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The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? While relatively few drugs exist to treat tinnitus, there are over two hundred drugs which might cause tinnitus as a side effect of use.
If you are experiencing tinnitus, and are on prescription drugs, those drugs might be your culprit.
Antibiotics: Several antibiotics have been identified as tinnitus causing medications.
Individuals who take BuSpar, an anti-anxiety medication, report tinnitus as a frequently experienced side effect.
Lariam, an antimalarial drug, has some of the highest instances of tinnitus side effects. Methazolamide, also known a Neptazane, Glauctabs, or MZM also has a high percentage of tinnitus reported as a side effect of use. Many chemotherapy drugs are implicated in tinnitus cases, including vincristine, bleomycin, mechlorethamine, cisplatin, and methotrexate.
Beware of some loop diuretics such as ethacrynic acid, bumetanide, or furosemide. Xylocaine, a local anesthetic in frequent use, has some of the highest percentages of tinnitus in users. Technology partners Starkey Hearing Technologies, Eden Prairie, Minn, and ZPower, Camarillo, Calif, have released the new VFusionTM hearing aid charger. Neuromonics Inc, Westminster, Colo, has introduced an “MP3-like” device to help tinnitus sufferers manage the buzzing, ringing, hissing, and humming sounds that plague them. The Moxi™ Kiss hearing instrument by Unitron, Kitchener, Canada, has been awarded the internationally recognized iF product design award for 2014. Designed to safeguard the entire hearing instrument from moisture and dirt, Beltone’s HPF80™ NanoBlock Technology is now available on its entire product line.

Canadian Audiologist is the new, official publication of the Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA).
The technical term for medications which are known to cause tinnitus, or a ringing in the ears, is ototoxic.
A consultation with your doctor and possibly some tests may confirm that your tinnitus is the result of ototoxic medications, in which case your doctor will most likely switch your medications, unless the risks of doing so outweigh the benefits. Some examples include chloramphenicol, aminoglycosides, erythromycin, vancomycin, and tetracycline. Effects usually appear with regular, heavy use, such as six to ten doses of aspirin per day.
The system has ZPower silver-zinc rechargeable batteries and works with more than 900 models of hearing instruments in the Starkey Hearing Instrument family of products. Neuromonics’ Haven™ helps individuals suffering from tinnitus by blending an individualized, high frequency signal with relaxing music to provide patients an on-demand sense of control and relief while wearing the device.
The Kiss was selected by a jury of experts from all over the world from a field of more than 3,200 entries. The Minneapolis company says its CCS-200 spirometer produces accurate and repeatable spirograms for use in NIOSH-compliant programs. NanoBlock is an invisible, highly durable protective coating designed to completely seal every part of the instrument. The online-only magazine replaces the Canadian Hearing Report as CAA’s official publication. Others include some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, especially Relafen, or nabumetone, with which tinnitus is reported as a side effect in as many as nine percent of users. This tranquilizer is commonly used to treat anxiety disorders, but showed efficicacy in the treatment of tinnitus in double blind studies. It is also used topically to alleviate pain from skin inflammations and related burning, itching, and pain.

The two companies are the first to offer this advanced rechargeable battery and charging system, which is only compatible with select Starkey Hearing Technologies hearing aid devices. Unitron says the hearing instrument’s outer shell includes a G2 curvature to ensure a luxurious finish and its internal functionality provides wearers a high degree of listening comfort even in the most difficult noise environments.
The coating is molecularly bound to the entire hearing instrument at a nanoscopic level so the two become inseparable.
It contains articles and regular columns written by experts in the field on every aspect of audiology, technology, hearing aid dispensing, aural (re)habilitation, vestibular function, and the economics of hearing loss and the hearing aid industry. Sometimes ototoxic meds will cause more than tinnitus – dizziness, vertigo, and actual hearing loss are also risks involved with taking these medications.
ZPower says the batteries provide more than 18 hours of continuous use and easily recharge in the VFusion charger overnight.
It is available by prescription, and programmed by an audiologist for a patient’s individual audiogram. The iF product design award is reportedly an internationally recognized symbol for outstanding achievements in design.
The CCS-200 was developed to seamlessly integrate with the audiometers so users can archive their audiometric and spirometric results in one, easy-to-use database. This is the same protective technology athletic companies use to protect their athletic gear and major electronic companies use to protect their mobile phones and MP3 players. As a digital publication, Canadian Audiologist offers searchable articles, the ability to download and print articles, and immediate updates of new audiology news items.

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