a tweet. Check out my forthcoming book "Night Sky with the Naked Eye", a guide to the wonders of the night using only your eyes. Whistlers may not appear for weeks at a time and then one night, you’ll hear them by the hundreds. The components are housed in a small metal box with a whip antenna and powered by a 9-volt battery. But if you regularly watch the sky, it’s so easy to take the radio along and ‘give a listen’ for some of the most curious sounds you’ll ever hear. How astonishing it is to sense our planet’s magnetosphere through sound. Consider it one more way to be in touch with the home planet.

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